Baby Boy album cover

Posted by Evgenia Petzer

10 March, 2018 - , ,

Hello dear friends, Evgenia Petzer with you today. I am sharing the latest baby boy cover that I have made.

I just love these papers and the baby theme, so I always come back to my favourite mixture of fabric, papers, ribbons, flowers…

I usually take quite a few colors and play with them and some close shades of it. And the mixture of textures gives all that layered, wonderful effect.

some close ups:

Of course its the Vintage Baby collection in use:

have a lovely weekend,


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  • Oh my GOSH! This is soooo sweet and beautiful, and I´m totally in LOVE with this cutie album here. You´ve done such an amazing job on this cover, and it looks stunning and really adorable, and this will be the best gift for a Baptism or a new baby, that I can think of. Sooo gorgeous and lovely.