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Posted by Elena Olinevich

15 March, 2014 -

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Good morning, Maja Friends.

Today is my turn to invite you to my little scrap space

Elena-Olinevich-E  It was not easy for me to make the shots of my place after I have seen Jenny’s gorgeous room about a month ago. But anyway, though it is not even a sole room , I hope you will like to see the place where I create.

So I have 3 places where I create – my kitchen, my daughter’s room and our living room, espeacially the big windows that I use to make the shots of all of my projects.

More often you can find me here, at my daughter’s room, where we share one desk:

IMG_2479  You have noticed I have almost occupied her desk with my Shimmerz paints and mists, but  in turn, I allow her to use them too. She doesn’t mind.

The only issue that arrives almost all the time – who is responsible for cleaning the desk, as I may start to create, then she comes , finds a small place and starting to borrow almost all of my embellishments I have prepared for my project.

After I find time to get back to my project I can not find anything, but on the other day she comes to me and says: Look, Mom, what I have created for you.

So what else I need to say that just – oh, dear, this is adorable, but could you be so kind and don’t pick it next time without my permission first.

So it’s not easy to share something with someone , especially when DT boxes arrive, she looks in them and says – it is too much for you, I need 30% of it or I won’t let you create at my desk.

This is for instance how she says about my Chipboard box:


So doing it this way, I have struggled with her for providing me with one shelf, and she allowed me to use a half of it, so this is where I keep all my stencils, masks and some mediums:

IMG_2486  As I can not keep all my supplies in open access because we have another one little kid, my son, who is just 20 months old and who  explores life every minute, I need to hide the rest of my stuff.

So this is how I keep all my papers, if I don’t want them to be painted or leaving some sketches on them:

IMG_2490  The number 516 doesn’t mean I have 516 sheets of cardstock, it’s just a note that was made during the shipping the box to me by the customs office or someone like that.

As I design for several companies I decided to keep all the collections ( the papers and the embellishments in one box), it makes it easier to find and match them. For Maja Design papers I use their signed boxes and just make the notes which collections are in the box.

I am not going to show you my kitchen desk, as you won’t see something special there.

So our next stop is another room full of light and white furniture:

IMG_2702  This drawer is a shabby style one, an we bought  the same leather sofa, so next step is to paint the walls with white paint and add some decorations.

Don’t laugh at the number of the baby carriages, I bought them for my decoration projects, but I need to hide them as well as the kids are struggling for them to play with.

This is how many of my Layouts are kept, mostly the old ones, that I don’t like too much and I think I just need to put off the embellishments and give the papers to the kids. I need to think how to recycle them if I don’t want them to be on the albums or on the walls

IMG_2708  Yes, the paint is hidden even there.

And here is my favorite object in this room

IMG_2703  I am scrap addicted but I am book- addicted too. It is full of the books for the kids or teenagers mostly, but I buy those books that are out of age, and that are inetersted for everyone. I need to say that  for the past 5 years I have spent on the books almost the same som of money as for my scrap hobby. I seek for good and inspiring illustrations, good poetry and the text that makes you start thinking while reading. No needless to say that I find a huge inspiration from the books too.

My hubby doesn’t like the idea of spending too much on my hobby as well as on the books as his main argument is – we don’t have ebough space to keep it all. But I have already found many drawers and extra space everywhere, and I can not wait when our house will be built so I can have a huge studio and cabinet in one, half of it will be for creatong, the other one – for enjoying the books.

I hope you have liked my space as much as I love my house.

Next time Maja will invite us to her space, so stay tuned and don’t miss it on April 12th.