A glimpse of our new limited collection Sofiero+giveaway!

Posted by Jenny Grotherus

11 June, 2013 - , ,

Updated June 14th
We are overwhelmed by the enormous positive response we have had on our new collection. It really warms our hearts and we are most grateful. So we have decided to give away TEN sets of Sofiero instead of three. So grab your chance while you still can.

Big hugs
Jenny and Marie

Introducing our very first limited collection… Here’s a taste of the upcoming Sofiero collection.Sofiero

Smell the roses while you walk through The Rose Paths of Sofiero. You can see the fairytale castle glimps in the background while you stroll around the castle’s world famous gardens. Walk through Princess Margareta’s Flowerstreet and be amazed by her sense of colours and gardening. Head on to The Dahlia District before crossing the garden down to the gates by the sea. Listen to the waves and enjoy the sun. A wedding couple passes by giggling. The summer is here to stay.

Our new collection is a summer celebration to the historical gardens of Sofiero that is cared for and developed in honour of its legacy.

This exclusive collection consists of eight two sided 12×12 sheets and will only be in stock for a limited period of time. They will not reprint so make sure to get your set before they are gone.

For a chance to win the collection, leave a comment on this posting telling us what you think of it. We also encourage you to follow our blog and spread the word on Facebook and your own personal blogs. We will present three happy winners June 25th.

To find a retailer in your country, check the store locator.


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  • Frida W says:

    Åh vad sött och somrigt det ser ut! Detta kommer passa brorsdottern perfekt 🙂

  • I simply adore these delicate, subtile, and gorgeous papers!
    The colors are so beautiful and the details are subtile,yet amazing!
    The collection I loved the most is no more in production, it was Minna Vänner Rosa-Marina. It seems that this collection will bring the same feeling again . I am looking forward to see these papers.
    Thank you for giving us the chance to win this collection!
    Hope you will make more of these wonderful collections!
    Wish you lots of inspiration and a lovely week
    Kind regards,

    • Marsha says:

      This paper is absolutely beautiful—my very favorite colors that I love to make greeting cards with! I can hardly wait to see them.

  • Underbara! Jag älskar rosa, jag älskar rosor och det känns som jag kan älska de där papprena också 🙂 Har en hel del Maja-papper i samlingarna, men kan nog inte få tillräckligt…

  • Terese says:

    So adorable papers. Sofiero reminds me of my grandmother who passed away two years ago, she loved to strall around at Sofiero. Thanks for the opportunity to win this collection.
    Kind Regards

  • Helt underbara och ljuvliga! Å rosa som är såååå fint! 🙂

  • Åh vad romantiskt och fint! Älskar rosor så den här kollektionen ser jag fram emot!

  • Lena says:

    Vilka underbara papper. Älskar rosor och tycker om att använda rosa och rosor till mina romantiska kort.

  • Diana Nguyen says:

    I love roses and this just looks so soft and romantic. Beautiful and elegant designs!

  • Katja says:

    Åh så fina, romantiskt rosa ros papper! Kan man göra mycket fint med!
    Tack för chans till vinst!
    Håller tummarna!

  • Märtis says:

    Helt ljuvlig serie. När jag ser dessa tänker jag på min lilla dotter på snart 2 år. Dessa passar perfekt för att scrappa till hennes album.
    Tänker även på min mans farmor, hon var oxå mycket rosa.

    Helt ljuvliga papper! Dessa vill man verkligen ha!

    Somriga hälsningar från Märtis

  • Jennifer Hedger says:

    I absolutely adore this range. Soft and pretty and so romantic. I love it.

  • Elena says:

    The stunning beauty of paper, it’s a dream!

  • Åsa says:

    Så vackra papper och jag kan verkligen föreställa mig hur mycket fint man kan skapa med dem 🙂 Alla blir glada av rosor och rosa! Skulle vara fantastiskt att få vinna dem.
    Kramar Åsa

  • Very beautiful new collection! I love it!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a miracle!)

  • Очень красивая коллекция. Спасибо !

  • Maiko says:


  • Karol says:

    This is beautiful, I love Maja Designs and this paper is just outstanding. I love roses and I would so love to have some of this paper in my collection. Thank you for the chance to win some
    thank you

  • I am so happy to see this gorgeous paper. I have looked and looked for paper like this to go with the paper roses I create. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  • It looks fabulous!!!! Love both – the designs and the colors!!!
    Thnx for the opportunity to win)))) Crossing fingers)))

  • Jytte says:

    Åh, så smuk en serie … et MUST HAVE – jeg elsker de rosa farver – og jeg elsker Maja Papirer 🙂

  • Very beautiful and elegant collection! I love it!

  • Katherine says:

    The soft colors are so beautiful and romantic…I love your description of this line…
    such a feeling of tranquility and beauty. The roses and damask are so lovely. I really want to visit these gardens!

    • dorothy says:

      Your papers are all so beautiful. I wish I could find them in the States. Please find some more distributors as I would buy them. I did get some from flying unicorn but the supply is very limited as are the other suppliers. Usually they are sold out before I can order them. I would love to be a winner of your new limited damask roses.

  • Evgenia K. says:

    Очень красивая коллекция! Спасибо за шанс!

  • ann says:

    I absolutely love everything you do. what a beautiful style you have. I love love these papers but can’t seem to find them. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the ones you use in your cards?

    thank you

    • Jenny Grotherus says:

      Hi Ann
      If you look in our store locator (in the menu section above the blog) you can find a store near you.


  • Dee S says:

    Oh, such lovely soft colors. I feel as though I’m in my grandmothers garden again.

  • Meretekj says:

    Soft and lovely Collection.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • valou250809 says:

    Wowww, it’s so beautiful and elegant! I love this collection. I have just discovered your blog and I am totally under the charm. I am registered on your newsletter! I look forward to seeing your next collections and realizations. Your papers are really fabulous! Thank you for the delight of eyes.

  • I can really smell those roses! Such an exquisite collection!

  • Kaisa says:

    This is so adorable! Most beautiful roses!

  • tusik says:

    Бумага замечательная! Обожаю такой дизайн!

  • Kitika says:

    Lovely lovely Gorgeous & beautiful collection!
    Would be amazing to be a winner!!!
    Thanks for offering such fabulous giveaway!

  • Jag tycker dessa vackra papper representerar den svenska monarkin och nordisk underbar sommar mitt i prick! Härliga!! 🙂

  • Sue says:

    Such a pretty colour combination – I love the roses. Just gorgeous, i have only recently “found” your beautiful papers and NEED them all!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win .

