A huge thanks to Tiffany..!


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20 June, 2017 -

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Tiffany has now forfilled her mission to glorify the Maja Team with her presence during six months time, and it’s time for us to say THANK YOU and have a look at some of the magical creations she’s done for us.. ♥


Tiffany Solorio Tiffany Solorio Tiffany Solorio



We are so thankful for having you on the team this year, Tiffany, and so happy for all the fantastic inspiration you’ve been giving us during this time.
Have a fantastic summer! ♥

With all our love,


An old favorite is back..! – Giveaway


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27 February, 2017 - ,

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Dear Maja fans,

It’s time for a new collection, and this time we have decided to reprint an old favorite – Sofiero. This time with a completely new die cut sheet. In addition to this we have also released a completely new thing for Maja – Monochromes, coordinated single colored paper, this time perfectly matched to Sofiero’s colors.

Sofiero-L Mono-Sofiero-L


Our monochrome papers are printed single color papers with one shade on each side, one lighter and one darker. They have a white core which makes them exquisite to emboss, sand or tear for great effect on any craft project. They come in the same thick quality as all MajaDesign papers.

This collection is in the size 12×12 and consist of twelve different shades (two on each sheet), all a perfect match for the Sofiero collection.



You wanna try it out?? 🙂
Please leave a comment below, like/follow us at this blog/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest and share this post – and you have the chance to win BOTH these collections..!

We will reveal the lucky winner, here at the blog, on Monday the 6th of March.


Welcome 2017..!


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1 January, 2017 -

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Wow, 2016 was a fabulous year..?! ♥
The Maja blog has was completely overfilled with gorgeous creations and outstanding inspiration – don’t you agree? 😉

So first I really want to praise our talented designers who was with us during last year.
A huge applause for these marvelous ladies:

Team 2016

Thank you so much for all your hard work, your devotion to MajaDesign and for all the fantastic inspiration you’ve been giving the world through our channels. ♥ You all are amazing!


♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

And now, let us begin this new year with revealing that there will be some
You might not believe me, but Maja actually turns 10 years this year..! This means that we have had the great honor of providing the crafting world with our paper designs for a whole decade..! Isn’t that just amazing? We are so proud. We promise you that this will show during the year…

Maja 10 år


Do you know how it all began? Let me tell you..

MajaDesign’s founder, Marie, was a dedicated scrapper herself, back in 2007. But after a while it came clear – she couldn’t seem to find the right papers on the market. You know, that paper that just match your style completely and bring your inspiration to life.. With the aim of creating her own personal favorite paper, she started the journey that became the most wonderful experience towards – MajaDesign. ♥
– To having the ability to work with my great passion is really a dream come true, Marie says with gratefulness in her voice.

And, I think I speak for all of us when I say – we are so thankful to Marie and for her passion, so we can enjoy these marvelous design papers, collection after collection – all equally beautiful and unique.. ♥

MajaDesign’s founder Marie Janson


With this words, let us begin this new year..!
I hope you’ll follow us here at the blog, our Facebook site, our Instagram account or on Pinterest..! I can assure you a lot of wonderful inspiration, new amazing collections and a great year of celebration!



MajaDesign Creative Team 2017


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19 December, 2016 -

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Hi there..!

So happy to see you here today. It means you could find some free time in between all the Christmas preparations.. And that’s good because it has come to that exciting part of the year when it’s time to present our new fabulous MajaDesign Creative Team for 2017..!
We have gathered some really amazing artist, and I’m so excited to begin the new year with all this talent onboard.

