Happy New Year!


Posted by Camilla Lilliesköld

31 December, 2014 -

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To all our dedicated Maja fans all over the world –
Thank you for sharing this whole, fabulous year with us! Thanks for all the support and encouraging words! Thanks for all the inspiration you have been giving us and for all the wonderful creative arts you have been sharing!

Maja is growing more and more for each year, and we are so proud to say it. We keep getting more retailers around the World every month. Today we are actually represented in more than 30 different countries and it’s all because of you. So thank you all for sharing and spread the name of MajaDesign further. We are so grateful.

We wish you all a fabolous HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Warm hugs from all of us.



Camilla Lilliesköld

I work as a Public Relations Coordinator here at MajaDesign and I have the pleasant task to coordinate this fabulous Creative Team, and from time to time also give you some exciting news and updates from the Maja Office. <3