Jewelery Box to the Young Woman


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

19 June, 2016 -

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Hello Maja Followers

Today I stop by the Maja Design blog, becuse I have a new project made in lovely  Maja paper. A simple box to a young woman who is to be confirmed.

For this box I have used sheets from a Maja Design collection  called for Ska Vi Ta En Fika 

The sheets I have used are :
Kladdkaka, Kärleksmums, Söders Höjder and Mandelkaka.


I placed the pattern sheets directly on the box and put them on with double sided tape. The punch that I’ve used is from Martha Stewart and called Eyelet Lace. 

I often create boxes that I use metal feet in silver, and yes it is on this box too. At the bottom edge, I glue on a silver chain, which runs all the way around the box. On the lid I have used wood from Wychinka, these I have embossed with white embossing powder from Ranger. The three half pearls that you find on the side of the box are made with Nuvo Crystal pearls, the colors I have used are Oyster Gray, Ivory Seashell and Wisteria.

On the back of the box are the details about the same as on the other sides, the exception is that I have not pearls on the side and the wood from Wychinka are smaller than those at the front.

On top of the box you will find the big details. 
What I ‘ve done is I ‘ve spent a round box and covered the lid and the bottom with patterned sheets and silver chain with diamonds. These I have glue little bit on the top of each other.

At the center of the two circles I have placed a lot of flowers in white and alot in various purple tones. Under the flowers I have used some cheese cloth for an extra effect. This can be done on any type of project you create, if you dont whant to use leaves under the flowers, use some cheese cloth instead. 
The flowers are from Wild Orchids.

On one of the circles, you can see the name Maren. Maren is the girl this box is made too.

The letters I have used are from Prima and I made them brighter with Wink of Stella Bruch White.

If you Opens the box, I’m sure Maren can fit all the jewelry she gon on her special day <3


The Wedding Vows


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

13 June, 2016 -

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Good Morning Everyone, and thank you for visiting the Maja Design Blog 🙂

I have in the past few weeks think about weddings and the ideas just come by themselves all the time. I feel inspired to create several different weeding projects, filled with Romance, details, bright colors and love. 

The project I am going to show you today is actually taken from one project I made ​​a little while ago. Today I’ll show you some paper bags  made ​​to the Bride and the Grom. I also made ​​a step by step in pictures, which are published in my blog tomorrow.

The paper sheets I’ve used on the bags are from Maja Design’s new collection Vintage Romance.


I have used two sheets in a blue tone and two papers in a pink tone. Both sheets are similar in pattern, only the color that separates them.

Happy Ever After

Happily ever after

Together Forever

Together forever




Just You and Me

Just you and me

I have not done so much with the paper sheets, the only thing I have done is to use a pair of scissors on the edges to make them worn. This is to make the project a little more Shabby Chic.

The idea of ​​doing the front with a girl and a boy, came when I found one set of dies from Frantic Stamper – Silhouette Kids.

These are just so cute and fits just as perfect, if you want to make something romantic. I have intentionally used the boy on the front of the bag that is in pink and the girl on the one in blue. 

The idea is that the bags may have the marriage promises. In the one from the man, in the pink bag as a gift for the woman, and the one that is written by the woman is a small gift to the man. This is also a great way to preserve the vows <3

On Back of the bags is the other one. What I mean by this is that the blue bag with a girl in the front, there’s a boy on the back side and on the pink bag it is a boy.

Each of the bags are decorated with flowers, rings and Embossing powder. 

The pink bag with the boy, has pink and white flowers, a lady ring which is braided of white woks tread and pearls.

The bag in the blue have the same details, only that here there is a larger ring and instead of flowers in pink, these are blue. The flowers are from Wild Orchids and Papirdesign.

If you looking through the silhouette of the boy and the girl, you can see the promises that lies inside of the bags. This Paper sheets is also from Vintage Romance, and called Words of Love.