  • OMG!! It’s gorgeous!!! really?? does it have to be limited? lol…..I can see this one becoming an all time favorite!!! You girls have done it again!!! Can’t wait to play with them!! xo xo

  • Marley says:

    WOW!! I loveeeeee it allready.. Love the colors and the patterns are looking amazing!!! Shared this on FB too. Hugs, Marley

  • geo says:

    Amazing!!! I cannot wait!!

  • tamika says:

    These are beautiful! I love everything about them, roses, pinks …. wohoooo ….
    Thank you for the chance to win a set!

  • Ann J says:

    This collection is so pretty and romantic! Love the faded roses and, of course, the pink.

  • Josie Lombardi says:

    What an incredibly beautiful collection. I cannot tell a lie, I am a paper addict and cannot wait to own this gorgeous paper. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Heidi says:

    Disse minner meg om min nydelige bestemor sin hage – med masse roser i. Gleder meg veldig til å få tak i disse nydelige arkene, men spørs om jeg får råd til å bruke de så vakre som de er

  • Romantisk och söt kollektion – jag ser direkt hur bra den kommer att passa ihop med bilderna på min prinsesstokiga dotter! 😀

  • Hege says:

    Dette må være den vakreste serien med ark jeg har sett på lenge!!!! Nydelige farger og print!!!!! Her skal det shoppes så fort det kommer i butikk! Eller vinne er et alternativ jeg kunne tenke meg…

  • Oh oh oh it feels like christmas in spring!!! I see pink LOVE LOVE LOVE pink tones in papers, it’s so delicate and romanticly girly!! Thank you so much for a chance to win I would be the happiest person on the planet if i’d win!!! Love how you came up with this STUNNING collection!! It makes me glad that I saw this giveaway on Gabrielle her blog….one of my favorite scrappers all time. 😉 🙂 hugs Amy

  • Oh no…. again gorgeous papers well that will be the first thing for me to do …..take a run to the scrapstore to be sure to buy the complete line

  • Надежда Беликова says:

    Великолепная коллекция, спасибо за возможность участвовать в розыгрыше!

  • These look sublime! Such beautiful soft and tender vintage hues and patterns. I love Maja Design papers and would so love to play with these ones. Nicola x

  • Elizabeth says:

    I love all the Maja Design papers, they are so soft and beautiful. This new collection is so romantic and sweet. Perfect for all vintage summer projects! Thank you for the inspiration and for the chance to win. Hugs Elizabeth

  • OMG! What a fabulous new design!! Just awesome, such delicate colors and prints. These would go perfectly with the photos of the old buildings that I shot on my vacation in Quebec! Stunning!! When will they be available in the Netherlands? Can’t wait to get my hands on these yummy papers!!

    • Jenny Grotherus says:

      If you check the store finder (top menu) you will find a store that carries Maja near you. 🙂



  • Oh, what a tender and romantic collection!

  • Julie Atherton says:

    This collection of papers is so inspiring. I have already thought of how I would use these papers. I have 4 granddaughters and the pink pallet is perfect. As I was looking at these papers I was thinking how much they feel like home, comfortable, relaxing, soothing. Seems how I can not get Maja Design here I would be Honored to win and show off your papers to so many and to as many scrapbook stores that I can to see if they could carry them. I had just spoke with Gabrielle at Such A Pretty Mess just a couple of weeks ago about how I love all the paper lines at Maja Design. Hope you consider me. I’ll be waiting by my computer.

  • MeganM. says:

    Beautiful! Love the soft colors!

  • m j harvey says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I can see flowers and tags and the list goes on! It is gorgeous.

  • Cathy Lane says:

    Oh my gosh…so, so very beautiful as is all your collections! Drooooling!!!!

  • Pam Ellis says:

    These papers are stunning! I love the flowers! I have a subscription to your blog and check everyday! Already like you on FB but I will pass the message on! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  • Asia King says:

    Wow, I can smell the roses already! The sneak peek is very tempting and it looks like a stunning collection. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Pam Ellis says:

    Shared on FB!

  • Dawn says:

    Such beautiful paper! It makes me want to enjoy a cup of tea in a quaint victorian garden.

  • Pam Lucassen says:

    The colors and designs of the paper is so soft and beautiful. Yes….you can almost smell the flowers! I love Mayja Design!!!

  • Dara Lynn says:

    Chic, elegant, and exquisite!

  • Kathy says:

    OMG this is EXACTLY what i have been looking for… although I would be thrilled with the Vintage Summer… I have a specific project that needs this collection. Praying hard to win this!!!!

  • These papers are gorgeous and sweet, I’m sure I will need 2-3 of each to be able to even cut in them. Or I’ll be afraid to use them up.. Thank you for yet again making so pretty papers!!

  • ARTISANT says:

    I just fell in love 🙂 Please be mine !

  • Underbara papper, påminner mig om min hemplats Gotland. Visby är ju rosornas och ruinernas stad.

  • Annelie says:

    Helt i min smak, ska bli spännande att se resten av kollektionen 🙂

  • Grammycher says:

    These papers are incredibly beautiful…so soft, vintage, girly…..

  • Som vanligt har ni lyckats få fram ljuvliga papper! Jag älskar rosor och färgen rosa så jag tror nog att alla papper kommer att inhandlas så fort tillfälle ges…frågan är ju bara hur man ska kunna använda dessa när det är limited? Kanske får köpa 2-3 av varje! 🙂


  • Oh my!!!! What beautiful romantic papers you are teasing us with today!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Natalya Loi says:

    Oh! it is amazing beautiful collection! Love it!

  • mystique says:

    so romanticccccccccc and lovely 🙂

  • Carla says:

    Oh I really love these new papers. So lovely and the colours are so girly. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs Carla.

  • miranda says:

    Wow this looks realy very pretty and romantic. I almost can see the limitless posibilities of these beautiful papers,gorgeous!! greetings Miranda

  • What a beautiful line! I love the soft colors and the florals! Can´t wait to see more…

  • RitaK says:

    Rålekkert og rosa! Disse papirene bare roper på meg, og jeg kommer til å drømme om dem hver natt frem til de kommer i butikken, og jeg kan lage noe av dem 🙂

  • Mary says:

    Whoooowhieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I love the Maja Design Papers and they nearly the only ones I use.
    I can’t wait to see and feel the papers in real, again with the subtile pastels, great!!!!
    These papers make’s me happy and they make my day again and again and over again, it’s a joy to work with,

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  • Agnes Bakker says:

    WOW wat a lovely paper. So romantic. I have several projects in mind to make with this paper , greetings Agnes

  • Christina C. says:

    I am a HUGE fan of your exquisite papers!!!!!!!

