Our first Mood Board of this year..!


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23 January, 2018 - ,

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Hello sweeties..!

I hope our 10 years jubilee hasn’t gone unnoticed by now. 😉 We just can’t beleive that such a long time has passed since the inception of MajaDesign..! And it has really been a great decade – soo worth celebrating. ♥

Since we’re still in a party mood over here the theme for the Mood board for January and February of course is …CELEBRATION. We hope you like it. ♥

This is how we use the mood boards:

Definition mood board – n

[a board used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other]

We are using mood boards for our challenges. We truly believe in creativity and art at Maja Design. You are free to interpret the mood boards in any way you’d like. They are supposed to set you in an inspirational mood without too much controlling. We would like you to be inspired by the poems, words and photos. They are not given rules, they are just there as inspiration. However – we highly recommend you to follow the theme.. Feel free to use any Maja papers you’d like as long as they follow the colour scheme.

We will pick a winner and present it here on the blog February 27th.

Have in mind that these challenges are a really great way for us to discover new talents and maybe some future Creative Team members…

How to participate?

♥ Create anything you’ll like – a layout, a card, something altered or maybe a canvas. Use Maja papers primarily! Take a nice picture of it and send it to moodboard@majadesign.nu. We also need to know your full name, address and a phone number. Please specify what collection you would like to win, if you are the lucky one. We will also want to know if you would like it in the size 12*12 or 6*6. Please send us the pictures in the size of 800 pixels on the width. We would be so grateful if you also could change the file name of the photo to your first and last name including your country.

♥ Feel free to send us more than one picture, from different angles or some close-ups – or why not more than one project?

♥ Publish the project/s on your blog (or/and any social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) with a link to our site. Please also add the image of the mood board.

♥ Feel free to combine your entry with other challenges.

♥ The winner will be revealed the last Tuesday each month, at the Maja blog. The winner will be sent one collection by their choice.

We need your creation by February 22nd at the latest.

Nancy Dynes

Kerstin-Inga Peters

Jennifer Snyder

Pascale B

Lenet Mos

Amy Voorthuis

Mary Catt

Tina Ollett

Maja Nowak

I hope you’ve got inspired..! ♥

Happy Birthday – MajaDesign 10 years..! – Giveaway


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9 January, 2018 - , ,

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Dear Maja fans,

In the end of 2017 MajaDesign turned “10 years in business”..! ♥

We are so very proud to have been a part of this awesome business for such a long time, it has really been a true pleasure. To have the opportunety to inspire and spread creativity and love, all around the world – isn’t that the best gift of all?

Now, we are so excited to show you how we are celebrating our Jubilee;
…Of course with the release of a brand new MajaDesign collection!
The Celebration Collection contains 20 double sided patterned papers (including 2 die cut sheets) and a 6 x 6 paper pack.


How about winning a whole set of these gorgeous celebration papers??
To be able to get your hands on this collection – before anyone else does (!) – please do like following;

♥ Share any of these images in any social media (your own blog, Facebook, Instagram etc – the more the merrier)

♥ Make a comment in this blogpost and motivate why you would like to win this collection

♥ Tell all your friends about this giveaway and keep your fingers crossed it will be your turn..! 😉

We will pick a winner next Monday, January 15th – so keep an eye open here at the blog.

Good luck!


MajaDesign Creative Team 2018


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31 December, 2017 -

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Welcome to the blog today!
First we would like to thank all our dear Maja-fans for a great 2017 and we wish you all a creative and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
And then it is time for what we’ve so eagerly been waiting for… the announcement of our new team for next year..!
We are so excited, and proud to present our incredible



