Guest Designer Malin Ellegaard


Posted by Carita Ruckman

9 July, 2016 - , ,

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It is so nice to be here again.

Today I have two cards to share with you. The first one is a little 10x10cm card that I actually made  from my left over papers. I CAN NOT throw ANY of the gorgeous papers away so even the smallest leftovers from when I have made other cards will be used for example 10×10 cards.
There are always something you can do with the smallest pieces you get over!


For this card I have been using leftovers from the collection “Summer Crush” and from my smallest pieces I actually punched out some small leaves that I used on the card. Love it!

Malin E

The small blue butterflies is also from a small peace of paper since I really wanted the same colour as it is in the bike on the picture I have been using.


The white butterfly is from another paper from the “Coffee in the Arbour” collection. I really really like when they have this kind of paper that I can cut out from and they also have several collections with butterfly paper that you can use this way!
To have this little vintage look I have used a little lace, doilys, gesso and so on and I really hope you like it.


This card will be sent to a very very nice girl I meet on the internet! 😉


This second card is a 15x15cm card, this is the ones I usually do.
I have been using paper from the “Coffee in the Arbour” collection and I really like the color in it. I love that there are also a paper with picture to use on my card if I don´t always want to colour stamps and so on.

ME-06 ME-07 ME-08

A little card just to invite someone for a Swedish ” fika”. We love it here in Sweden. 😉

Hope you will get some inspiration from it and I hope you all have a wounderful summer!
THANKS for having me as a guest again.


Guest Designer Malin Ellegaard


Posted by Carita Ruckman

11 January, 2016 - , , , ,

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Hello there!

My name is Malin Ellegaard and I´m 42 years old. I live in Sweden with my partner Peder and our 3 children.

I´m  SO honored to have been asked to do this Guest dt post for Maja design.
I have been scrapbooking since 2007 but I got more in to it in 2010 and I just LOVE it!
I love this little romantic and cute style and I guess you will see that in my projects to. I have made 3 cards and a little gift box for you and I hope that I in some way can inspire you with them.

Malin Ellegaard (3) Malin Ellegaard (4) Malin Ellegaard (5)

In my first 3 objects I have been using Maja Designs paper from the collection “Enjoying Outdoors”, I love the soft color in this paper. I usually use about 2-3 paper in the same project from the same collection because I think the paper are so adorable that I want to be able to see the pattern on them on my project and not just cover upp by flowers, stamps and so on.

Malin Ellegaard (1)

I made the little gift box very simple, I like this clean and simple style to and when I have small pieces of papers left I usually use them on clean and simple projects. I think that is perfect since I don´t want to throw any pieces of papers away. On this one it was perfect to use the small pieces to do some pennants of for my project.

Malin Ellegaard (2)

Malin Ellegaard (14) Malin Ellegaard (19) Malin Ellegaard (18) Malin Ellegaard (17) Malin Ellegaard (16) Malin Ellegaard (15)


In my last project I made a valentine card with a heart shape, since it is soon valentine I thougt it vas a perfect project to do. I have in this card been using paper from the collection “Summer Crush”, again I just love this papers since there are so soft and nice colors in them. I also love when it sparkle on my project so I often use a lot of stickles, pearls and so on. I think it does so much for the card when you can have it sparkle a little bit.

Malin Ellegaard (6) Malin Ellegaard (11) Malin Ellegaard (10) Malin Ellegaard (9) Malin Ellegaard (8) Malin Ellegaard (7)


I hope you enjoyed the projects.