  • Marte says:

    Så nydelige papir! Jeg skulle blitt lykkelig om disse ble mine 🙂 god sommer!

    • Sonia says:

      Fabulous new papers collection:)
      Love roses and soft elegant colors:)
      Thanks for the chance to win:)

  • Marie D says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Super quality and always so beautiful!

  • Céline says:

    Love it!!! Love the roses and the beautiful soft colours!!

  • Jackie Gonzalez says:

    I never heard about this brand before until now (Gabrielle Pollacco’s blog)
    I love soft pink and pink roses! Can not wait to have this beautiful collection in my hands!

  • Anja* says:

    OMG!!!!! This is amazing, sweet, lovely,cute. I love al off it

    Hugs Anja

  • Anna Ekman says:

    Det ser verkligen sött ut!

  • Pernilla says:

    Sagolikt vacker serie papper som verkligen passar till sommarens kreativa pysselstunder.

  • KatarinaR says:

    Så otroligt vackra och romantiska papper!
    Med de här skulle jag vilja scrappa foton på min söta lilla brorsdotter, men äldsta barnbarnet Gustav 3 år, tycker att rosa är “tjusigt”, så ett och annat foto på honom finge det nog också bli 🙂
    Nu håller jag tummarna för en sån här fin sommarpresent vore underbart att få!
    / KatarinaR

  • SasSa says:

    Åhhhhh, vackra som i en romatisk saga!!! Underbara mönster och ljuvliga färger! Återigen en stor hit!

  • Ivonne H says:

    Gorgeous papers! I just love every single one of your collections. Simply stunning!

  • Oohh…..wat een supermooie serie is dit ook weer!!! En schitterend in het roze. Ik ben gek op het papier van Maja Design.
    Geen enkele serie is er die ik nooit gekocht heb. Ik gebruik heel vaak het Maja papier voor mijn kaarten en creaties. Ook deze serie wil ik toevoegen aan mijn collectie.
    Groetjes Tineke

  • Doreen Nunez says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, so perfect and beautiful, I love the pink, the flowers, just everything……a beautiful collection, I teach at a local scrapbook store and can’t wait to use this collection, Warmly Doreen

  • Tina Schwartzlow says:

    I also came here from Gabrielle Pollaco’s blog. She does such fabulous work. I absolutely LOVE soft pinks and roses. I have 2 daughters with fair skin and soft pink always seems to match so well.

  • Eunice Polock says:

    Enchanting is the only word to describe the beautiful paper…..only hope I get to create with it…..

  • O'Kelly says:

    Vilkahärliga papper. 🙂
    Passar perfekt till sommaren & alla romantiska ögonblick.
    Ska på bröllop i augusti. Vilket fint kort jag kan göra av Majas papper.

    Må så gott!

  • Rea says:

    WOW!!! It is gorgeous, I just love it. Those beautiful roses and graphics. I love Maja Design Designer Paper. I have been a follower of your blog for quite a while now and would just love to win this limited collection and create something super special with it. Thanks for the chance.

  • Adi Nir levy says:

    Gorgeous papers! I just love every single one of them…

  • Oh! What I wouldn’t give to win these papers!they are sooo beautiful, and they are my favourite color! Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  • Trudi Hutton says:

    This collection is lovely!! Where can I buy it in the U.S.??

  • says:

    love the romantic feeling!
    thanks, ciao dall’Italia

  • Gael Spence says:

    Wow, this collection is stunning! This is a fantastic collection, the gorgeous soft pink colour is just perfect for my daughters wedding layouts. I’m off to see if there is a stockist in Australia, fingers crossed there is.

  • Helt herlige ark som alltid fra Maja Design !
    Krysser fingrene ♥

  • karin says:

    Oj vilka fina papper. Det andas sommar och definitivt Sofiero om den. Blir inspirerad av färgerna, blommorna och tanken på Sofiero. Skulle inte ha något emot att få vara kreativ tillsammans med dessa papper. Hoppas på tur till mig och en skön sommar till er.

  • Cindy Click says:

    Absolutely gorgeous paper. My favorite color combo- pink and green. So delicate, elegant and beautiful. Would love to have this paper.

  • Kaia says:

    De så helt lekre ut…
    Råååsa og flotte….

    Klem fra Kaia

  • Iris Soscia says:

    What a lovely collection. Love the soft, delicate colors.

  • Oh my goodness…these papers are pure heaven! My favorite colors and my favorite patterns…why limited edition….these should be around for eternity…just like heaven!!!

  • bobbie fleishell says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore these new papers, just what I have been searching for,
    I can’t wait to get ahold of these pretty soft roses…Thanks for the chance to preview.
    You have once again brought the best there is!!!!

  • Gerrina says:

    As my mother has a rose-room made out of her room of books, I can onky say that I love these line and have to buy it and use it for her on cards and LO´s!

  • Keren Tamir says:

    Wow these look gorgeous!! I just love the soft pink tones!! beautiful new collection!! Congrats!!

  • Sandra Scott says:

    I love the softness of the colours, the text print on the background and the fact that this range can evoke such emotion and memories of days gone by. It’s simply beautiful.

  • Holly Townsend says:

    This collection is so beautiful. I love the delicate roses. I don’t really have many pink toned papers, somI would love to have this collection. Thanks for the chance!

  • Maave says:

    I have only been scrapbooking for a couple of months and just discovered the Maja Design papers. I love them and can’t imagine using any other papers for my projects. It would be absolutely wonderful to win this Limited collection. They look beautiful.

  • Scrappincaz says:

    The delicate pink and green of this wonderful Limited Collection and your description just draw you in to walk with you round the gardens looking at the flowers and smelling the heady scent of the roses…… I can’t wait to try and get my hands on these stunning papers as I can see so many great layout ideas in my head already! Does it really have to be a one print run collection? So gorgeous and I would just love to be lucky enough to win some…..sigh!! 🙂

  • Marilynn Zeljeznjak says:

    Your papers are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I want them!!!

  • Gretchen Wilson says:

    When are you going to have the paper available in the States, I have been following your blog and designers and I so love your gorgeous designer paper and I want it now. It is tip notch and this new design goes over the top. I would love to win some.