On the back side of the bag, you can see that the bag are closet with a large bow, with a lage white button. The great thing with this bag is that it is not necessary to open the bow to have something inside the bag. You can do this at the bottom of the bag. 

Both the boy and the girl are embossed with white powder from Ranger. Here I have tried to bring out some of the color underneath, so it gets a little pink on the blue bag and a little blue on the pink bag. 

I’ve also made ​​it so that the back of the bag with the girl on, it’s a boy and vice versa on the other. This I have done because I wanted it to be a boy and girl on both bags, as a couple.

On the front I have also used white Embossing powder to create an special effect and I want to bring up some of the items that I’ve used on the back of the bags. 

The half pearls are created by Nuvo – Crystal Drops, the color I have used is called Ivory Seashell. These bottles are absolutely wonderful and come in many beautiful colors. I really recommend them.

Now I have shown you my bags with the wedding vows, a romantic way to preserve the romance <3



See the World in My Favorite Car


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

5 June, 2016 - ,

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Good day everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend ? 🙂

My weekend has been great, I’ve helped a friend with making place cards, decorated small and large candles to the late night hours. But today is a new day and this day I whant to spend with my family.

Imagine that it is already my turn to share one of my projects, made with paper from Maja Design. One thing I really like is to make something I’ve never done before and this time I have really gone beyond my comfort zone.
 I have made a LO, one that is 8×8 by build the frame / plate with thick cardstock. This I have done by cutting out two squares that are 8×8 and glue them together, then I cut out two squares with holes in and glue on the top. All the sides and edges are decorated with patterned paper, I used Distress Ink Ground Espresso for the inking. In the corners there are old spikes and the text “See the World – Live Everyday ” on the bottom of the frame is Rub Ons from Tim Holtz.

I have in a long time wanted to make one little rough project with the rough sheets from the new collection Vintage Romance. The sheets I’ve used is :

Forget Me Not, Wedding Day, Honeymoon forward and back side and the images is taken from ephemera.


The sheets that I have used under the images, I have torn the edges, befor I them. The design is build ​​up with 3D foam pads.

When I made the LayOut, I decided to try to get many different details, but would work well together. In the bottom corner, I have two different wood from Wycinanka, one is a hand that I have embossed with Distress Embossing Powder – Walnut Stain, Ranger Embossing Powder Black and some Gold powder. The other wood I ‘ve used is one wheel that is embossed with Aged Copper from Stampendous .

The other details are a paper hat that I’ve clipped from the paper called He ‘s my Man. On the same sheet is also a small bow, so instead of using the one in paper I created one in brown ribbon .

Under the details there is a rusty metal plate and beside it, there is a dark brown twine under the Images.

In the top corner to the right, I have small spikes, rusty metal plate, metal from Prima which is embossed with Walnut Stain from Distress and Gold Embossing Powder. Here you can see more of the thread, which is under images and the cars that are on the side.

On the other side again, there are many more details. I have used the inside of a clock, vintage cars, metal from Prima, a large plate with rust, spikes and the black arrow is Rub Ons from Tim Holtz .

On several places I’ve created small pennants that I have placed in large cracks, under and over the images, I’ve did that just to add something extra. In addition to the large arrow, I have also used a smaller arrow.

The idea behind this LayOut is to take the opportunity while you have it, take advantage of the opportunities while you are young and before the clock getting away from you. Not least have fun on the journey, meet new people, take a chance after chance and share the moments with those  you love. We only live once, why not explor the days to maximum, as long as we can do it? 🙂 In other words, this LO you give to someone you like alot and the one you have experience the world with.



The Wedding Cake


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

22 May, 2016 -

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Hi Everyone, I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

Today it is me, Silje Kristin who stop by the Maja Design blog, with a new project created with the new collection, Vintage Romance <3
I will love to show you my new box, a old box that I give a new life to, with paper sheets and details.

