Beauty of Winter


Posted by Kerstin-Inga Peters

17 January, 2021 - , , ,

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Welcome creative friends!


Winter isn’t my favourite season, but this season also holds beautiful magical moments for us.

One of them is when there has been hoar frost, everything sparkles and glitters and the world is like enchanted.


I was inspired to create a layout in grey, purple and red shades, our latest paper collection ‘Winter is coming’

was absolutely perfect for these wintry hues.

I used a black-and-white photography, which really came into its own

with the Maja winter papers used.

The elegant lady besides makes us literally feel the icy temperatures.



some close up’s




 used Maja Design papers


12×12 and 6×6 paper pad

other materials: cutting dies, stencils, chipboard, Snow paste, Deco Snow


I hope I could inspire you to try your own idea in a original project !

Wish you a beautiful wintertime!


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Cards


Posted by Amy Voorthuis

21 November, 2020 - , ,

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Goodmorning lovely Maja Design fans,

Lately I have the baddest luck with all my electronics in my house ughhh, programs on it not working and much more! Today I would like to share two cards I made with the lovely newest ” Traditional Christmas ” collection. I am not such a cardmaker but when I received this pretty collection I had to make me some cards…..loving those gnomes so much.

On my cards I used a whole bunch of dies because I love making flowers with the same kind of papers I am using at that time. I really had fun making these. The cards are tall they have a size 19 cm by 11 cm….that size is my favorite to work with! First I made the flowers and then added all the dies in the composition I’d liked then I took my glue gun and put everything into place.

If you make your flowers yourself you can add a lot of demension to your cards but the don’t fit in a regular envelope lol….I also love adding straws to my cards.

For the phrases on the cards I just used the strips on the bottom of the 12 by 12 sheets. Marie just adds so many nice phrases there to used on your works.

Maja Design papers used: Santa’s Elves-bs, Family gathering, Singing carols-bs, Peace and joy and the 6 by 6 paperpad.


Thank you so much for visiting the blog today! I also would like to let you know that I am hosting a Maja Design give away on my blog which will end next month around the 12th. I do hope you will enter it to win have a wonderful day and stay healthy & safe


Mood board Winner


Posted by Marie

30 December, 2019 - ,

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Dear MajaDesign fans,

2019 is coming to an end and this will be my last post for this year. I wish to thank you all for your support during the year, without YOU this brand would be nothing. So, thank you for chosing MajaDesign paper for your craft work ♥   We hope to see you all back next year.
The mood board challenge won’t be monthly in 2020 but more of a “season challenge”. Keep an eye out there in February for the first one.

We have had a great response for this the last Mood board of 2019 and it’s been so much fun seeing all the amazing contributions and reading all your encouraging e-mails. Thank you ♥♥♥
Here are a little reminder of what you had to play with:


And here are all the lovely entries:

Anna Petrova from Russia

Anne Mette Fredberg from Denmark

Caroline van Sluis from The Netherlands

Caroline van Sluis from The Netherlands

Elly Booij from The Netherland

Elly Booij from The Netherland

Gail Tasker from Norway

Ilonka Linssen from The Netherlands

Ilonka Linssen from The Netherlands

Jeanette Johansen from Norway.

Karien van der Westhuizen from South Africa

Katarina Karlsson from Sweden

Kristina Peshko from Russia

Peshko Kristina from Russia

Marjut Laine from Finland

Patricia Kragten from Canada

Marlies van Es from The Netherlands

Nicole Lacoste from Canada

Olesya Erankevich from Russia

Proshkina Alena Valerievna from Russia

Reetta Heimonen from Finland

Stine Byager from Denmark

Taina Siurola from Finland

Victoria King from Australia


And the winner is…..








With a great idea for the New Year’s table setting. Clean, simple, fresh and so beautiful…

… Anne Mette Fredberg from Denmark!!!

Congratulations Anne Mette! A collection of your choice will turn up at your place after the Holidays!