  • Jen Waugh says:

    Absolutely stunning collection!!! I can’t wait to create with it!!!!

  • Tracy Digby says:

    Absolutly stunning..very beautiful paper. I have two daughters and could use this gorgeous collection to make many layouts!!

  • Kathleen Swafford says:

    The Sofiero collection is gorgeous. Very romantic pink – looks like the English countryside. (At least what I have the impression that it looks like). Absolutely beautiful!

  • This is so gorgeous! I would love to create with this. .Thank you for the chance.

  • Lise says:

    Oh wow !
    What a beautiful collection ! I am loving it !
    Good Luck Everyone !

  • So incredibly beautiful! Breathtaking!

  • DebraK in Florida says:

    Very beautiful collection! It would make a gorgeous wedding album. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this limited edition group!

  • Karen O says:

    I am paging down the rows and rows of comments!! and see there are so many of us awaiting this release!
    What a versatile collection this will be–rich and romantic;
    soft and feminine ; also sweet and innocent ….
    I am already thinking of many ways to use this gorgeous paper ~
    Thank you for the chance to win: )

  • Kathy Bumb says:

    Love this line of paper and have adored it for quite some time!!!!!

  • Нежная и трогательная по дизайну коллекция бумаги !!
    Спасибо , что делитесь с нами этой великолепной бумагой 🙂

  • Sofie Hansson says:

    Helt underbart ljuvliga papper!

  • Valia Katzaki says:

    The papers are unbelievably beautiful! Light green and pink is my favorite color combo and if you throw in the cutest little roses, then you get heaven on paper, or else Sofiero. Such a pity they won’t be reprinted… Definitely one of the most beautiful collections I’ ve seen in a long time! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  • Phillipa Newsham says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful collection. I would so love to have some of these papers!

  • Christine Miller says:

    The delicate designs and soft pinks are my absolute favorites, and this collection is exceptionally gorgeous!

  • Helen Colberg says:

    This collection is absolutely gorgeous! It invokes a feeling of magic, fairy tale and romance. I just love it.

  • Diane Thompson says:

    Absolutely Stunning! Reminds me of Cinderella’s castle! I have been trying forever to find Maja design papers online, and am not having a whole lot of luck. Would love to “win” this fabulous paper!

  • Anne-Maree Driver says:

    These papers are just beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win a set. Maja Papers are almost impossible to get in Sydney Australia, so I doubt we will be getting them here, I ususally have to wait until they come in kits from the USA.

    • Jenny Grotherus says:

      We do have retailers in Australia if you check our store finder.


  • ElisabethB says:

    Oh my! These colors are a dream come true. So sweet, so soft, so detailed. These would be perfect for the pictures of my niece’s baptism.

  • Beatrice Lawson says:

    Gorgeous and romantic, what a great collection for wedding pages, mom pages, and elegant love pages… absolutely dreamy collection. I keep my fingers crossed – I do follow your blog and pretty much all your DT as I love your projects and your mood board monthly challenges. Glad to see a new collection!

  • fonda rush says:

    i love the soft and romantic feel of this collection. it is breath-taking. thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  • Lillemor says:

    Sagolikt vackra…som en ljuv sommardröm!
    Redan förälskad ♥

  • Christine Sjoden says:

    I love roses. This paper line is absolutely gorgeous and romantic. This is the first time I have been on your blog and boy oh boy I am going to follow you!!!

  • Alyce says:

    Such a beautiful collection! So soft and perfectly vintage…love the beautiful colours – fit for a princess 🙂 I would so love a chance to win 🙂

  • sophie says:

    Wonderful collection!wish to win it..!!!

  • sophie says:

    Nice collection…wish to win it!!!!!!!

  • Seriously … this isn’t going to be one of those ‘I want collections’ it is going to be an ‘I need’ collection, actually to be honest … more like ‘I have to have’ … absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. and some … it’s gorgeous.

  • DeeDee says:

    Ohhhhh myyyy goooood! This collection ist soooooo wonderful! I really love all about it! Hope it will awailabele here in Germany too!!!

    Can’t wait to by it! It is a really “MUST HAVE”! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Hugs from Germany!

  • Anna Chulkova says:

    Amazing line! Just right what I need! Fantastic colors and these patterns…. I’m in love!!

  • Melanie says:

    Words do not do this set justice – they are breath-takingly beautiful. The colours are so vibrant, classic and romantic. You have honored the inspiration of this set. I cannot wait to do some layouts with these stunning pages.

  • Yulis says:

    That collection as beauty as the most beautiful roses!
    It must be like walking through the little heaven on the earth and head on the pretty garden with the delight fragrant … by the looking of them …
    it’s just a wonderful dream …..

  • Else-Marie says:

    Wauw! Amazing colors!:) Fantasic patterns!
    Thanks for the chance to win..

  • Susan Lowe says:

    This collection is beautiful and screams “romance” to me.
    Romance is something that we all could do with more in our lives.

  • These papers are stunning! I adore the colours and patterns! I’d have a blast creating with them!

  • butterfly says:

    They’re absolutely lovely… I’m a new follower, thanks to Rachelle at Life’s Little Embellishments, and have fallen head over heels in love with your gorgeous papers! Thanks so much for the chance to win some…
    Alison x

  • sigh and drool / wow these are magnificent, full of beautiful designs and rich colors, these are pure delight x

  • Pauline Richardson says:

    A beautifully feminine & dreamy collection of designs which I would love to come over here to my house in South Australia….pretty please ♥

  • Isabel says:

    I love Maja Designs. I want fhis collection. I wish win it!

  • Hellen says:

    What beautiful papers, soooo summery, wistful and elegant. Love the colours and would love to make some cards with them! x

  • Pretty, delicate and feminine. What more could you ask for? This range is perfect in every way, and you definitely have a new fan here!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on this range.

  • annette says:

    Beautifully, soft & romantic papers portrayed by pink roses & damask.. my creative juices are flowing & my fingers are itching .. would love to play with this feminine range..

  • miria says:

    Another stunning design, thank you for the chance

  • Rebecca says:

    Lovely, lovely 🙂 Underbara papper!! Helt sagolika 🙂
    Kram Rebecca

  • Glorious subtle colours. I love the delicate flowers and the elegant Style. They could be used for so many different projects. I am now a follower.

  • wow all my favourites and more, love all the girly pinky prettiness.

  • Lianne says:

    The colours of this collection look awesome!

