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24 June, 2014 - , , , ,

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Hello my friends and a warm welcome to you all. This project I am sharing with you today is a special celebration card. On May 21st Last month, my twin sister Lorraine and I celebrated our 65th Birthday . I wanted to create something special, so I decided to use a Concertina Base as my foundation and add lots of tags and notes as a celebration of our life together . One of the many beautiful things about scrapbooking is that we can create at any age – my motto – Never too old to scrap !!!

Twin Sisters  photograph of heather and lorraine  This photograph of Lorraine and me taken in 1973 when we were only 23 years of age. We had just purchased our first Hairdressing Salon .. It was the first of seven salons we owned . A very old fashioned photo but nice to have x

My gift to my twin. So many memories and birthdays, Love you Laine   xoox

Heather Jacob           When I handed it to Lorraine her eyes lit up and she smiled, sighed and laughed as she looked at and read all the details, the bits and pieces and all the memories  I wrote about . I included some photos when we were small children in a little tag/pocket .Heather Jacob         The May calender was perfect for this project and I cut the May section and glued it to the front section .Heather Jacob        Here is a view of the side section, showing how the concertina foundation is perfect for holding the tags and cards in place. one of the quotes I used is .. A memory is a photo taken by the heart … I just love it xHeather jacob This paper collection has the perfect tags , a calendar and little darling butterflies . All the items can be lifted out and moved around . Nothing is glued in permantly so I can also add items later if desired. Heather Jacob         Here is a closie of the calender, a tag holding a resin heart and the tag/card with the key holds some notes and some photos.. Heather Jacob        I have photos, quotes and memories inside this little note book with the key.   I had so much fun creating this, I have decided to make another one for my daughter . I do hope you are inspired to have a play …

Maja design Collections used     Sofiero  Collection – A romantic picnic in the park……. Vintage Spring Basics – Days to remember , 6th May.      Thanks for popping by the Maja Design blog, and happy scrapping until next time we meet here .. big hugz from me xHeather Jacob


Berry Delight


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10 June, 2014 - , ,

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welcome and thanks so much for popping in to Maja Design Blog. Today I have a layout showcasing the Fika collection.   These bold, rich and velvety colors are perfect for my photograph of berries. The richness in color and the flavour of berries makes my mouth water .       Berry Delight Heather Jacob - Berry delight          I decided to use white cardstock as my foundation and splash some rich purple ink on two corners and layer it with a circle mask using moulding paste . Again I have built up my layers with tags , chipboard and brads .I wanted to leave this quite simple in design as my desire was to keep the main focus on the photograph and allow the eye to scale the rich color in the papers, and drink in the richness of the berries . I rarely do purple in my work but since I discovered FIKA , I just love to use these colors.heather Jacob - Delight      I love the rich and juicy berries in season at the moment here in Australia. I delight in the sensation as they burst into an explosion of juicy flavor in my mouth.  My husband and I make healthy Berry smoothies. We use Almond milk, all types of berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries,  whatever we have in the fridge, and a tiny scoop of Protein powder. Totally yummo and refreshing. !!!! Nature provides us with pure perfection. Heather Jacob - Delight        as usual here are my layers showcasing the magical way Fika blends and harmonises with all the elements.heather Jacob - Delight        I dribbled some of my left over thread from my stitching and random stamping over my kraft tag ….. Maja Design collection used. FIKA Collection … Mandelkaka m Plommon, bs, Hemgjord Saft , Sockerkaka, bs,   Havrerutor – bs…..

Until we meet again take care and happy scrapping . Bye for now xHeather-signature



Gates to our Garden of Love


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27 May, 2014 - , , ,

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Hello all and a very friendly and warm welcome to you . Today I have a special card I am sharing with you . I love to create keepsakes for very important milestones and celebrations .  I created a card with the FIKA collection to record our 44th wedding anniversary this year..Heather Jacob     The gates on the front cover represent the gates to the garden of our life .heather jacob     The gates are altered chipboard . I created a crackle effect on them to represent the aging over the years . heather Jacob    I created a pocket on the inside of the card to store details, photos and memoprabillia ….. I wrote …… January 24th Our special day …..44 years ago was our wedding day in 1970 … today we are celebrating our wonderful life together . We have learned to enjoy it all … our Love, our precious family, our challenges , our tough times, our fun times, our not so glamorous times, all the music festivals and concerts, glorious memories, learning to keep moving forward no matter what .So many memories !    Thankyou my darling Baden for your amazing deep love you show me every day , even when I am not so “nice”, sometimes. Thanks for your beautiful hugz and warmth. Thanks for being you, we are connected in such an amazing way , ‘we are soul mates’, forever in my heart xoxox