Amy-site-signfrom The Netherlands

Amy specializes in making the most gorgeous layouts and has that soft, romantic style that just melts your heart.. ♥ She loves Shabby Chic, Vintage and Mixed Media. Amy is also our new Facebook coordinator. Read more about her here or visit her places below:


blog Facebook






Camilla-sign1 from Norway

Camilla is our marvelous talented cardmaker, and her cards just take your breath away. ♥ She has en eye for beautiful details, lots of paper layers and loves sewing her cards. Read more about her here, or visit her places below:

blog Facebook IInstagramYouTube





Elena-OlinevichElena-sign1from Belarus

Elena has been on the Maja Team for many years, and we are so very proud to have her and her great experience and talent onboard. She creates the most beautiful cards, albums and layouts with lots of layers and wonderful, thought through details. ♥ Her style is feminine and vintage and she loves laces and mists. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

blog Facebook YouTubeIInstagram Pinterest




Evgenia-PetzerEvgenia-signSfrom South Africa/Russia

Evgenia is the most fantastic cardmaker ever, and she amaze us every time with her wonderful creations. Her style breaths feminity, soft and romantic and she creates with layers and beautiful details. ♥ You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

Pinterest Facebook YouTubeblogIInstagram





Jennifer-SnyderJennifer-signfrom USA

Jennifer is our own sparkeling star..! She inspires us with her fantastic cards, among many other wonderful creations. She creates everything with lots of love and thought through and her style goes from romantic to shabby chic, depended on the story and photo. ♥ You can read more about her here or visit her places below:









Kavitha-sign-sitefrom India

Kavitha is one of our new talents this year, and we are so proud to have her in our team. Kavitha creates the most wonderful pieces of art and puts magic into all her work with her great maner of mixed media art and her “boldly romantic” style. ♥ She will inspire us with her stunning layouts and much more.

You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

Facebook IInstagram blog Pinterest




Kerstin-Inga-sitefrom Germany


Kerstin-Inga is also quite new on the team as she started in November -17. Kerstin-Inga loves colours and vintage and is not afraid to go outside the box in her gorgeous projects. She creates everything from cards and layouts to altered things and much more. ♥

You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

YouTube  Pinterest Facebook IInstagram




Lenet-sign-sitefrom The Netherlands

Lenet is one of our brand new stars within the team and she will amaze us with the most beautiful, romantic and shabby chic projects ever. She loves to create everything from layouts and cards to home decors and albums. ♥
You can read more about her here or visit her places below:

Facebook IInstagram Pinterest blog




Maja-NowakMaja-signfrom Poland

Maja continues to create her wonderful feminine and romantic cards along with the soft, handsome and a bit “boyish” layouts that we love so much. ♥ Her work is a mixture of romantic shabby chic and a bit of a steampunk, masculine touch. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:








Mary-CattMaryfrom Greece

Mary creates the most amazing vintage styled, mixed media layouts with a touch of shabby chic. ♥ Even if she mainly does layouts, you can also see her create wonderful cards, tags and beautiful altered items. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:









Nancy-DynesNancy-signfrom USA

Nancy keeps on inspiring us with the most fantastic, layered, well worked cards and you can recognize her work as vintage/elegant, incorporating dimension and attention to detail. ♥ She loves the feminine and romantic style. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:






Pascale-BernardPascale-signSfrom France

Pascale uses her own, absolutely wonderful, photos in her work and she always goes from the colour in it, to create her absolutely amazing soft tone-in-tone layouts. ♥ Her style is at the same time or in turn vintage, shabby, steampunk, and mixed media.  You can read more about her here or visit her places below:










Paulina-Monastreska-Tronina-Padoriaa1from Poland

Paulina, aka Padoriaa, uses mixed media and a lot of layers, laces and chipboards when she creates her totaly amazing cards, tags and altered items. ♥ Her style is unique and wide and goes from romantic to masculine. There are always lots of well worked details in all her projects. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:








Tina-OllettTina-Ssignfrom Australia

Tina makes the most stunning layouts using lots of flowers, layers and dimensions. ♥ She is mainly a scrapbooker but occasionally we can see her create some beautiful off the page projects.  Her vintage-/ shabby chic style is mostly feminine, soft and romantic. You can read more about her here or visit her places below:







A huge welcome to all our new, and “old” designers! ♥

This year is going to be totally awesome with all this incredible talent onboard. I’m so excited..!
I’ll see you around!

Have a great New Years Eve sweeties!


