A Beautiful Wedding Day!

Posted by Delaina Burns

22 September, 2016 - , , , , ,


I am so excited and happy to get to share something beautiful! My sweet daughter’s wedding!

We filled this room with Paper, Pearls, and Lace!

Who knew such a beautiful display could be made from paper….

Although, not just any paper could pull off such a gorgeous spread. It took around 200 sheets of beautiful Maja paper mixed with a few others to pull off this massive creation…. and about 4 months of my time. Yep, I made every single one of those layered pinwheel flowers. I must say, it was worth every single minute. Many, many thanks to Maja’s Marie and Camilla for sending such a generous box to make this project possible!

View More: http://penni.pass.us/anna-and-sterling

The groom’s cake and a another peak at the wonderful paper pinwheel flower display…

View More: http://penni.pass.us/anna-and-sterling

We carried the paper theme through out the entire reception,

which took place in a warehouse style, rustic, shabby art studio.

We filled the walls with large engagement photos and strung a handmade paper banner over the gift table…


View More: http://penni.pass.us/anna-and-sterling

The tables were embellished with gold candle sticks topped with handmade pearl balls,

fabric and paper flower balls, along with altered stacks of books and strings of pearls…

View More: http://penni.pass.us/anna-and-sterling

Lights with paper and fabric lanterns hung from the ceiling…

View More: http://penni.pass.us/anna-and-sterling

A closer view of the extraordinary paper pinwheel flower display…

View More: http://penni.pass.us/anna-and-sterling

Here are a few shots of my sweet girls happy smile and laughter on her amazingly beautiful day!



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  • WAUW what an amazing decoration you made here for your daughters wedding, but I know all about, how much we´re willing to pull through for that special day, as I did it myself years ago, when my only daughter was married too.
    You did such an amazing and stunning job here with all these fabulous decorations. It looks truly amazing and soooo sooo beautiful.
    And biiig congrats with the wedding to all of you too.

  • Heather Thompson says:

    Oh My Delaina, you rocked this wedding. It was all so beautiful and what a glorious day. Thank you for sharing these special moments with us all and congrats again in the addition to your family.

  • Eliizabeth says:

    Your daughter and SIL make a beautiful couple. Best Wishes to both of them. The Wedding was a delight to see (thank you for sharing). And the handmade decorations were awesome.

  • Marisa Job says:

    What a beautiful display of paper creations! You did a fantastic job for your daughter’s wedding!

  • Rina Hough says:

    Oh My Goodness!!!! This is an Absolutely Perfect wedding!!! Delaina you outdid yourself!!! It is So Beautiful!!! Most Beautiful photos of the happy day!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Vicki r. says:

    Wow, Delaina! Your decorations are just magnificent! All of the beautiful rosette flowers, the candlesticks….everything! So romantic and elegant. You certainly outdid yourself for Anna and Sterling. Add the hat of “wedding consultant” to your many hats!

  • Cheryl Tice says:

    Stunningly Beautiful Delaina! Looks like an absolutely perfect day! Great job and congratulations to you and the happy couple!

  • Camilla Lilliesköld says:

    Thank you so much for sharing..! Absolutely amazing decorations, and it looks like it was an amazing day. So lovely to watch and enjoy. <3