“I remember what Michael Rice (Marks oncologist )said to us when our beautiful son was dealing with cancer at age 14 … I see many couples here in the ‘Adelaide Childrens hospital ‘, and you have one of the strongest foundations of love I have ever seen . You will get through this journey with great strength , courage and love .. I have always remembered those words .. ” Heather Jacob     Thanks for all the years of love Bades, you are my soul mate, my best friend, my world.  I made a little pocket inside to hold tags with notes to myself ,  details and dates…..This may sound a bit corny, but it really was LOVE at FIRST sight for us …. Our connection was immediate .heather Jacob            I purposely used these deep purple/indigo/ Violet colors. I have studied color and the chakras .. the energy centres of the human body. Indigo is the color of the sixth energy centre – your third eye chakra. It is the color that opens the consciousness and brings awareness to higher planes and connects us with the spiritual world. Violet is the color of the crown chakra and it is the color of cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness. It is a unifying color, the color of oneness and spirituality. The energy of this color is very healing and can soothe away pain. a very powerful spiritual color.

Maja Design papers used …… FIKA …… Chaite, Våffla m björnbärssylt,  Våffla m björnbärssylt-bs    Björnbarskakor – bs, Plommonkaka – bs  , Björnbärsrutor, Pratstund

thanks so much for popping by and I just love the way scrapbooking can keep memories alive and recored forever … big hugz until next time xheather jacob



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13 May, 2014 - , , ,

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Hello my friends and welcome to Maja Design blog. Today I am sharing a layout featuring the beautiful pastel pink and pale grey from the Vintage Spring Basics Collection . I allowed the papers to flow and blend with lots of layered tags and leaves, which embrace  the pinks in the photo and  compliment the pastel hues in the papers.Beautiful May Layout by Heather Jacob     I created a design on my background using a mask and moulding paste , with some random stamping.Heather Jacob      One of the papers in the the beautiful Crea Diem paper collection feature these magnificent clocks.  Crea Diem…Den Oersattliga Tiden..  I love to use clocks in my work as they symbolise time and scrapbooking is like a diary , keeping memories and photos as treasures. Heather Jacob     I fussy cut some of these delightful flowers, so delicate and beautiful .These little  blossoms are cut from the Vintage Spring Basics collection .. 1st May Heather Jacob     The title Beautiful speaks about many things on this layout. The photo, the papers, the layering , the masking, the stitching , vintage brads and distressed edges revealing the underside paper  … all parts and pieces that make up this creation of mine.beautiful layout diecuts

Heather Jacob       Maja Design Collections used …. Vintage Spring Basics ….2nd May, 3rd may, 4th May, 5th may , 7th May, Vintage Summer Basics.. 1932, Criea Diem…Den Oersattliga Tiden..  Thanks for dropping by and take care until next time we meet … warm hugz from me to you xHeather-sign

Bag of Jewels


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9 May, 2014 - , ,

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Hello and a warm welcome to you all . Today on the Maja Design Blog I am showcasing a little bag containing some tags with some of my very fave stamps /quotes.  When I began scrapbooking back in 2003 , I loved creating Off the Page projects.  I often open them now and enjoy looking at my style and techniques back then.               ‘ MY  BAG OF JEWELS ‘

Bag and tags by Heather Jacob     I created the bag with The beautiful romantic Sofiero Collection and tied it with soft pink ribbon . I added a resin rose with some diecut leaves and foliage stretching across the top like a sprig of spring blooms.Bag plus tags by heather jacob   When I saw this magnificent Sofiero collection, I just had to create a romantic little bag full of affirmations about Art and life.Heather Jacob    When I tenderly hold this little bag I can feel the essence of nature flowing through my hands into my soul. The blooms reflected in the papers are so romantic and delicate, so Soft  and velvety and I can almost smell the fragrance of the roses and blossoms . I imagine myself strolling down a garden path discovering a magnificent secret garden full of color and exquisite creations, rose petals and pear blossoms, all swaying happily in the sunshine  . Pinks and soft mauve and blue are my very favourite flowers to grow in my garden and in the spring they all pop their little faces toward the sunshine and gentle light . Perfectly glorious .May Pocket 4   Nature to me is perfect ART and so many delicate details of perfection are all imitated in these glorious papers. To me Marie does an amazing job of capturing the very essence of nature. From the colors, the shapes and the subtle touches in the background of these papers, I can see and feel the captivating beauty. Heather Jacob

Heather Jacob   AND Finally here is a closeup image of my tags … when creating these little bags/pockets you may add as many tags as you wish . I begin with a foundation of white cardstock, choose what size I want to work with,( remembering they must fit into the bag when closed !!! a mistake easily made )………….. then attach strips of paper along one side and on the back of the tag  …….. and there you have it … A BAG OF JEWELS !!!!!!

I call these little tags ‘Jewels’, because to me nature , words and art are all jewels ……  Maja Design collection used ……. Romantic Sofiero collection, Royal Summer collection, Enjoying the lovely Fragrance, Strolling down the rose Path , A romantic picnic in the Park.    Until next time happy scrapping everyone x.Heather-sign