Some LOVE With Love Hearts


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

28 August, 2016 -

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Hello Everyone <3

Today I made a little special project that you can give to someone you whant to do something specal for.
What I ‘ve done is I’ve decorated Love Hearts on a little creative way, as a small special gift <3 

The sheets I’ve used, I have taken from  The Vintage Spring Basic

The three paper sheets I have used is:
1st of May, 2nd of May og 5th of May

It all began with a pack of Love Hearts, so I decided to buy two more. When I had bought the candies, I decided to choose the paper to my project. 

I measured them and used a punch from Martha Stewart to make a little special edge. I inked the paper with Ground Espresso, from the Distress Ink series. 

To keep the pattern sheets in place, I have used white wax tread around and attachead it with a white button with a bow. I have spent 3 buttons on eatch of them. 

In each roll you will find a package of Love Hearts <3

To keep all of the rollers in place, I used the same pattern sheets around the Love Hearts. 

At the edges I have used the same punch that I’ve used on the rollers, that will be located inside of the small containers. Here I have iked the edges.

The flowers I have used are from Papirdesign and Wild Orchids. 
Under the flowers I have used a cheese cloth and one small metal sign from Prima with the word LOVE on.

When the Love Hearts is inside the small container, you see that some of the buttons with the bow appears on each side, and how the colors are consistent relative to the flowers.

Then You got a little gift idea you can make to someone You love <3


The Glass Jar Full of Brushes


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

25 August, 2016 -

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Hello Everyone 🙂

Today I’m back here with a new project for Maja Design. This time I decorated a glass jar, which I shall have my brushes in.

I’ve picked out some beautiful sheets from Maja Design’s latest collection, Summertime <3 These sheets are so full of flowers, summer and romance <3


The sheets I have used are: Smell the Roses, Flowers Everywhere, Garden Bouquet, Ligth Scarlet and In the Garden – diecut.

I have on two of the stripes that are aroundthe glass using a punch from Martha Stewart, while the other strips have a non punch edge. In addition to the white pearls I have used around the glass, I have also pearls arund the rosette I placed on the front of the glass.

Around the rosette I have white flowers, cheese cloth and pearls.

Around the glass, I have attached 3 tags with white woks thread.

If you turn the glass around I have attached several buttons in various sizes.

A easy project from me this time 🙂




To My Beautiful StepSon


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

1 August, 2016 -

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Hello all you wonderful people

Today I am ready with a new project for Maja Design, one project that I can not with to share with you. I’ve made a chest, a special coffin, to a very special boy. 

A boy who deserves the whole world, a boy who deserves sunshine even when it rains, a boy who deserves to play all day long with the toys he love the most, a boy who deserves laugh and smile always. 

I’m so lucky that I’m a stpmom for a boy named Henrik. 
He is a lovely boy who makes me laugh, smile and fills up my days with so much joy. 

This is a chest which we will use to take care of special memories, everything from drawings, things we find outside in the woods, special clothing, to things he in the future is going to make or things he collect. The chest has a special touch, without that most likely the chest is to much babyish when he is older. It has his name on the front, while the sides we find tractors, one of his favorite. The chest is simple and clean in design, so one day it fits into a home to a young adult Henrik <3

I have used two types of patterned paper on this project, both sheets are taken from Maja Design’s collection Vintage Spring Basics.


The chest I painted white first, before I used the pattern sheets. Around the chest, I have a strap that I have weaved myself from wax tread. The belt consists of two kinds of colors, and it holds the lid in place with the help of a brace from Tim Holtz. 

At the ends, I have used white embossing powder to be absolutely sure that the strap does not go up. Same technique I’ve used on the handles.

In all corners, I glue on white rivets.

On the front of the coffin, I have chosen to have the name too Henrik. These are large wood letters from a Polish producer named Scrapiniec. 

I made the name on a sign first, before I attached it to the coffin with many 3D pads. 

All the letters are embossed with white embossing powder.

On each side of the chest, I have 3 tractors, these tractors are wood from Wycinanka and is embossed with the same white embossing powder which I’ve used on the letters.

Over the tractors I have one handle, this is made on ​​the same way as the belt around the chest, just smaller. I used White embossing powder on the ends, I have attached the handle with screws into the coffin and to hide the screws I glue solid white rivets over. 

Over the handle I have three white crown, one large and two small ones.

At the back side of the chest, I have one tree, this is one dies from La La Land and down from the tree, I have a small swing, a dies from Memory Box. 

