Honouring my heritage


Posted by Marie

9 May, 2015 -

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I’m so very grateful to my Grandmother for sharing her story and saved keepsakes with me. Those moments when she and my mum tells me about how things were back then are highly treasured and a great source of inspiration to me. Can you imagine she even allowed me to share this treasure with the whole (scrapbooking-) world?!
Let me tell some of my hidden secrets…

During the World war two my Grandfather served in the military. While spending all this time away from his family he wrote the most beautiful poems and letters to my Grandmother. I’ve enjoyed the great honour of being allowed to use some of those in my paper-designing as well. You can find fragments of them in the background of the Vintage Basic papers…
Vintage-basics-heritagemormorToday our beloved Grandmother is turning 91 and I just have to send her a greeting  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!

So everyone, let’s make sure to keep our memories safe and pass them on to the next generation… They will be someone’s treasured heritage.


A fika at Leja’s Café… or what is that strange word?


Posted by Jenny Grotherus

8 January, 2013 - ,

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You might recognise the name Leja’s Café from the Ska Vi Ta En Fika collection, also known as Fika. It is not only a beautiful vintage paper. It is also an actual café, situated in Maja Design’s home town Uddevalla, Sweden. disk2

Leja’s Café is one of the places where Marie, designer and founder of Maja Design, gathered her inspiration for the Fika collection. She was inspired by the vintage style, homemade cookies and joyful atmosphere. Last week we grabbed our coats to get some fika at this famous café… But first an explanation of what that little word is all about.

Very few of Maja’s collections have been loved by so many as the Fika collection. Just as many has scratched their heads in wonder of that strange word.

I’ve worked in international environments for years and seen co-workers from all over the world be amazed by this Swedish institution. There’s simply no word in English to describe it. So no matter if you are from India, the US, Brazil or Poland it’s just fika.

Fika is simply enjoying a cup of tea or coffee together with friends or co-workers, often with a cake. Most people are very careful about their fika. We even have fika breaks by law twice a day at work! If you meet up with friends for a fika you should not be surprised if you are staying at the café for the rest of the evening. “Ska Vi Ta En Fika” means something like “Let’s have some fika”.

But let’s go back to Leja’s Café… We can see the lights in the windows when we cross the square. You can really feel the wonderful smell of coffee when you enter the café. The place is crowded. Everybody knows that this is the place to be if you want the best fika in town. KollageLitetAll cookies are handmade, looks and tastes like heaven. It’s not easy to make a decision when you finally reach the counter. We decide to have some apple cake with vanilla cream and cappuccino. applecakeThe last available table is calling for us and we slowly set course against it. You can hear people laughing, talking about today’s news. A girl is showing her latest purchase, a man is just enjoying a book and a cup of tea. There’s room for everybody. The families, the singles, the friends and the co-workers. Everybody’s enjoying the atmosphere in the candle lights while the darkness spreads it wings outside.

The cake really is something extra. Best one I’ve tasted in years. Still I can’t help myself. My neighbour is eating the most delicious chocolate muffin and it smells so good… Maybe a second round?Chokladmuffins

Marie really loves to fika. There is no coincidence the Fika collection was made. All thirty (sixty if you count the backsides) papers has been carefully hand-drawn into the tiniest detail. The papers includes Marie’s personal favourite recipes together with her beautiful illustrations. They come in several different colour schemes so there is room for everybody’s favourites. Speaking of favourites. Here’s mine…blackberrypieNext week I’ll give you a little tour of our Maja adventure over at CHA. All vintage style of course…Jenny