  • Åh, den ser verkligen lovande ut!! Kommer att hamna i pysselrummet på Slottet, var så säkra! 🙂

  • Kasey says:

    The papers are simply stunning! So soft and sweet and peaceful. Thank you for the chance to win this collection!

    Keep up the good work:)

  • Patter Cross says:

    Oh I just LOVE these new papers. Light pink is my absolute favorite color. These are just perfect! Can’t wait to get my hands on this limited line. Thanks for the chance to win. Blessings,

  • Zenaida says:

    Simply darling, love the tones and softness to them; besides pink is my favorite color. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely collection.

  • Åhhh, va fin! Denna måste jag ha. Älskar alla era papper och denna är bara såååå vacker.

  • Debbie Burns says:

    A lovely collection! Pink is my favorite color and I love the soft and subtle pinks in this collection! I’ve always been a fan of your paper collections and would love the chance to win!

  • Paola Levi says:

    what stunning new paper, i can see this working beuatifully for my girls layouts as well as a few whimsical cards, LOVE IT!

  • Emelie says:

    Åååh jag fullkomligt älskar färgerna i denna miniserie med papper, underbara rosa toner! Och den romantiska känslan som återfinns i dom, känner jag igen från mina absoluta favvoserier: Vintage summer & spring! Tror att denna serie blir en ny favorit:) Jag håller tummarna!

  • Brigitta says:

    What a gorgeous line you have made! Love to work with them on my daughters layouts with lots of mixed media.

  • Kate Usher says:

    these colors are so soft and pretty. Perfect for that wonderful shabby chic look.

  • Emily H says:

    Oh my! I am in love! These colors and patterns are so gorgeous!

  • Alyonka!!! says:

    Awesome collection! Such delicate colors! Thanks for the chance))

  • Becky says:

    I can’t wait to see the full collection, I love Maja Design papers anyway, and this one looks soooo pretty, I can’t wait to get my hands on it 😉
    Becky x

  • Cosetta says:

    I love all of your papers. I like soft and pastel colors, so romantic and delicate…

  • sue jolley says:

    wow these papers are gorgeous i love the colour and the pretty design on them cant wait to buy these sue xxxx

  • Shona Keehn says:

    oh this collection looks just divine….so soft and very romantic looking.

  • Oh what fabulous papers, such a beautiful design and colour too. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Viv xx

  • What beautiful papers! These will make stunning shabby chic projects. I can hardly wait to get my hands on some.

  • Bonnie Shackles says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love the colors & can’t wait to see it in person. TFS, Bonnie 🙂

  • Chiara says:

    I really like your designs because they realle reflect the Nature, you make a great attention also in the smallest details.
    I like a lot in the last collections Robin, Bluetit , Jay, long eared Owl… simple perfects!
    I also like the pink so this new collection is special 🙂

  • Hi Wow I so look forward to each collection and it is a must have in my wee world of crafting it is the first inspiration for whatever project I make and I am always proud to say I have used Maja Design papers. I love the soft pinks and the beautiful roses they look so pretty it will be hard to put scissors anywhere near them. Thank you for the chance to win and can’t wait to buy them too ;0)

  • Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says:

    Like all the Maja Designs collections, beautiful soft colors and muted imagery. I love the vintage look of these.

  • Ruth says:

    thank you for an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the newest papers… the story behind the inspiration is perhaps the greatest part of this opportunity to win the collection! a castle surrounded by gardens and your inspiration led to lovely delicate blooms and classic prints. whether I win or not, this is a collection I’ll have to be very competitive to get! (I have to order online because no place near me carries your gorgeous creations.)

  • Denayc says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous collection. The softness of the colors are perfect for romantic lo’s or baby/little girl lo’s. I would love to win this collection, I’ve got the perfect pictures of my baby niece that would go beautifully with these papers.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • Carla Hundley says:

    I just found your blog and this
    collection is just beautiful!
    Makes me want to go see
    this castle and gardens in
    person! Thanks for the
    chance to win.
    Carla from Utah

  • Faye Baker says:

    What beautiful papers, such delicate colours I just LOVE them
    Faye Baker

  • Sue in Canada says:

    Beautiful papers. Love the soft pastel colours.

  • tanya says:

    What a beautiful collection, anyone would be proud to add it to their cards or layouts.

  • Hilary-Anne Wattus says:

    My Mum and I have just started scrapbooking together and we came across your papers while we were looking for ideas online, and I have to say your papers are my absolute favourite!!! As soon as we saw them we loved them, they were all perfect. You have inspired us to turn the TV off and spend time doing our scrapbooking. All of your papers are beautiful and I can’t wait to spend time with my Mum creating layouts with your papers! (We just had to have them all!!) and I would love to have a chance of winning these papers so my Mother and I could share them together!

  • Rina says:

    I’m so amased, I’ve got no words… Sofiero is absolutely incredible collection! Soft tender shabby chic colours and roses – what can be better? The real feel of that beautiful place. Here in Russia it’s almost impossible to purchase Maja Design papers, especially limited editions. But at least I can dream :)))

  • Vanessa Wattus says:

    Isn’t it lovely to be transported to another place while crafting? Losing yourself in such prettiness? It is truly the epitome of scrap booking! Thank you for taking my daughter and I on the journey once again. Vanessa

  • Nicole Bolton says:

    Just love this collection it is so me. The collection is very elegant and vintage. Just beautiful. Would love to win this.

  • Jill Norwood says:

    Thank you so much for making these beautiful papers. I have tried to buy some of your collections here in the USA with no success as they are always sold out. I am blessed by the chance to win them! Thank you so very much!
    Jill Norwood

  • Rachelle Sigurdson says:

    I just love this new Collection,so soft & beautiful, I am looking forward to be able to work with it, it is perfect for a area in my garden that planted just for Maja Design’s Vintage Collection’s….Rachelle

  • Jane says:

    Wow, they look absolutely beautiful, so delicate and just make you smile. Jane x

  • Dunja says:

    Ohhhhh myyyy these Papers are simply gorgeous. I LOVE pink and the soft touch, the roses are amazing. Can Not wait to get some of the new papers. I illl LOVE THEM!!!

    Thanks for the chance to be a lucky Majapapergirl :))
    Lots of Love, Dunja

  • Christine says:

    Oh my these papers are so pretty! They are so delicate and soft! Thank-you for giving us a chance to win some of these pretty papers!

  • Henriette H says:

    I’m sooooo in looooove………………!!!!

  • Mae says:

    This collection is extremely gorgeous! And just like the other Maja Design Collections, I love it! It’s so elegant, vintage, chic and simply beautiful!

