Padoriaa / Paulina Monasterska-Tronina


Padoriaa was created out of my passion for the unconventional. I’m an individualist following her own path… Sometimes twisting, always unique. 🙂 I’m a past Taekwondo fighter, nail artist, stained glass worker… Currently a waitress, student and scrapper. I’m a 100% involved in each project. I like to be around people who support me and motivate to harder work! “Do what you love, love what you do” – that’s my motto 🙂 I make my dreams come true step by step.

I love to craft and show emotions. I felt in love with cards. In this small type of project I love to use mixed media and a lot of layers, laces and chipboards. In scrapbooking I like the most that the style is not create by place or country where you live – it is create by your imagination, emotions, experience … People are different and each of us have our own unique style. The market is full of goodies and we can use the same things to create our project but the final result will be different.

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