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Posted by Carita Ruckman

19 December, 2015 -

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Welcome to the Maja blog this fabulous Saturday!
Today it’s a big day. It’s time to reveal the new crew for next year…  Some of the faces you will recognize and yet some are new on this team. They are all bound together by their amazing talent and crafting skills.
I’m so excited and totally convinced that this will be sooo awesome!

So.. Let me, proudly, present to you the MajaDesign Creative Team 2016:


CT 2016






Nancy Dynes, USA

My style reflects a feminine, vintage/elegance, featuring multiple layers, dimension, and attention to detail. Maja Design Papers speak to me and inspire my imagination, to the point that I’ve used them almost exclusively since the purchase of my first paper collection! I am honored to be a member of this amazing Creative Team, and look forward to growing in my craft while working alongside these talented artists I have admired for years.





Gabrielle Pollacco, Canada

I would call my style Vintage/Shabby-chic with a good dose of mixed media. It makes me happy to share new ideas and techniques and see others incorporate them into their own style.

I’m delighted to be on the MajaDesign Creative Team for another year, their designs are timeless and leave me feeling inspired every time I pull them out to create!





Elena Olinevich, Belarus

I have been exploring some new approaches and mixed media techniques, but being a very gentle person my projects tend to be more feminine.

I like using paints, mists and lace. But the most distinctive feature
of my projects are layering and thorough attention to details.




Di Garling, Australia

I think I would best describe my scrapbooking style as probably a bit shabby chic. I adore strong colour. I am totally addicted to mixed media on all my work, I think it looks unfinished without it. I love lots & lots of texture & I think I have a keen eye for detail. I try be be a little bit diverse by adapting to new things too. This is such a rewarding craft.






Maja Nowak, Poland

My work is a mixture of romantic shabby chic and a bit of a steampunk, masculine touch. I don’t hesitate to use flowers and glitter for my boys’ layouts, but from time to time, especially when making to order,
I do create a card that is not at all distressed.

What I love most about Maja Design papers is their diversity that allows me to use it for
almost anything I need to create.

Belonging to the team of world-famous scrappers is a true honour and great pleasure for me
and I’m so happy to stay here for another term!




Delaina Burns, USA

My style is a bit of a mix. I love clean, white space with a shabby feel but I also enjoy creating with a bold pallet. Either way I love clean, small parts and details. I am excited to design with Maja because the beautiful detailed papers are splendid story tellers and open my mind to multitudes of creative possibilities.






Amy Voorthuis, Netherlands

Scrapbooking became my creative outlet about 11 years ago, I eat, sleep and breath everything that has to do with crafting. I love shabby chic, vintage & mixed media style.

I mostly make a lot of girly layout’s that’s never hard with six nieces {I always have pictures}. But once in a while I want to think outside the box and make a masculine layout.

Maja Design papers make my scrappy heart sing {and believe me I can’t sing}. I feel very honored to be part of this amazing design team.




Pascale Bernard, France

The colors in my photo are my starting point. I love testing new techniques using gesso, inks, stamps, and creating my own flowers with colors close to reality.

I always create my own backgrounds with several layers and textures.
My style is at the same time or in turn vintage, shabby, steampunk, 
and mixed media.





Bec Genet, Australia

I started scrapbooking after my Daughter was born in 2006 and I have just become more obsessed every year. In the last couple of years I have found mixed media scrapbooking and that has become my new passion. I also love to make altered art creations, canvases and card/tags. My scrap style is girly, I have to add flowers and pearls to everything 

I’m very grateful to be on some wonderful design teams and get to spend my weekend doing what I love. I can’t wait to start with Maja designs, this is a dream come true.



Rachelle Sigurdson


Rachelle Sigurdson, Canada

To get my texture, I love to work with distressed, hand stitched paper layers.

I also love & use chipboard on all of my projects.

By reading my comments, I would say that my characteristics is my attention to details.




Evgenia Petzer, South Africa

My style is very feminine and detailed. I love all these tiny bits and little pieces that give the personal touch to the creation. As Maja papers are very soft and shabby this is a perfect match.

These papers are so “me”, they reflect all that i have loved in the scrapbooking ppaers for ages. Starting from the awesome quality to unique designs, I am just so looking forward to continue playing with them,
as a part of the Creative Team.





Silje Kristin Aunan, Norway

 “Nothing is impossible” is my mantra. 
I get inspired by things that surround me, nature, situations, feelings, weather; or ideas just pop up in to my head. I love to  use many different variations of paper, the more layers the merrier! Many details such as ribbons, charms, bling and lots of paper flowers. I can make projects simple but still detailed. My favorite is large detailed projects, and my style is mainly shabby chic/vintage. And that is why the Maja Design papers is a favorite. I just love the paper, and what I can do with them, when i create my projects.





Jennifer Snyder, Facebook Coordinator, USA

I love Maja Design for its beautiful consistent collections. The quality and excellence of the product is a joy to use. I look forward to having a chance to use some of the
best and most beautiful paper in the world.

As Facebook Coordinator, I also look forward to telling the world about Maja and  helping to establish a strong world presence.





Camilla Lilliesköld, Creative Team Coordinator, Sweden

I work as a Public Relations Coordinator here at MajaDesign and I have the pleasant task to coordinate this fabulous Creative Team,
and from time to time also give you some exciting news and updates from the Maja Office. ♥








I hope you are as excited as I am..!
So don’t go to far, we will soon deliver some real magic to you.

Have a lovely day! ♥