The tree is the symbol of family, that one must always remember the roots and where we come from. One symbol from us to Henrik, that whatever happens, he can anyway come to us <3 

Under the tree I have text tough guy, wood from Scrapiniec.
The word you see are on Norwegian.

Before I wish you a great Monday, I’ll tell you when I got the idea for this gift to Henrik. I met Henrik in January, even then, I knew that I’ll make a special project to this little boy <3

In February, I bought the chest from the store Søstrene Grene and in June it was finish. A special gift to a little boy, who has a very special place in my heart <3


Champagne in the Summertime


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

24 July, 2016 -

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Hello everyone 🙂

Today it is finally time to share my first project created with the new collection to Maja Design, Summertime <3 

This is a delightful series of sheets that remind us of the summer. It brings up memories and makes us think about what we will do this summer. I have used the new sheets to decorate a small bottle with Champagne, placed it in a wheel barrow and the only thing I can think of is summer evenings with good friends, wine and strawberries <3

I have for a long time have the wheel barrow from Wycinanka, until the new sheets came from Maja Design, it have just been waiting for me to get an idea for what I whant to do with it. So I painted it white, before I started with the details. 

I have used several sheets from Maja Design, both from the collection that are 12×12 and 6×6. 
I have used these blue sheets from the new collection: 
Is My Favorite, Gives Me Joy, Glittering Water and By The Sea

The bottle I have decorated with a label with a bike on, just to remind us abute lazy summer days.

On the bottleneck I have attached two buttons with a bow.

All the flowers are put together with an unknown dies and the leaves below is embossed with embossing powders in silver. 

Half pearls that I spent inside the flowers and on the buttons I’ve made myself with Nuvo Crystal Drops.

I have also chosen to place a bike on the front of the wheelbarrow, this is also embossed with silver and comes from Wycinanka.

In addition to the buttons on the bottleneck I have also attached a tag, here you can write a summer greeting if you will.


Wedding Cards in Shabby Chic and Vintage


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

3 July, 2016 -

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Hello all you wonderful people <3

Today I want to start my blog post by telling you how wonderful you all are <3 <3 <3 Whatever you create with your creativity, you are all great on your own way <3

Today I am ready for a new blog post for Maja Design, one card in Shabby Chic and the second card is in Vintage. This is the first offcial cards I created for Maja Design, I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little nervous, since card maiking is ot my strongest side.

Since I only think of wedding constantly, I have made two Wedding Cards I will share with you and both made with the Vintage Romance collection.

Both cards are punched out with a dies from Go Kreate called Frilly #7

The biggest part I’ve also cut out a square of white card which i have attached with double-sided tape on the back side. This I have done because the back of the card should be completely white. I also cut out two smaller squares that one can write a greeting on, but because it will be easier to write on these when it is not on the card, I have not attached the little card on the back of the card yet.

All the layers are built up with 3D foam pads and in all corners, I have two sets with 3D foam pads.

The card in Vintage is made of brown and bright tones.

When the cards was built up, I have used two oval dies from Sizzix, in between these two layers, I’ve attached one lace before I put them on the card with 3D foam pads.

The Dies with the text Bride and Groom is a dies from kaBoks. Here I first cut it out in moss rubber and then paper. The one in paper I have embossed with Walnut Stain from Distress Ink, before I put them on the card.

On the card I have used several different flowers in white tones and in between all the flowers I have used frosted berries in brown. The flowers I have used are from Wild Orchids.

The leaves I have used are punched out with a dies from Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps. I have used the same brown Embossing powder on the edge of the leaves.

Up in one of the corners, I have used white ribbon and a brown button with a bow.

The second card is the same card just made ​​in Shabby Chic.

I’ve used the same Dies on this card. But instead of using embossing powders in brown, I have used Weathered Wood from Distress Ink. This is a great color, that match the pink and the bright tones that this card is built up with.

The flowers I have used are from Wild Orchids and in between them, I have used pink frosted berries.

I’ve tried to make the cards so that the details are placed opposite on each card.

Rather than using a button in brown, I have used a button in gray on the top of the card.

What I think is so nice with the sheets from Maja Design, is that you can use multiple sheets to the same project without having to be afraid that it does not fit together. Therefore it is always so much fun to create projects with Maja Design and special when you can use 6 different patterned sheets one the same card. Maybe you have it on the same way as me and get the feeling that Maja Design just here absolutely perfect for whatever you whant to make <3