Posted by Cathy Lane

13 July, 2014 -

Hello there Maja friends! Gosh it feels good to be back here again. The last year or so has been an up-hill battle of epic proportions and just getting through every day was a major challenge but here I am, not quite the same person I was when last you saw me in this beautiful setting but never-the-less it is me. So much of me was broken, physically, mentally and emotionally, but I am getting stronger and stronger every day and THAT is what matters. The best part of this whole experience is that I will get to see my beautiful daughter walk down the aisle on her Daddy’s arm in October. Yes, that is my Heidi in the photo. I shudder when I think how different things could have turned out had I not gone for a routine check-up on that day. I am still having treatment and I am totally okay with it because I still need to see my grandchildren some day. For now, every day is a gift and I do as much as my body allows me to do. It’s not always easy when the mind and the body are not on the same page (giggle!!). For that reason, I don’t mind telling you that scrapping for the first time in over a year presented another major challenge, not to mention a blog post. It feels like I have to learn everything all over agin. “Chemo-brain” is a reality and last night I went to bed in tears because after three days of trying to put a page together, I still wasn’t getting anywhere. This morning I woke up determined to get this right, ignored the aches and pains and took out every bit of stash I own and spread it all over the place. Wow, it felt like I received a whole bunch of gifts as I have not seen my goodies in such a long time!! It was crazy but exciting and even though I didn’t scrap during my treatment I still bought a few little things here and there. Once and addict, always an addict!! So, I got to work and it came together and you know what? My aches and pains disappeared for a while as the puzzle came together. Now I just need to keep going and I have Jenny to thank for bringing me back and making me realize how much I loved this hobby. Also, thank you so much Jenny and the Maja team for being so compassionate, patient and understanding over the last year. It means a great deal to me. x

So here is my first page of 2014!! My daughter is a whole lot more comfortable behind the camera than she is in front of the camera and so I treasure every photo of her I can lay my hands on.

I used paper from three different collections as seen below.

Here a re a few close-ups..

The flowers and the brick stamp is from Prima. The little wispy bits you see amongst the flowers are just pieces of paper which I sliced super-thin and that way you achieve a natural sort of curl. The peachy ribbon flowers came out of my stash and goodness knows where I got them from. The branches were cut with a die from Memory Box called “Woodland Branch”.

The beautiful leafy circle is also from Memory Box called “Tupelo Circle” and I adorned it slightly with some Perfect Pearls. Both butterflies are stamps from Marianne Design called Eline’s Huis. I stamped them, cut them out and stuck it on. The title work is done with clear stamps from Chiswick and the stamp on the corner of the photo is a tiny little Prima stamp.

The little circles above and to the bottom left of the photo (sorry, I forgot to take a close-up of them) is just a little bottle top I saw lying on my shelf and I grabbed it, dabbed on some ink and stamped it on the page and stuck a drop of Perfect Pearls inside the little circles. I liked it:)

And that my friends, is my story for today:) The last few days have been absolutely freezing here but I love the cold weather right now. So for those of you experiencing winter in all its’ glory, keep warm, be happy and take care till next time. 🙂 xxx


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  • Kathy G. says:

    Beautiful – both the layout and your daughter. So happy to hear you’re back. Keep well.

  • Suzie West says:

    Wow, Kathy – Kathy G. is correct. Both your layout AND your daughter are absolutely beautiful. I have had family and friends who experienced chemo-brain and it drove them nuts. I’m so happy that delving into your stash to create this beautiful layout took your mind off the pain. You just needed a little scrapbook therapy. Very best of wishes to you.
    Suzie W.

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    Jumping for joy to see you bless us with Maja beauty

  • Karin says:

    What an inspiring story! The layout is just beautiful as is your daughter! I, too, am a cancer survivor and I am grateful for everyday that I can open my eyes and plant my feet on the ground! I have grandbabies and they are my life. I swear I will someday dance at their weddings! Please keep sharing your beautiful art with us. I wish you continued recovery to good health.

  • It’s so lovely to see your gorgeous work gracing this blog again Cathy and I’m so happy to hear you are well on the road to recovery. You have such a wonderful gift in your creativity, thank-you for sharing it with us again! (((HUGS)))

  • val says:

    I hate to tell you but you were NOT broken at all, a little cracked maybe but so not broken. You have emerged stronger and even if it takes a little longer to get back to ‘normal’ that is ok. <3
    I am SO happy to see you back and creating again and creating with my FAVE paper range. A beautiful layout for a beautiful girl. Trust me you not only want to see her walk down the isle but you definitely want to hold your granbabies… they are the greatest gift and they can heal anything. Big hugs … you are my hero. xox

  • Sabrina R says:

    Cathy! It’s so wonderful to see you creating and blogging again!! I’ve really missed your creative genius, and I’m happy to hear you’re on the road to recovery and have more time with your family. I look forward to seeing your next inspired creation. Hugs and all the best to you and your family.