  • Elena F says:

    Love it; is so so sweet and very romantic. I think play with this colection will be lot of fun and creativity. Thanks for a chance to win it. Elena F.

  • Debbie Kravec says:

    Another wonderful paper design. Your designs just keeps getting better and better and I’m always looking forward to seeing what beautiful papers you’ll come up with next. If I don’t win, I’ll have to be sure to talk Lisa into carrying the new line. I wouldn’t want to miss out. Thank you so much for being such a large part of my scrapping experience.

  • Janis Reid says:

    I love all your papers line and this new line is beautiful also. I would very much enjoy working with this line. Hope I am lucky.

  • maryz says:

    When I saw for the first time your paper, and I lost my peace, I fell in love with her!!! Now buy all the collections that appear in our stores. This collection is perfect!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Karien says:

    Wow!!!! STUNNING!!! I am PINK-Crazy!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these papers!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Mo says:

    I love ALL your papers but these seems the most wonderful for me because I LOVE roses AND pink…!!!
    Hugs from Switzerland,

  • Lisa says:

    Beautiful papers! Love the soft pink tones and stunning vintage roses, you can almost smell them! I use pink in my crafting so much, so these would be a great addition! Lisa x

  • De ser helt underbara ut! Jag ska hålla utkik efter dem och vinner så klart gärna ett set!
    Kram Rosa

  • Anne Gro Lia says:

    Maja Design og rosa, er mine to absolutte favoritter!!!! Så denne kolleksjonen passer meg perfekt!! Gleder meg til denne kommer. Nydelig som alltid!!

  • Rita Valstad says:

    Wow, dette ser veldig fint ut 🙂 jeg elsker Maja design arkene og gleder meg til en ny kolleksjon 🙂 Rosa er en favoritt og gjennganger hos meg 🙂 Klem Rita

  • Barbara GR says:

    Oh…your papers are just gorgeous… but t his new collection this is absolutely amazing! I love the design and soft colours. I can’t wait to get ahold it!
    Thank you for the chance to win it!
    Hugs, Barbara

  • Tracey T says:

    Oh, what stunning papers! They are so very pretty and I can already think of so many uses for them. They are all most definitely on my wish list! Thank you for the chance to win them. Tracey x

  • Anna says:

    Åh så fina papper! Maja Designs papper är verkligen toppen kvalitet! Och så dessa nya papper i min favorit färg rosa som är en så härlig färg att göra kort med! Kram Anna

  • I live in Brazil, a country so far from Sweden , but I really think your papers are one of the most beautiful papers I’ve seen. It will a dream to have some of them.
    Hugs from Loly

  • Eliane dutra says:

    Lindo,lindo,mais do que lindo,maravilhoso… adoro rosa e com rosas fica ainda mais lindo…eu quero,eu quero,eu quero…

  • Barb Wagar says:

    It looks so very sweet, delicate and feminine… so very vintage.. like 1600 france.. or something. I love it.

  • Amy Shepard says:

    I am so in love with this gorgeous Limited Edition! The soft and muted pinky colors, the flowers, the romance! I can see using them in all the projects I do from canvas, to scrapbooking, to cards!

  • Judy D. says:

    Another softly beautiful paper set – I want to walk through those gardens down to the sea… Judy D.

  • Regine says:

    Eg bare elsker alle maja arkene, og disse er intet unntak! 🙂 flotte duse og sommerlige farger. og ikkje minst den gode kvaliteten på de. gleder meg til disse kommer i butikkene 🙂 Regine S.

  • Sue Ann Faler says:

    I just recently discovered Maja Design papers and instantly fell in love with all the gorgeous lines. The limited edition collection is no exception. Love the soft, delicate pinks. These papers would be a dream to work with. Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous papers. Sue

  • Danielle Tilley says:

    Yay!! Thanks again for an opportunity to pick up some beautiful Maja paper! I’m still trying madly to buy ANY Maja paper, let alone limited edition! So special, loving the damask and script along with the beautiful old fashioned roses. Just looking at Maja paper relaxes me. So sweet and delicate. Down here in Australia is a big struggle to get your hands on it. I have found a couple of online stockists but still unable to receive supplies for one reason or another. Can’t wait to be able to use this gorgeous paper xx

  • http://iakoma.blogspot.com/2013/06/maja-design-sofiero-design.html

    I just recently discovered Maja Design papers and instantly fell in love with it! Its so nice and cute!

  • svetlana1975 says:

    Волшебная коллекция!!! Спасибо за возможность!!!! Обожаю ее)

  • Pia Larsen says:

    Hvor vidunderlig en beskrivelse af jeres flotte nye limited edition Sofiero. Kender selv fornemmelsen og følelsen af at opleve de kongelige have-skatte i Norden.

  • http://mariya-hobby.blogspot.com/2013/06/maja-design.html

    Какая красота!!! Нежные тона покорили с первого взгляда!!! Спасибо за щедрость!!!

  • Dreamtime says:

    Wow these papers are absolutely beautiful! Design ideas are flooding my creative mind. All I need is to get my hot little hands on them 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Simply beautiful! Hugz, Lisa.

  • lizzi says:

    This is so beautiful…love everything about it…where and when will it be available….keeping my fingers crossed…tilda will look amazing in this….

  • Rea says:

    I just love this collection, I blogged about it and here is the link, http://theantiquewardrobe.blogspot.com/2013/06/new-limited-edition-sofiero-by-maja.html

  • charlotte says:

    WOW, jag bara älskar alla Maja Papper och dessa ser ju ut att vara helt underbara, bara namnet säger ju en hel del Sofiero är ju rosor, rosor i härligt rosa dessutom, längtar till de kommer! Hoppas att jag har turen med och vinner!

  • Kathy Roney says:

    Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous papers! I just found your website after seeing this sneak peek on someone’s blog and had to check it out! I LOVE pinks and greens and roses are my favorite flower! I would love to win these to create with them!!! Blessings! Kathy

  • Lene Suhr says:


    Du lager de fantastiske papirene jeg noensinne har sett! Og jeg gleder meg til disse kommer for salg :O))) Et absolutt MÅ HA kolleksjon-som alle andre av dine nydelige kolleksjoner:O))

    Ha en supe flott lørdag.