A huge thank you ta all the participants! Great work everyone!

Now, last but not least, we’d like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!




November-December Mood board Challenge


Posted by Marie

15 November, 2019 - ,

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Hello MajaDesign fans! Welcome to the last mood board challenge of 2019!

This time it is a double one which mean you will have a little bit of extra time to be creative. We have made this mood board with the inspiration from the new collection “Holiday in the Alps” but if you have some other MajaDesign sheets you find will work it’s of course totaly fine to use them! We can’t wait to see some winterly, crispy creations for this one…

This is how we use the mood boards:
Definition mood board – n
[a board used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other]

We truly believe in creativity and art at Maja Design and you are free to interpret the Mood board in any way you’d like. They are supposed to set you in an inspirational mood without too much controlling. We would like you to be inspired by the poems, words and photos. They are not given rules, they are just there as inspiration. However – we highly recommend you to follow the theme.. Feel free to use any Maja papers you’d like as long as they follow the colour scheme. You can use all of the colors, or only one of them – that’s up to you.

How to participate?

♥ Create anything you like – a layout, a card, something altered or maybe a canvas. Use MajaDesign papers primarily!

♥ Take a nice picture of it and send it to Please send us the pictures in the size of 800 pixels on the width. We would be so grateful if you also could change the file name of the photo to your first and last name including your country.

♥ We also need to know your full name, address and a phone number. Please specify what collection* you would like to win, if you are the lucky one. We will also want to know if you would like it in the size 12*12 or 6*6, thank you.

♥ Feel free to send us more than one picture, from different angles or some close-ups – or why not more than one project?

♥ Publish the project/s on your blog (or/and any social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) with a link to our site. Please also add the image of the mood board.

♥ Feel free to combine your entry with other challenges.

♥ The winner will be revealed on the 28th, at the MajaDesign blog. The winner will be sent one collection by their choice*, and also a digital Winner’s Badge to use and brag with.

*Note that we have run out of a few sheets of some of our older collections (e.g. the Sofiero collection) We will contact you if this applies to your chosen collection.

We need your entry by the 23th of  December at the latest.


Here are some lovely inspiration from The Best Creative Team:

Made by Camilla Støen Bakke

Made by Elena Olinevich

Made by Elena Olinevich

Made by Elena Olinevich

Made by Kavitha

Made by Kerstin Filou

Made by Lenet Mos

Made by Maja Nowak


We hope to see your entry for this, the last challenge of the year.

Happy crafting ♥

Winner of the October Mood Board


Posted by Marie

15 November, 2019 - ,

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Hello dear MajaDesign fans!

Finally! a delayed announcement of the October mood board winner. After a period of technical issues I’m so glad to be up running again. I am so grateful that there are technicians to be helped by whenever things don’t work proparly. I’m even more grateful to be working on the creative side of this and not the technical…

Thank you so much to all the participants for being patience with this post! For the winner; we’re gonna put a little extra something in the box as a compensation for the extra waiting time ♥

Do you remember what the October mood board looked like? Here it is:


All the lovely entries:

Made by Anna Petrova from Russia

Made by Anna Petrova from Russia

Made by Ilonka Linssen from the Netherlands

Made by Ilonka Linssen from the Netherlands

Made by Ilonka Linssen from the Netherlands

Made by Karita Vainio from Finland

Made by Kethy Nordström from Sweden

Made by Marjut Laine from Finland


Made by Pernilla Rosenlund from Sweden

Made by Kristina Peshko from Russia

Made by Reetta_Heimonen from Finland


A big thank you for joining in, you have all done a great job! There can only be one winner though… and the lucky one this month is…








With the most lovely little notebook that captured the mood of the board perfectly;  Kristina Peshko from Russia!!!!


Congratulations Kristina! Your prize-winning will soon turn up at your place.


The last Mood Board challenge for 2019 will be published in just a few hours. Don’t miss out, we would love to see your entry!