A Little Peek at my Scrap Space

Posted by Gabrielle Pollacco

10 May, 2014 -


Hi everyone! Gabrielle here with you today to give you all a little glimpse into my scrap space.  I love to see where people scrap and see how others organize and keep their scrap supplies.  So today I thought I would share with you a few pic’s so you can see how I like to keep myself organized when scrapping. Join me in having a cup of coffee and let’s poke around my scraproom and maybe even peek in a few drawers, I don’t mind 🙂Room View 1

It’s hard to see the color of my room in this photo (I’m not great at taking inside shots) but my scraproom is a soft fresh green, I find green a nice soothing color….don’t ask about the red chair! LOL…It’s really comfortable, but ugly (I keep saying I will recover it but still have not found time to do it).


I have a tall set of drawers where I like to keep my collection of punches and inks.  I like the flat/shallow drawers because you can see in them at a glance, not digging around to try and find things.

Photo 1

On the right side of my room I have a large Ikea cabinet that I fill with some of my other craft goodies.  The pink bins are great for storing those odds and ends that can look a little messy, snippets of lace and fabric, trims etc.  I also keep my mixed media products on these shelves as well.


My shelves are ever changing with the coming in of new products,….but here I thought I would share a picture I took this week of what my cubbies are holding.  I try to keep my products together by brand.  I have a lot of Dusty Attic paints, for example, that I keep in the large boxes in the top left corner (you see a little peek of them).


When I was making up my scraproom, I had my dear husband put up a slatwall for me with lots of pegs where I could hang a lot of the embellishments, stamps, tools etc. that I work with daily.  My kids and their friends call it my ‘store’ LOL!  They ask me if they can go into my store to play with some of my stash.


Here is a closer view of my slatwall, this of course is constantly changing as I use product and add more.  But one thing that doesn’t change is that I am meticulous about keeping it organized.  I don’t like to hunt for products when I’m in the middle of a project, so I keep it in good order so that I can quickly find the product I’m looking for.

Flower jars

Beside my slatwall I have these little floating shelves where I keep my loose flowers and blooms in little glass jars I got from Ikea.


One of the most often asked questions I get is ‘What do you do with your layouts that have a lot of 3D elements?’   I have some open frames on my wall where I like to display these and change out the design every couple months or so. If I can find more of those frames, I’d love to add a bunch more to my wall and really fill it up, because heaven knows I have a LOT of 3D/thick page designs.

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my scrap space today.  The truth is, that I scrap where-ever it makes me happy to scrap.  Sometimes I scrap in my scraproom, sometimes in our bedroom with my supplies all layed out around me on our bed.  And if I’m filming one of my videos, I like to work on my dining room table where I get the best light for filming.  Wherever you scrap, the important thing is that you enjoy it and that you get that happy creative buzz when you are doing it.  Happy Scrappin’!!


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Gabrielle Pollacco

I love creating whether it be scrapbook pages, altered art and cards or mixed media projects! Maja design paper always fits well into my style! xo


  • loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your room Gabrielle , so beautiful , organised and bright and cheery .. a special place to scrap , I knew you would have a beautiful place to create your stunning work . thanks for sharing with us x

  • Aw Gabrielle I’m disappointed! I was expecting ‘A Beautiful Mess.’ LOL Seriously your room is gorgeous…organized and pretty. I can see why you are able to keep knocking out home runs with all of your layouts that you post! Maybe if I go clean my room I can create masterpieces…worth a try! LOL

    • Heehee, when I am actually in the midst of scrapping it is more of a ‘pretty mess’ LOL!! …..maybe not so pretty to my family though ROFL! Ya, if I didn’t stay organized it would be hard to keep up with all my design team projects 🙂

  • What a wonderful space! I, too – have a huge 5’x6′ pegboard on the back of my scrap room desk my husband built – everyone calls it my “store” also! It looks like a horizontal version of yours! I am going shelf shopping today, so this was very timely inspiration! I have told my husband to start making 12×12 frames, as I haven’t found any anywhere. I will have to light a fire under his caboose and I’ll let you know if they turn out!

    • Yes, I made some 12×12 frames from wood trim from the hardware store when I made a gift for my nephew and his wife, they came out pretty good. I should probably do that to add to my wall space. I’d love to see how you’res turn out Lainie xo

  • Teresa says:

    It’s beautiful Gabrielle and just how I imagined it would be, clean and organised, I love my room all neat and tidy so I can find things. Carry on crafting, we love seeing your work. xx

  • Janene says:

    Looks like a calm place to create such beautiful masterpieces! Love the slot wall idea – if you don’t see it – you don’t know you have it! At least that’s my excuse for using new things as opposed to the things piling up all over the place. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • So true Janene, and it’s fun to do my ‘shopping’ in my little room before I start my projects (thanks in a large part to you and all the lovely things you send me to work with! 🙂 xo

  • Maria Gilmour says:

