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Posted by Lenet Mos

2 August, 2018 -

Hello sweet Maja Fans,

Lenet here , it’s my turn to bring you some inspiration .

I bring you this layout with a picture of my son when he was 4 years old inspired by the moodboard of this month.

As you might know or maybe not the challenge is for 2 months this time so still loads of time to enter.

He made his first drawing  that of a car on our garden table with chalks that are meant to use on the sidewalk or floor outside .

Of course I was not really happy with him drawing on my table but he was so proud of it ,an me my self as well .

for this layout I used some left overs from the vintage baby collection.

The one with the blue stars that I used as a background was just a little to small to cover the cardstock I used as base  , so I torn it in two and connected it again with some sewing.

I added some buttons to the twine for a playful effect.

I hope you like my layout.

Have a lovely day

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  • It´s very beautiful and I just loved the story behind it too, and it reminded me of my oldest son, when he was about the same age. He was crazy about all kinds of tools, as his dad was a very crafty DIY man too, and for christmas that year my dad gave him a real hammer and box of nails and some other tools in his size, and when we woke up on christmas morning, he had hammered nails in our diningtable in a fine row alll around the table, so when we went to christmaslunch at my parents house later that day, he was told to take his tools and only use them there. But I can see the fun in it now 35 years later though ha ha ha, but not that morning, I have to admit ha ha ha