A Farewell and a Welcome…

Posted by Carita Ruckman

21 March, 2016 -

Dear Maja fans,

It’s with sadness in our hearts we need to tell you that our talented and beloved Gabrielle must leave the team. She has been with us for several years, and we are so proud and thankful for that precious time.


Gabi’s talent is endless.  She makes detailed art look effortless and we thank her for transforming Maja Design papers into masterpieces.  She has captivated our hearts with her shabby chic style, with her head turning altered art, with her canvases and her unbelievable cards.
A huge THANKS for everything Gabi..! ♥
We’ll meet again. A million hugs to you.






The one who will be taking Gabrielle’s place is nobody less than Camilla Stoen Bakke, from Norway.


Camilla has been on the team once before and we are so proud to have her back..! We really adore her romantic, vintage style and are totally amazed at how she transform Maja papers into the most beautiful cards you’ll ever seen..!

You can visit her blog here – http://cstoen.blogspot.se/
She will be doing her first blogpost April 6th – don’t miss that..!

A huge warm welcome to you, Camilla..! ♥


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Carita Ruckman

I work with customer service and economics at the Maja Office. <3


  • Thanks so much Camilla and Marie! It has been my absolute pleasure working on this team, I will for sure be designing with these beautiful papers for years to come. And thank you to all the lovely Maja Design fans out there, your kind supportive words over these past few years has meant so much to me! xo

    • mm Amy Voorthuis says:

      We are going to miss you sweets but I see you around xox

    • Kath Allen says:

      No….no….no…no…no…???Gabrielle!!!!!!!!!! I have been away for quite some time now but I was just getting ready to return…..And for all other artists, forgive me but Gabrielle… your work is “So My Heart”!!!!! Will you be able to leave your work up for just awhile so that we can download some of your Tutorials?… Please?….To be MISSED IS NOT JUST A WORD …… But A SELFISH SADNESS …for ME!!!. Can you leave your work and Tutorials up for just a bit for us that we may download as much as we can?

  • cheryle walker says:

    This is a very sad day !
    Gabrielle you are an amazing artist your work inspires excites me and you dear girl are my favorite .
    I have searched the internet hours upon hours and many more but you are still the best. What ever direction you are about to embark on l hope it brings you as much happiness as your work has done for all your fans.
    I wish you health happiness and most of all to be surrounded by love.
    Enjoy your future ☆♥☆♥☆♥

  • Di Garling says:

    A very sad farewell Gabbi, I will miss your wonderful inspiration, but a big welcome to you Camilla.

  • Gina Bloyaert says:

    Hallo lady’s,
    A farry sad news That you are gone leave THE team Gabrielle.
    Camilla for you a big welcome to THE team!!!
    Mvg Gina