Greetings from CHA


Posted by Jenny Grotherus

15 January, 2013 -

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Marie and I went to CHA this year to take a look around, meet some nice people and check it all out.


We arrived in Los Angeles very late on Thursday. It was good to have a day off before the trade show started. I heard that it’s snowing back home. I felt like a calf on shieling when I went outside that morning. I just had to run around a bit in the wonderful sun. The weather was so nice so we decided to make a trip to San Diego. We had heard about the Cabrillo National Monument. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful places around San Diego so we spent a couple of hours there.¬†It was really nice, just strolling around, enjoying the weather.

MarieMarie is very camera shy, but I caught her off guard.

In the afternoon we headed for an outlet to do “some” shopping.

We were really excited when we headed for the convention centre on Saturday morning. I have dreamed about going to CHA for so long, and now we were finally there. We had spent hours and hours of preparations. I don’t know how many stores we’ve been through to find the right Maja clothes. Marie did an extraordinary job pulling our outfits together, just as she did on our new business cards and sample books.

So when we entered the building to register we got a bit disappointed. After all long hours with our outfits we ended up with bright pink and red badges, together with a really green tote. ūüėȬ†cha2

It didn’t quite fit my vintage outfit, full of valances and lace…¬†Actually. The tunic is Marie’s. The Life In The Countryside collection was partly influenced by it. She wore the same model but in lilac. One of the Fika papers was influenced by her tunic. So we were very Maja the first day.

People have been turning their heads, talking about our clothes during our whole stay, so I guess we must have done something right. They have even approached us during breakfast asking about our clothes.cha1So here we go… The place is HUGE! I have never seen so many fantastic creations in my life, they are absolutely extraordinary…

Marie went looking for books at Barnes and Nobles to create something similar.

We got busy doing other things during Sunday so we never attended the show. Here’s Marie fixing up our sample books during the evening.

Monday morning. What could be a better start of the day then sneeking up behind Tim Holtz?

timholtzHe must have been the most popular guy in the house… Not too surprised over that fact.
Another gorgeous creation we found. Absolutely fantastic. We met so many talented artists and saw so many amazing creations.JennyMe in a really beautiful pastel party booth. Lawn and everything. Ready for a garden party.

It has been a very inspiring visit and we’ve had so much fun. All that is left to do now is to pack our things and go home, a lot wiser then we arrived.Jenny