    Your Scrap Space is as inspiring as your beautiful layouts. I know what I will be doing this afternoon! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Maria, ….yes, I’m like that too, when I see a well organized room or a storage idea I like, I immediately want to make it work in my craft space 🙂

  • I love your space it looks amazing I am always cleaning and putting things away in mine I have a lot but I like to see what I have to use or I forget and find it years later lol I think I need a bigger room but my hubby says I would want a bigger one again in 6 mths, being an artist I have lots of canvas oil paints brushes it all takes up space but your room looks very special just like your pages beautiful and special

    • Thanks Suzanne! Yes, things look pretty neat in the photos but what I didn’t show you were the cupboard and storage areas throughout my house that also hold a ton of my craft supplies! lol! I honestly need a craftroom about 4 times the size of the room I have now to hold all the DT goodies I have lol! But I’m not complaining 🙂 xo

  • Melisa says:

    I just love your space!!!! I have a big wall as well but it’s peg board I use and my kids say the same thing about my room (store) lol

  • Rhonda V. says:

    Loved a peek at your space Gabi! We have a few of the same things, I love my Alex Cart from Ikea for my punches and distress inks, but I like yours better, it’s a nicer size!

    One day I’m going to get a bigger dedicated crafty space and definitely going to put up pegboard!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us.

  • Lynne Joncas says:

    what a great scrap space; Gabrielle! So well organized, and the slatwall really does remind me of a store display! I like to keep my supplies fairly organized as well; I think I have almost as much fun rearranging them as I do using them!

  • Astrid says:

    This is such a great idea, to share scrap rooms I mean, and yours looks so organised and pretty!! I seem to remember a few years ago when you just had changed rooms, I am so impressed with how tidy you manage to keep it! It looks such a lovely bright place to work!

  • Sandra Scott says:

    Such a beautiful well organised space, thanks for sharing Gaby.

  • Agnieszka Belladea says:

    Looks great! I would love to have a coffee there 🙂

  • Tracy Becker-Hills says:


    So beautiful!!! When I saw it I immediately thought “how peaceful”!!

    Ummm, can I go play in your “store” too??

    It’s beautiful! I am not surprised, you’re uber organized! I would love to just sit in there it looks so pretty and again, peaceful! Thank you for inviting us into your scrape space!

  • Gabrielle, you will be disappointed when you see my space, as it is tiny, very tiny . I have a large storage/ space to house most of my stash, in another area of our home and I store my most used items where I create in my tiny space . It is big enough for me , nice and light too.. I love the way you have your wall storage, a brilliant idea .. fantastic !!!

    • Oh ya….I’m the same Heather, I wish my room was bigger and could store more product (I also have bin’s and boxes of product in closets throughout our house) …..well, whatever your storage situation is, it works well for you because your work is AMAZING 🙂

  • Jen Waugh says:

    Love your scrap room Gabbi. Im in the process of packing up to move in July so am always looking for inspiration on how to organise my new scrap room. Need to find a new house first ;-).

    • Oh how wonderful Jen! It’s so lovely to be able to start from scratch and set up a ‘dream room’! Hope you find the perfect house with the perfect scraproom! xo xo

  • Maryann says:

    Such a beautiful space, you have here. Sooo bright and beautiful and looks like such a happy place to create, which is important to make great work as you do. I´m just as lucky myself to have a huge and really brught craftroom, and I really don´t think, I could live with such a small craped space again now, after I´ve been soo used to this, but I also really love my space. Thanks sooo much for sharing yours too, it sure gave me a couple of great storageideas here too.

    • Thanks Maryanne! I wish it was a little brighter, I only have a small window to the left of my desk, but I can’t complain, it is a nice place to work! xo

  • Marilyn Rivera says:

    I love your scrapbook space Gabi, it’s very well organized and love the colors…. I need a relax place to create….love your store wall, lol, I love to see my stuff ,too. ahhh and can’t miss the cup of coffee….Wonderful space!!!!!xoxo

  • mm Maja Nowak says:

    Fantastic creative space, Gabi! It looks like most scrappers use the white furniture from Ikea LOL But you are right about those shallow drawers, they’re really great 🙂 Love your “store” too! 🙂

  • Carol Deal says:

    I love you scrap room. So pretty. That’ s why you create such beautiful work, how could you not with a space like that. I too am very particular about everything being in its rightful place. Makes it so much easier to find. My gorgeous son built me a cupboard so I could store all my chippies and embellishments and when I read your comment about the store I had a little smile. My husband has offered to put the cash register near my door.

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    Love the gorgeous delicate touch of your scrap space. It is beautiful and inspirational feeling. Most welcoming.

  • Jenny Grotherus says:

    I’m always so amazed by how clean and tidy your space is. And the fact that you actually make one project at the time and clean everything up when you are done. I so wish that I was like that. I can work at five projects simultaneously for weeks or even months. And I need to have them visible while I’m still working on them. Adding a few things here and there so to speak. But I do know what you mean with the store thing. Ha ha! I hear that all the time. Love your space, it’s very cozy and that’s so important imo.