    Klem fra Lene

  • Marilyn McNulty says:

    Beautiful, beautiful collection of papers! I would absolutely love to work with them!
    Marilyn M

  • leMonaDe says:

    This collection is really awesome! It seems I feel the scent of roses – the odour is wonderful, it overwhelms with a desire to sit and scrap immediately!!!!!!! Hope to have it in my disposal))))))))))))))

  • Anja says:


    these are my colous …. so wonderful… love the new designs.


  • Sandra Neuhaus says:

    Why oh why is this a limited range when it is SO gorgeous!! Love this range of stunning papers and it would be great to include them in my stash..oh wait I think I would have to do something with them straight away lol..

  • Ingrid says:

    Oh My God!!! I just fell in love!!! Love love Love these papers.. They would be perfect to make some very romantic cards.. (When are they comming out? )



  • Zetti says:

    Wow, this is so gorgeous. I love it.

    Andrea 🙂

  • Van de Velde Marleen says:

    Ik ben een echte fan van het Maja-dessin papier. Ik ben er heel zuinig op en zou het liefst allemaal bijhouden in een mooi kastje. Leuke nieuwe dessins ! Groetjes uit België.

  • Ellie Bakker says:

    Wauw wat een super mooie serie papier. Ik zie heel vaak op blogs dat jullie papier wordt gebruikt, ik vind dat jullie ontzettend mooi designpapier ontwerpen. Helaas heb ik het zelf nog niet en zou het heel graag willen hebben om er mooie kaarten mee te maken. Als beginnende kaartenmaakster kun je niet meteen alles aanschaffen wat je mooi vind. En daarom doe ik mee met jullie candy wie weet ben ik een gelukkige winnaar van dit mooie papier. De candy heb ik in de sidebar op mijn blog geplaatst

    Groetjes Ellie

  • Christiane Volland says:

    Wow, this is so gorgeous. Wonderful colors , lovley romantic design. Really aweson collection !!

  • Lisbeth Olsen says:

    Nyyydelig, helt enkelt. Jeg gleder meg til de kommer for salg i butikkene.

  • Chris Gates says:

    All the Maja collections are beautiful, but this one is so pretty. I love the clear pinks, blending through the roses. I can almost smell their perfume as I look at them. The colours are ideal for using Copics I think, as they are less vintage than the Spring collection which was suited better to distress inks. I just really love each design that I see and can not wait to use them for my card making. Thank you Maja.

  • Patricia says:

    Beautiful papers Marie!! I love the soft colors and the beautiful patterns…..Thanks for the Chance to win!!!

  • Mummylade says:

    I love the romantic softness of the papers, so sweet and summery and it almost looks like you can smell the roses if you get close enough =)

  • Sara says:

    I LOVE this paper!!! Pink is my favorite color, and roses are my favorite flower.
    What a great combination!!

  • Karol says:

    Such a beautiful collection. I love pink and I love roses so the combination is outstanding. I love all the Maja Design only wish they were more places in US that we could get these. thank you so much for the chance to win a set of these beautiful papers.

  • Wow, they are absolutely beautiful!! Just looking at the sneek peak makes me smile 🙂
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  • Ирина says:

    Очень красивая коллекция!!!! Романтичная и элегантная!

  • Nikki Payne says:

    Well what can I say……Heaven! Your papers are adorable:) when I use them I don’t want to cut into them…just touch and stroke:) This new collection is just so sweet and gorgeous! I just love them! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win 🙂
    Nikki P x

  • Vivian Keh says:

    I am becoming a big fan of your papers. Love the old world feeling and how well they would work with media. Hope to finds retailer close by! Thank you.

  • Beatrice Lawson says:

    Blogged about the new collection – it is so gorgeous everyone needs to know about it… also posted on my FB timeline and tweeted too. It can’t arrive too soon!

  • Cathrine says:

    Wow, I just love your papers more and more! I will add a picture to my sidebare to tell about candy!

  • Anki T says:

    Åh, lika vackra papper som vanligt.De får gärna flytta hem till mig.

  • Annika Nilsson says:

    Åter en gång helt underbart ljuvlig papperskollektion från Maja design. Så fina. Hoppas på tur, så några får komma hem till mig.

  • Sandra L. says:

    This is my first time to your blog. I came upon you via link on another blog that I follow.
    Your paper and this collection are gorgeous. So delicate but a great deal of attention to details that make is just to die for.
    I would love to win of course and as my daughter is my partner in crime, I’ll be sure to share it with her.

  • Anita Nay says:

    what a beautiful collection which would love to win and make a scrapbook album with it. Thanks for opportunity. Your work is awesome would love to have all the instrucitons tucked in your head.

  • Oksana_K says:

    Wow! The paper collection is so beautiful. Soft colors and romantic design.

  • kathycnc says:

    I heard about you from Gabriella’s blog…I love the way she uses your papers. These are just exquisite…I love the delicate roses. Your descriptions reads like the opening passage of a wonderful fairy tale. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Johanna says:

    WOW, helt i min smak, super snygga… ser verkligen fram emot att få se alla papperna 🙂 Maja papperna är ju dom jag använder mest när jag scrappar så jag kommer köpa dessa också 🙂 men hoppas så klart jag vinner *ler*

  • Jennifer says:

    Oooh my Gosh your new papers are Amazing! Just found a Store in Australia and about to get my first sheets!

  • Hillie says:

    What a beautiful papers. I love the color and design. All your papers are very beautiful and and I love to use them.

  • Inger Svensson says:

    Så underbart att döpa Er nya kollektion till Sofiero! Motiven är precis lika vackra och romantiska som denna ljuvliga plats.
    Jag har sökt efter den vackraste kollektion med rosor och här är den nu!
    Mmm, jag känner doften genom datorn och blir lycklig i hela kroppen.
    Tusen tack!

  • Birgit says:

    Ljuvligt vackra! Jag älskar era papper och den här kollektionen verkar inte vara nåt undantag! Man får nog skynda sig att skaffa den när det är begränsad upplaga!

    Kram Birgit

  • Renate S says:

    Those papers look so beautiful! Can’t wait to pick them up at my local store and create something really pretty with them!

  • Sanne says:

    WOW WOW ELLLLLsker Maja…. Det er bare det mest romantiske, smukke og helt uundværlig serie som SKAL bo hjemme hos mig. Glæder mig til at kunne købe det. Ville være super hvis jeg også vandt det ;-0
    Knus Sanne

  • This is such a gorgeous range of paper. Patricia Garcia sent me to your page. I love it. Thankyou for the chance at winning this pretty paper.