Winner of December’s mood board


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25 December, 2017 -

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Hi and warm welcome to the blog today..!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas Eve yesterday, with your beloved ones.
It’s time to pick a winner for the last mood board challenge this year..!
And I must say – you just keep outdo yourself – every single month..! This time I was totally amazed by your wonderful creations. ♥ Thank you, thank you, thank you – for making my day..! ♥

A little reminder of the mood board:


And let me present all the fantastic entries;

Anna Fraone, Italia

Anna Fraone, Italia

Daria Burmistrova, Russia

Daria Burmistrova, Russia

Faiza Boucham, France

Faiza Boucham, France

Jacqueline vd Boor Netherlands

Jacqueline vd Boor Netherlands

Jacqueline vd Boor Netherlands 5

Jacqueline vd Boor, Netherlands

Jacqueline vd Boor, Netherlands

Jacqueline vd Boor, Netherlands

Karita Vainio - Finland

Karita Vainio – Finland

Kristina Roest, Norway

Kristina Roest, Norway

Kristina Røst, Norway

Kristina Røst, Norway

Kristina Røst, Norway2

Kristina Røst, Norway

Larisa Makeeva, Russia

Larisa Makeeva, Russia

Malin Jacobson, Sweden

Malin Jacobson, Sweden

Marjut Laine - Finland

Marjut Laine – Finland

Marjut Laine, Finland

Marjut Laine – Finland

Natalie Grantham, United Kingdom

Natalie Grantham, United Kingdom

Olesya Erankevich, Russia

Olesya Erankevich, Russia

Patrice Imbert, France

Patrice Imbert, France

Pernilla Rosenlund, Sweden

Pernilla Rosenlund, Sweden

Ramona Schmitt, Germany

Ramona Schmitt, Germany

Ramona Schmitt, Germany

Ramona Schmitt, Germany

Randi Thorsen Norway

Randi Thorsen, Norway

Sanne Hein Nielsen, Denmark

Sanne Hein Nielsen, Denmark

Tetiana Arkhipova, Ukraine

Tetiana Arkhipova, Ukraine

Tineke van der Linden, the Netherlands

Tineke van der Linden, the Netherlands

Libeeti Frenkel - Israel

Libeeti Frenkel – Israel


A huge applause for all of you..! I would really like to pick you all as winners, but I’m not allowed to, unfortunately.. 😉
The winner is…











Patrice Imbert from France..!

Patrice Imbert, France

Patrice-Imbert-france02 Patrice-Imbert-france03 Patrice-Imbert-france04 Patrice-Imbert-france05 Patrice-Imbert-france06 Patrice-Imbert-france07

Your entry is absolutely amazing..! We totally love it. Thank you for sending it to us. A whole collection of your choice is on the way over to you. ♥

Thanks for today, I’ll see you soon.




Camilla Lilliesköld

I work as a Public Relations Coordinator here at MajaDesign and I have the pleasant task to coordinate this fabulous Creative Team, and from time to time also give you some exciting news and updates from the Maja Office. <3

Enjoy this time


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9 December, 2017 - , , , ,

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Welcome friends!
Baby, it’s could outside … because it’s Winter time 🙂

Cozy time is coming! Time for long evenings with candlelight and good food. Time for

warm sweaters and cuddly socks.


I’m also a big fan from unique papers without motifs, because you have so many opportunities to create your background with stamps or watercolours and it’s always a perfect combination to all the other beautiful delicate papers from Maja Design.
First I primed the background with clear gesso, then I started by working my background with blue and white spray color ink and added some winter feeling stamps, like snowflakes, snowman, old trees.
used Maja Design papers from following collections









some close up’s


I love the color combi blue and brown with accents of white and black


some little silver stars for a bright and shiny effect

together with a leftover from a cuddly knit ribbon

and some cut stripes from the ‘Wood’ paper




I know that I’m home …


some highlights with chipboards from Dusty Attic and some cutting dies

with texture and ‘Blizzard’ paper

Many thanks for your visit!

Have a wonderful advent weekend!