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Posted by Jennifer Snyder

17 October, 2016 -

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Hello.  Jennifer Snyder here today to acknowledge some followers who regularly share their art by “tagging ” us on Facebook.  What do I mean by “tagging” and how does one actually “tag” Maja Design?  Great questions.
What Does It Mean to “Tag” on Facebook
“Tagging” is a great way to share on Facebook.
When I tag someone on a Facebook post, it means the post I created on my timeline will also appear on that person’s timeline.  Let’s say I want to add a beautiful photo of my husband to my timeline. I want my husband to see it so I will tag my husband in my post.  At that point, my post will be shares on his timeline  for all his friends and followers to see. You can “tag” people and you can “tag” companies as well.  If I post a card using Maja Design, I can “tag” Maja Design and the artwork will appear in Maja’s Facebook page.
How to “Tag” on Facebook
Tagging is easy.  I’ll stick to the example of my husband.  As I am writing my  Facebook post, I can start typing his name and list of names will usually appear for me to select.  Once selected, the “tagged” name will have a highlighted color – mine “tag”appears as blue type. “Tagging” a company requires you to simply type @ before the name.  So I would type @Maja Design, and a list of names should appear to select.  That’s all there is to “tagging”.
“Tagging” is a Great Way to Share on Facebook
The great thing about “tagging” Maja Design is that you do not need to make multiple posts.  You simply need to make just one post to your timeline and you are done.  That one “tag” means the wonderful folks at Maja Design get to see your work as well as all the Maja fans around the world.  Now the whole world can admire and be awestruck over your amazing talent and your clever design.  You are an instant  crafting “rock star”!
Today I would like to acknowledge the artwork of some wonderful artists who regularly “tag” Maja Design.
Line is from Hedmark, Norway.  She enjoys making cards and tags as well as 3D projects and home decor.  Her favorite color combination is brown and blue.  Her favorite Maja Design collection is Vintage Frost Basics.

You can see more of her artwork on her blog: here

Dorthe is from Denmark. She really enjoys making cards but does occasionally like to make a layout, box or something altered.   Her wonderful style  is a ix of vintage and shabby chic with graceful delicate details.  Her favorite colors to use in projects are blue and pink.

You can find more of Dorthe’s work on her blog: www.pipserier.blogspot.dk

Mary lives near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. Mary enjoys making cards, layouts, home decor, tags, gift boxes and mini albums. Where does Mary get some of her inspiration from? Her daughter! Mary said, “Mostly I craft on the weekend with my daughter Andrea who has been a papercrafter as long as I can remember and never fails to inspire and encourage me to make lovely cards and photographs.”
Well guess what Mary? You are an inspiration to so many on Facebook. Mary’s favorite color combination is ivory and pink. Her favorite Maja Design Collections are Coffee in the Arbour and Vintage Summer.

Mary’s blog is called Playing with Ribbon and can be found here.

If you would like to be featured, then consider adding a “tag” to your Facebook posts to share with Maja Design and the whole world.