Bag of Jewels

Posted by Heather Jacob

9 May, 2014 - , ,

Hello and a warm welcome to you all . Today on the Maja Design Blog I am showcasing a little bag containing some tags with some of my very fave stamps /quotes.  When I began scrapbooking back in 2003 , I loved creating Off the Page projects.  I often open them now and enjoy looking at my style and techniques back then.               ‘ MY  BAG OF JEWELS ‘

Bag and tags by Heather Jacob     I created the bag with The beautiful romantic Sofiero Collection and tied it with soft pink ribbon . I added a resin rose with some diecut leaves and foliage stretching across the top like a sprig of spring blooms.Bag plus tags by heather jacob   When I saw this magnificent Sofiero collection, I just had to create a romantic little bag full of affirmations about Art and life.Heather Jacob    When I tenderly hold this little bag I can feel the essence of nature flowing through my hands into my soul. The blooms reflected in the papers are so romantic and delicate, so Soft  and velvety and I can almost smell the fragrance of the roses and blossoms . I imagine myself strolling down a garden path discovering a magnificent secret garden full of color and exquisite creations, rose petals and pear blossoms, all swaying happily in the sunshine  . Pinks and soft mauve and blue are my very favourite flowers to grow in my garden and in the spring they all pop their little faces toward the sunshine and gentle light . Perfectly glorious .May Pocket 4   Nature to me is perfect ART and so many delicate details of perfection are all imitated in these glorious papers. To me Marie does an amazing job of capturing the very essence of nature. From the colors, the shapes and the subtle touches in the background of these papers, I can see and feel the captivating beauty. Heather Jacob

Heather Jacob   AND Finally here is a closeup image of my tags … when creating these little bags/pockets you may add as many tags as you wish . I begin with a foundation of white cardstock, choose what size I want to work with,( remembering they must fit into the bag when closed !!! a mistake easily made )………….. then attach strips of paper along one side and on the back of the tag  …….. and there you have it … A BAG OF JEWELS !!!!!!

I call these little tags ‘Jewels’, because to me nature , words and art are all jewels ……  Maja Design collection used ……. Romantic Sofiero collection, Royal Summer collection, Enjoying the lovely Fragrance, Strolling down the rose Path , A romantic picnic in the Park.    Until next time happy scrapping everyone x.Heather-sign

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  • Marilyn Rivera says:

    It’s a Precious jewel Heather, love the quotes and the bag…..xoxo

  • mm Maja Nowak says:

    This is real treasure! Love the idea of keeping precious quotes and thoughts and going through them at times. And love that super romantic bag!!

  • thanks so much marilyn and Maja, I breathe your words into my soul xoxo

  • Such a perfect name for this project Heather! Beautiful quotes and beautifully done as well! Love this project! xo

  • Jenny Grotherus says:

    Wow. I don’t know how to express how much I love this. Sometimes when I see created art that really touches me on a deeper level it feels straight into my bones. I just suck it in and can stare at it for hours. This project is one of those. You made my day. Thank you.