I found a new bottle message…


Posted by Jenny Grotherus

18 January, 2014 - , , ,

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It’s been raining so much on the west coast this so called winter so we are nearly floating away. I was walking along the wharf in Uddevalla, just looking at all the beautiful lights lighting up the town when a new bottle message came drifting…Monsie-and-Keenie

Tracy Christine has created this breathtaking layout with photos of her two great aunts. She has used the Vintage Winter and the Vintage Autumn Basics collections. If you want to see more of her gorgeous creations, please take a look in her gallery.

Posting something online is like sending out a bottle message. The posting drifts away on the waves of the blue sea, living it’s life of it’s own. You never know who will pick it up and what that could result in.

From time to time I’m looking for just that. Bottle messages. Postings that drifts on the sea of internet, just waiting to be picked up and become praised.

This time Tracy Christine was highlighted, you could be next. I will send out the Vintage Frost Basics collection to her as encouragement. Jenny