Lenet-MosHello my name is Lenet,Netherlands
I’m from the Netherlands. I live with my husband, daughter, son and two silly tomcats in a town called Heemskerk.
I think I was born crafting, always been doing some kind of crafting as long as I remember.
I discovered scrapbooking back in 2006, and started with scrapcards along the way as well.
Nowadays I like to do some artjournalling and mixedmedia too.
I’m very lucky to have a big craftroom at our attic that I call my boudoir, where I love to spent every free moment I have.
I really love the shabbychic style and MajaDesign papers are just perfect for that, the quality is very good and sturdy, so also perfect for making boxes, minialbums and homedeco, so there you have  the reason why I fell in love with them.
I’m so very hounered to be a part of the MajaDesign team, it’s like a dream came trough.

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