Let me proudly present



Nancy-Tina-Camilla-Mary  Rachelle-Amy-Evgenia-Elena




Amy-site-signfrom The Netherlands

Amy creates mostly layouts and has that soft, romantic style that just melts your heart.. ♥ She loves Shabby Chic, Vintage and Mixed Media. Read more about her here or visit her places below:


blog Facebook IInstagram






Camilla-sign1 from Norway

Camilla is an extremly talented cardmaker, and her cards just take your breath away. ♥ She has en eye for beautiful details, lots of paper layers and loves sewing her cards. Read more about her here, or visit her places below:

blog Facebook IInstagramYouTube




Elena-OlinevichElena-sign1from Belarus

Elena creates the most beautiful cards, albums and layouts with lots of layers and wonderful, thought through details. ♥ Her style is feminine and vintage and she loves laces and mists. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

blog Facebook YouTubeIInstagram Pinterest




Evgenia-Petzer Evgenia-signSfrom South Africa/Russia

Meet our greatly talented cardmaker – Evgenia. Her style breaths feminity, soft and romantic and she creates with layers and beautiful details. ♥ You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

Pinterest Facebook YouTubeblogIInstagram





Jennifer-Snyder-FBJennifer-signfrom USA

Jennifer is our own sparkeling star..! She creates everything with lots of love and thought through and her style goes from romantic to shabby chic, depended on the story and photo. ♥ You can read more about her here or visit her places below:








Keren-TamirKerenfrom Canada

Keren is one of our new talents on the team for this year. ♥ She likes the mixed media style to create her extraordinary layouts and other projects, and she specialize in making the most wonderful videos. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:









Maja-NowakMaja-signfrom Poland

Maja creates the most wonderful feminine and romantic cards along with her soft, handsome and a bit “boyish” layouts. ♥ Her work is a mixture of romantic shabby chic and a bit of a steampunk, masculine touch. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:







Mary-CattMaryfrom Greece

Mary loves using mixed media and creates the most amazing layouts with a bit vintage and shabby chic touch.  ♥ She mainly does layouts, but you can also see her create wonderful cards, tags and beautiful altered items. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:








Nancy-Dynes Nancy-signfrom USA

Nancy does absolutely gorgeous cards and you can recognize her work as vintage/elegant, incorporating dimension, layers, and attention to detail. ♥ She loves the feminine and romantic style. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:






Pascale-Bernard Pascale-signSfrom France

Pascale scraps her own, absolutely wonderful, photos and always go from the colour in it, to create her amazing layouts. ♥ Her style is at the same time or in turn vintage, shabby, steampunk, and mixed media.  You can read more about her here or visit her places below:









Paulina-Monastreska-TroninaPadoriaa1from Poland

Paulina, aka Padoriaa, is one of our new talents onboard this year, and she uses mixed media and a lot of layers, laces and chipboards onto her wonderful cards and different projects. ♥ Her style is unique and wide and goes from romantic to masculine. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:







Rachelle SigurdsonRachelle-signfrom Canada

Rachelle is the complete master of layering and hand stiching layouts. ♥ She loves to distress the papers and she has an extraordinary attention for details. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:







Tiffany-Solorio Tiffanyfrom USA

Tiffany is new on the team for this year, and she specialize in mixed media projects. ♥ She creates everything from cards, layouts to altered items and she does the most beautiful videos. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:






Tina-Ollett Tina-Ssignfrom Australia

Tina makes absolutely gorgeous layouts using lots of flowers, layers and dimensions. ♥ Her style is mostly feminine, soft and romantic. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:







A huge welcome to all our new designers! ♥
2017 will be a totally awesome year, filled with creativity and lots of wonderful inspiration.
I hope you are as excited as I am.



Thanks, Silje Kristin…


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18 December, 2016 -

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Today we will tribute and say goodbye to our beloved and supertalented Silje Kristin who has decided to step down from the team. She is a totally amazing artist and we will really miss her wonderful creations. Her way to alter different projects is just magical.


Here is some wonderful project she has done for us:


Silje Kristin2 Silje Kristin Aunan Silje Kristin Aunan

Silje K. Aunan

A huge thanks to you, Silje, for all your hard work and devotion to MajaDesign.

We’ll see you out there..! ♥




Tomorrow we will reveal the new Creative Team for 2017 – don’t miss that..!

Maja CT 2017 - reveal