My Boyfrien got a new watch in a birthday gift, the box for this watch was a tall black box, where the lid is as high as the box itself. From before I have made project with the pink sheets, the blue sheets and the bright sheets. On this project I’ve used the green paper from the new collection Vintage Romance. The whole project is based on romance and love <3


I’ve used 3 different patterned sheets in a green tone. Two of these sheets I used on the outside of the box, one of them I have used a punch from Martha Stwart on, only to make some life on the walls. I also have used a ribbon in a grey colour and the box itself stands on four silver feet.

On top of the box , I’ve created a frame and in the frame I have a images of a man and a woman. This image is taken from one sheet called Love Notes. Inside of the frame I have used a pearl string in a green color, the same pearls I’ve used on the lid of the box.

Since pink is a color that fits the green very good, I have chosen to use flowers in pink and someone in a bright green color. Under the flowers is the bronze leaves that are embossed with Shabby White and behind the picture there are three small glass bottles with pearls in pink, green and white. The flowers are from Wild Orchids and Papirdesign.

The box is decorated on the outside, but the surprise is under the ild. If you taking of the ild, you will find a four tierd wedding cake. The cake stands out, since it is made with the very lightest sheets in the collection, I have used the 6×6 paper pad to make the cake. The cake is decorated with ribbon, pearls, bling and three large flowers on the top.

A perfect cake for the Wedding Day <3





The Secrets in the Jewelry Box


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

8 May, 2016 - ,

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Hello Everyone 🙂

Today it is a bit special day here in Norway, it is Liberation Day and about nine days, it is May 17th, Norway’s National Day. Then it is 202 years since Norway got its own constitution and we were a separate nation after several years in the union with Sweden and Denmark. Today, Norway is one of the world’s best and most beautiful country and stay in, we have been awarded several years in a row that we have the world’s most beautiful coastline. But on May 8th the tradition that we lifts the Norwegian flag to the top.

But today is also my day to inspire you with my new project made for Maja Design. The history of this project is not 202 years old, but it started a few years back when I was at flea market.

You know that I love flea market, it is because I can find the most amazing things. Things I can change, refine and give a whole new life to and this visit was not a disappointing.

In between all the old glass and jars, stood one old jewelery box in brown mahogany. The jewelery box consisted of one drawer, one lid that could be raised, with one mirror and one small room where one could hide their secret treasures in. For a long time the box stood in one closet, until a few days ago when it got a new life with the new collection to Maja Design, Vintage Romance. A perfect gift for a young bride or to a young woman who soon stand as a confirmand.

On the box, I have chosen me out some beautiful sheets from the new collection. Vintage Romance consists of several great sheets in gorgeous colors and for this project I’ve used these sheets:

Champagne, Marriage Proposal and Forget Me Not.


In my project I have chosen to decorate all parts of the box with pattern sheets. I’ve tried to create a harmony tune over the box, by using light brown sheet and a blue sheet with strong contrasts to the bright.

I have inked all the edges with Distress Ink Walnut Stain, I did that after I had attached the various parts on the box. Pattern sheets are attached with double sided tape and glue.

When I was finished with the sheets, I attached four silver feet on the bottom of the box, before I glue on the pearl string.

On the top of the lid I have attached some flowers in various blue tones, a button, glass bottles and metal leaf.

The flowers I have used are from Wild Orchids and Papirdesign. The leaves I used was in bronze, until I used one Embossing Powder from Stampenduos and color called Shabby White. The Button I’ve created a white bow and placed a half pearl on the top.

In the four different glass bottles are filled with pearl string, pearls, straws and the same embossing powder that is on the leaves.

On the back and the sides, are the same detail as on the front. I have used the same pattern sheets and pearls.

If you open up the lid, you will see whats inside.

On the inside of the lid I have attached a mirror in the middle, with string of pearls around. I’ve also attached some pearls in the corners.

In the jewelry box I have added my own jewelry and earrings.

With the tray below, you have plenty of space to hide all your treasures.

Now you have seen the Jewelry Box with all the secrets.

Maby next time you are at the flea market, you can keep your eyes open, so maybe you will find some treasure for yourself you can change.