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Posted by Irene Tan

14 March, 2015 -

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Hello Maja friends! When I’ve been asked to share my scrap space, I’m a little reluctant as I don’t have the luxury of owning a scrap or craft room. What I own is just a little scrap space in our office which I’m sharing with my husband and my two kids. So are you ready to take a look at my little crafting haven? Let’s go!Irene-Tan

This is my scrap table which is situated on the far end of the office room.  I like to keep my table clean and empty while I’m not creating. This way, I will have the whole table for scrapping.DSC_7375To the left of the right of my table, I have a small tale which serves as a station for die-cutting, embossing and some storage. It is also the place where I store all my flowers and tools.DSC_7365This is a little trolley where I store most of my inks and adhesives. I love to organize my inks. This makes it easy for me to find the right color whenever I want.DSC_7372Besides a trolley, I also have two little kitchen spice rack which I hung on the wall to store all my glitter glue, ink refills and liquid pearls.DSC_7373The best part of my scrap space is that I have a window behind my table which allows tons of natural light in when I’m scrapping. I have an alter drawer where I’ve stored various embellishments.DSC_7369I’ve also have a two-tier storage shelves by the window to organize my ribbons, laces, buttons and more flowers. This is also my sewing station. Yes, this is what I use to do all my stitching on my projects. All this while, I’m hand-stitching on my projects as I do not own any craft sewing machine. I would hope to get one from a sponsorer or as a gift some day.DSC_7366Lastly, I would like to share a picture of the shelves where I display the fruit of my love for crafting. It may not be neat by I love to look at them for inspirations.DSC_7363When I scrap or craft, I always have some kind of music on. The reason is, music can create the emotion and mood I need based on my inspirations.Thank you so much for joining me on this little tour of my scrap space! See you again soon!Irene-sign


Irene Tan

I'm also known as “Scrapperlicious”. My scrapping motto has always been “Scrap with your heart and don’t forget to have fun too!” I love stamping and inking and my style is kind of ephemera/distressed. Visit my blog here -