Gates to our Garden of Love

Posted by Heather Jacob

27 May, 2014 - , , ,

Hello all and a very friendly and warm welcome to you . Today I have a special card I am sharing with you . I love to create keepsakes for very important milestones and celebrations .  I created a card with the FIKA collection to record our 44th wedding anniversary this year..Heather Jacob     The gates on the front cover represent the gates to the garden of our life .heather jacob     The gates are altered chipboard . I created a crackle effect on them to represent the aging over the years . heather Jacob    I created a pocket on the inside of the card to store details, photos and memoprabillia ….. I wrote …… January 24th Our special day …..44 years ago was our wedding day in 1970 … today we are celebrating our wonderful life together . We have learned to enjoy it all … our Love, our precious family, our challenges , our tough times, our fun times, our not so glamorous times, all the music festivals and concerts, glorious memories, learning to keep moving forward no matter what .So many memories !    Thankyou my darling Baden for your amazing deep love you show me every day , even when I am not so “nice”, sometimes. Thanks for your beautiful hugz and warmth. Thanks for being you, we are connected in such an amazing way , ‘we are soul mates’, forever in my heart xoxox

“I remember what Michael Rice (Marks oncologist )said to us when our beautiful son was dealing with cancer at age 14 … I see many couples here in the ‘Adelaide Childrens hospital ‘, and you have one of the strongest foundations of love I have ever seen . You will get through this journey with great strength , courage and love .. I have always remembered those words .. ” Heather Jacob     Thanks for all the years of love Bades, you are my soul mate, my best friend, my world.  I made a little pocket inside to hold tags with notes to myself ,  details and dates…..This may sound a bit corny, but it really was LOVE at FIRST sight for us …. Our connection was immediate .heather Jacob            I purposely used these deep purple/indigo/ Violet colors. I have studied color and the chakras .. the energy centres of the human body. Indigo is the color of the sixth energy centre – your third eye chakra. It is the color that opens the consciousness and brings awareness to higher planes and connects us with the spiritual world. Violet is the color of the crown chakra and it is the color of cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness. It is a unifying color, the color of oneness and spirituality. The energy of this color is very healing and can soothe away pain. a very powerful spiritual color.

Maja Design papers used …… FIKA …… Chaite, Våffla m björnbärssylt,  Våffla m björnbärssylt-bs    Björnbarskakor – bs, Plommonkaka – bs  , Björnbärsrutor, Pratstund

thanks so much for popping by and I just love the way scrapbooking can keep memories alive and recored forever … big hugz until next time xheather jacob

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  • Once again, an amazing creation from you Heather!!
    I thought immediately , by the first look at this page, that it was a creation from your hand. Love the spirit that’s behind this project a lot!!!

  • christiane says:

    I have worked on chakras too, ans I love the serenity of this colours, I’ve done very much works to understand live, and the long and difficults stains on my way ; I think like you!!!

    We had on 25 th may 18 years on weddings anniversary (second mariage), and we are so happy together……

    An amazing card, and so sorry to haven’t so beautiful embellishments in France !!!!

    Hugsssssssssssssssssss for you !!!

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    love the elegance and special meaning this has – gorgeous

  • Gretchen Wilson says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous, love the purple, my favorite color.

  • such a special and gorgeous card Heather! amazing as always!! xxx

  • Jenny Grotherus says:

    44 years… That is impressive. You’ve been through so much together and built up such a strong relationship over the years. I wish you both all the best and your hubby’s fast recovery. The project itself is so lovely. I just adore everything you do. Magic.

  • barbara macaskill says:

    Congratulations on 44 years! I love your analogy on the gates! Very sweet! I also love your handwritten sentiment inside!