To My Beautiful StepSon


Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

1 August, 2016 -

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Hello all you wonderful people

Today I am ready with a new project for Maja Design, one project that I can not with to share with you. I’ve made a chest, a special coffin, to a very special boy. 

A boy who deserves the whole world, a boy who deserves sunshine even when it rains, a boy who deserves to play all day long with the toys he love the most, a boy who deserves laugh and smile always. 

I’m so lucky that I’m a stpmom for a boy named Henrik. 
He is a lovely boy who makes me laugh, smile and fills up my days with so much joy. 

This is a chest which we will use to take care of special memories, everything from drawings, things we find outside in the woods, special clothing, to things he in the future is going to make or things he collect. The chest has a special touch, without that most likely the chest is to much babyish when he is older. It has his name on the front, while the sides we find tractors, one of his favorite. The chest is simple and clean in design, so one day it fits into a home to a young adult Henrik <3

I have used two types of patterned paper on this project, both sheets are taken from Maja Design’s collection Vintage Spring Basics.


The chest I painted white first, before I used the pattern sheets. Around the chest, I have a strap that I have weaved myself from wax tread. The belt consists of two kinds of colors, and it holds the lid in place with the help of a brace from Tim Holtz. 

At the ends, I have used white embossing powder to be absolutely sure that the strap does not go up. Same technique I’ve used on the handles.

In all corners, I glue on white rivets.

On the front of the coffin, I have chosen to have the name too Henrik. These are large wood letters from a Polish producer named Scrapiniec. 

I made the name on a sign first, before I attached it to the coffin with many 3D pads. 

All the letters are embossed with white embossing powder.

On each side of the chest, I have 3 tractors, these tractors are wood from Wycinanka and is embossed with the same white embossing powder which I’ve used on the letters.

Over the tractors I have one handle, this is made on ​​the same way as the belt around the chest, just smaller. I used White embossing powder on the ends, I have attached the handle with screws into the coffin and to hide the screws I glue solid white rivets over. 

Over the handle I have three white crown, one large and two small ones.

At the back side of the chest, I have one tree, this is one dies from La La Land and down from the tree, I have a small swing, a dies from Memory Box. 

The tree is the symbol of family, that one must always remember the roots and where we come from. One symbol from us to Henrik, that whatever happens, he can anyway come to us <3 

Under the tree I have text tough guy, wood from Scrapiniec.
The word you see are on Norwegian.

Before I wish you a great Monday, I’ll tell you when I got the idea for this gift to Henrik. I met Henrik in January, even then, I knew that I’ll make a special project to this little boy <3

In February, I bought the chest from the store Søstrene Grene and in June it was finish. A special gift to a little boy, who has a very special place in my heart <3