The large grandfather’s clock in the library has just chimed six o’clock. The deep sound has started to fade away while the Autumn darkness spreads its wings. Some heritage photos lie on the heavy library table together with grandmother’s old books and grandfather’s music papers. Memories of a time gone by.
The quiet, peaceful Autumn is a time to reflect and capture your memories. Sit by the window and see how nature is slowly going to sleep, all while you are scrapping your best memories from the past.
Vintage Autumn Basics is the third ‘Basics Collection’ in the series. The colours reflect this twilight time of year, but are still mixable with the other Basics collections. These papers have been designed to enhance your family’s treasured memories and
strong heritage, but with a reminder to live in the present.
The collection contains 24 double-sided patterned sheets, one die-cut sheet included, and are also available as a 6×6 paper pad. Enjoy!