Baby Girl Memories Keepsake Album


Posted by Elena Olinevich

8 July, 2016 - ,

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Hello Maja Fans,

Recently, I have noticed that I started making more projects for babies and kids. It’s such a pleasure to think about all those tiny noses, fingers.

However I like doing them not obviously baby, I like to making them soft, delicate and floral.

This time I created an album for a newborn girl. You will be surprised but I didn’t use Baby Vintage collection, though it is a perfect one for such kind of projects, I took Vintage Spring Basics.
I have already done it several times before and I still think it is so beautiful to use it for the babies.


I made several pages and used many of the embellishments

BabyGirl, Album, by Elena Olinevich, MajaDesign1

BabyGirl, Album, Maja Design, by Elena Olinevich2


To make it look as supposed for the baby I used some newborn die cuts


Baby Girl Album, Maja Design, by Elena Olinevich10

babyGirl, Album, Maja Design, by Elena Olinevich

Baby Girl Album, Maja Design, by Elena Olinevich7

BabyGirl_Album, Maja Design< by Elena Olinevich5

Baby Girl Album, Maja Design, by Elena Olinevich3a


There more pages inside, but I think that you’ve got the idea how beautiful the papers are.