  • Thank you so much for making it a 10 times giveaway instead of 3 ….
    I did a happy dance 😉 hugs Amy

  • Brenda B says:

    I’ve just discovered your papers and your site through one of the designers on the Lili of the Valley blog raving about your products. Wow, I can see why! They’re so beautiful, I’ve been looking through the sets and I’m definitely drawn to the Vintage Christmas papers, but they’re all fantastic. Off to find a supplier in the USA!


    • Chris Leckington says:

      Hi-I had to get mine from New Jersey and I live on the west coast. Try Scraputante.com. They are great and if you have a question she will get back to you quickly.

  • Maria A says:

    Ljuvligt rosa papper med ljuvliga rosor. Det paminner mig om min mormor och jag har en del gamla kort som skulle passa perfekt till sofiero pappern. Hoppas pa tur

  • Lindy G says:

    Wow what a gorgeous collection so soft and pretty, congrats on a magnificent range – can’t wait to play with this one …xo

  • Matilda says:

    Väldigt fina papper som nog passar min scrapstil perfekt! Älskar rosa, blommigt och vintage! Hoppas, hoppas 🙂

  • Leanne Kroschel says:

    These papers are so beautiful!! Must find how to obtain these in Australia!

  • Lisa Gardner says:

    Oh my, This collection is just gorgeous! Love the soft pink colors and different patterns. Can’t wait !

  • Janelle Hernandez says:

    What a dreamy collection!! I had to move from my home with rose wallpaper, so it would be wonderful to have some romantic flowers back in my life. Your papers are simply lovely, and I appreciate your generosity to give some away.
    Thank You.

  • Ingrid says:

    Just love roses…

  • Галина says:

    Красота необыкновенная , просто мечта !!!

  • Chris Leckington says:

    Hello Marie,
    Once again you have outdone yourself with this beautiful paper. I have purchased others from a store in New Jersey, USA, and I savor each and every page. These papers are so romantic, they make my imagination soar. If I could be lucky enough to win a pack this time, I will send you a design I will have created with it. How does that sound? Don’t share it with anyone else because I am still a newbie!

  • Hoi dames van Maja-Design,

    Het eerste wat in me opkwam toen ik dit mooie papier zag was: WOW. Scrappen en kaartenmaken doe ik nog niet zo lang en steeds ontdek ik weer nieuwe merken scrappapier en Maja ontdekte ik vandaag, maar dit is toch echt mooier dan de meeste merken. Helaas kun je als je nog aan het studeren bent niet alles tegelijk aanschaffen, maar wie weet maak ik een kans met dit berichtje om dit geweldige papier te winnen, zodat ik er nog meer kaarten mee kan maken om te verkopen voor de weeskinderen in Kameroen, zodat ze naar school en het ziekenhuis kunnen gaan, indien nodig.

    Hopelijk doen er nog veel mensen mee met deze candy en natuurlijk ga ik hem op m’n blog plaatsen! Heel veel succes met het kiezen van een welverdiende winnaar & wat mij betreft mogen jullie zo doorgaan met dit geweldige papier ontwerpen! Fijne avond, groetjes Lisanne

    • Deze serie ziet er klassiek, maar tegelijk ook modern uit. Hiermee kun je romantische bruiloftskaarten maken, maar ook verjaardagskaarten of voor meisjes-babykaarten. Heel leuk dat jullie het papier zo ontwerpen dat je het voor verschillende gelegenheden kan gebruiken.

      Groetjes Lisanne

      (dit stukje moest nog bij mijn vorige berichtje)

  • silvie says:

    wow, another amazing collection!!! Beautiful patterns, pretty pinks, romantic feel – everyting I love! I’m amazed – every Maja Design collection is so gorgeous and unique! I’m a huge fan of you papers 🙂
    Thank you for a chance to win!
    Silvie xx

  • Elin Larsson says:

    Åh, vilken underbar serie det ser ut att bli även denna gång. För mig associerar bilden till sagor och även till trädgård. Ser inte ut att bli besviken denna gång heller 🙂 Har länge försökt följa er blogg men utan att lyckas. Hoppas att lyckan är större denna gång…

  • Lia says:

    WOW so beautiful again, i am a very big fan of your papers, i have them almost all!
    I love it and its a musthave, greets Lia

  • Peg Adams says:

    An absolutely lovely, romanic collection. Thank you so much for the chance to win such beautiful papers.

  • Cara says:

    So pretty and delicate. would love to use to create beautiful cards!

  • Cheryl Lohmann says:

    This collection is so inspiring….beautiful designs in beautiful colors.
    I so appreciate an opportunity to win a set and look forward to the release. Thank you.

  • vickie says:

    Absolutely beautiful as always. Can’t wait for them to be available. In the meantime, I would love to win them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Doutzen says:

    Wauw, wat een fantastische serie!
    Ik heb helemaal gek op rozen en rose, dus ik ga in ieder geval naar dewinkel om deze serie te kopen!
    Bedankt dat jullie van deze mooie serie weggeven en dat we daaraan mee kunnen doen.
    Groetjes, Doutzen

  • Vicki Love says:

    Absolutely stunning…beautifully feminine…My head is already filling up with ideas for the beautiful papers. Thank you for the chance!

  • Ziro says:

    Jag tycker den är ljuvligt romantisk och vacker!

  • Magenta says:

    Helt underbara papper i min stil jag som älskar Maja Design och har nästan alla kollektioner och det är lite svårt att sätta saxen i så jag köper flera av samma mönster,
    Hoppas bli en av de lyckliga som får dessa ljuvliga blomsterpapper i läckra färger 😉

  • Kristin Vie says:

    With 4 daughters, 4 nieces, and dozens of friends and other women of meaning in my life, this layout spoke volumes to me…being of Scandinavian heritage made it extra fun! I adore the level of femininity and story behind the design of the papers. I would certainly love a chance to win this collection and hope I am not too late. It is at the top of my purchase list now though when it is released. Thanks Bo Bunny for all of your fantastic designs!

  • Pamela Palmer says:

    I wish I could win this set of paper….I love it. I have a new grand baby…alittle girl….my only grand child. There is no scrapbook store around where I live that has your line of papers…….I would love to find it. Thank you for letting me enter this contest!!!

  • Pam Stumph says:

    An Amazing collection…would love the chance to work with these beautiful papers in a shabby chic scrapbook page! Thanks for the opportunity to win the fabulous collection! I’m one of Maja Designs biggest fans thanks to one of your design team members…Gabrielle Pollacco! She’s absolutely amazing & I can’t wait to see her creation with this collection! 😀