A summer bottle message


Posted by Jenny Grotherus

16 July, 2013 - , ,

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The summer is here and a new bottle message came my way when I was sitting on the pier, swinging my legs in the water. It was a life preserver, created in the most delicate way.

Created by the so talented Chantal Van Der Horst. Please stop by her blog to see more of her wonderful creations, it is well worth the visit. She has used the Life By The Sea collection that we have based our current Mood Board on.

Posting something online is like sending out a bottle message. The posting drifts away on the waves of the blue sea, living it’s life of it’s own. You never know who will pick it up and what that could result in.

From time to time I’m looking for just that. Bottle messages. Postings that drifts on the sea of internet, just waiting to be picked up and become praised.

This time Chantal was highlighted, you could be next. I will send out the new limited Sofiero collection to her as encouragement.Jenny