A huge thanks to Tiffany..!

Posted by Carita Ruckman

20 June, 2017 -

Tiffany has now forfilled her mission to glorify the Maja Team with her presence during six months time, and it’s time for us to say THANK YOU and have a look at some of the magical creations she’s done for us.. ♥


Tiffany Solorio Tiffany Solorio Tiffany Solorio



We are so thankful for having you on the team this year, Tiffany, and so happy for all the fantastic inspiration you’ve been giving us during this time.
Have a fantastic summer! ♥

With all our love,


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Carita Ruckman

I work with customer service and economics at the Maja Office. <3


  • Some truly amazing pieces of art here from Tiffany, you really are the layout master, I think. All of these are just fabulous work and soooooo beautiful.

  • Thanks Tiffany for sharing your beautiful inspirational layouts with us all over the last six months.
    Julie x

  • Laurell Cullen-Wright says:

    I have really enjoyed Tiffany’s layouts and look forward to seeing her return to the Maja Team in the not too distant future. Tiffany is very talented and her work is very inspirational.