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Posted by Elena Olinevich

18 March, 2016 - , ,

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Hello Maja Friends,

today I have a very special project to share with you.

Actually I prepared another creation for my blog post, but last week my Grandmother has died. She was 90 years old. And before hear death I made a huge family album for one of my friend, for her Granny who had an anniversary. They took all her photos , collected during her life and asked me to make a beautiful album and put it all those old pictures , about 200 of them.

So I didn’t plan to share this album , but I have been thinking a lot about the family and old people these days. I have a stong wish to collect all my family phots and especially of my Granny. I need to make an album for us, to keep her alive in our mind.

So that’s why I would like to share some of the pages from the album I’ve made for my friend. Not all of them, but just some . and you know what, Vintage Autumn Basics is a perfect collection if you want to find a perfect match for the pictures taken late 1890ss and teh first half of 20 century.

This is the picture that shows how large is the album . The pages inside are of 30*30 cm ( 12*12 inches)


I didn’t add many of the embellishments, such as flowers or any dimensional one, as I wanted to keep more space for tons of the photos.



But I made several dies and paper strips.


and made some fussy cutting


The pages look simple, but they show the rich and beautiful Maja papers, so vintage, dark and from those days.



Products used : Vintage Autumn Basics .