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26 August, 2015 - ,

Goodmorning lovelies,

Last Thursday I became a aunt again but this time to a handsome little boy {finally after having six nieces whom I adore too of course} named Lucas Julian. Until now we had the only boy in the family so for Kevin it’s great too now that he has a nephew. For the occasion I made a pretty little train using the Vintage Baby collection.20150822_150019I had such a great time making this train but I misjudged the time it would take to make. First I took out all the blue papers from the vintage baby collection and then selected which papers I was going to use. I made the train to be a piggy bank so the wagon which has his name spelled on it he can put money in. { well for now his parents need too 🙂 }20150822_150001I put some little sock in the locomotive so it would not be so empty. I stitched & distressed most of the edges of the papers. And of course I had to add some flowers hihihi even for a boy.20150822_145944Do you see those little pacifiers on the wagon?? When I was about 7 or 8 those things were hot in my part of the world all the little kids where wearing them around their necks and every once in a while it comes back. 20150822_145813The sheet I used for this locomotive is one of my favorites I just love those little elephants on it aren’t they just way cute? Sorry for all the sunlight but Saturday when I visited my brother, sister in law & niece it was very sunny and because it was a gift to them I had to take pictures very fast. 20150822_145821The parts of the train I didn’t put paper on I gessod. Normally I tare little pieces of paper and then stick them on there but this time the edges where to small to treat it like that. 20150822_145834Most of you who know my work know that I love to make my own flowers but for this I used prepared flowers just because I didn’t have that much time to make my own.  20150822_145841Maja Design papers used:Vintage-Baby-PThank you so much for your visit today and I do hope you like my off the page project!


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I'm a scrapper at heart and I enjoy every inch of this hobby! Lately I am exploring mixed media, making off the page projects and cards too. Maja Design papers make me one happy lady hugs xox

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