In our sofa… Welcome to Jenny’s place

Posted by Jenny Grotherus

20 February, 2014 -

We always invite people in to our cozy world at Maja. We want you all to feel welcome and smell the coffee when you cross our threshold. But. You’ve never really visited us in our office or our respective scrap spaces. We decided to change that. In this little series you’ll be invited to our respective CT members scrap havens and who knows… there might be a personal guiding through the Maja office and warehouse in store…

The first one out to show you around her scrapspace is… Jenny.Jenny

When we first bought our house it was a complete mess. No heating, no electricity, no laundry room, etc, etc. And. No scrapbooking room either. I had been jammed up in a corner in our apartment and I really wanted a place for my stuff when we got a house. Not likely. It was so small it wouldn’t fit. The first year I litterally had to work on the floor using a carpenter’s rule and an isolation knife to create some cards. After that I was (again) jammed up in a corner with tons of building supplies. I think I got about four nails in my feet during that time.

I had saved up for years for my dream. Due to regulations and other difficulties it turned out to be a lot cheaper to build a separate house then add an extra room to the current one. So I started drawing. And planning. And drawing. And planning. Again and again and again. All to get the best possible solution and save as much money as possible. I drew the house and built it myself together with a carpenter who did some of the construction work.

It was very important to me that my scraphouse would be welcoming and cozy even if you didn’t scrap. I didn’t want it to look overwhelming and crowded with supplies, still I wanted to be able to have it visible and reachable. Tough combination.

I chose it to be in the same style as our main building so you can feel they belong together. I’ve used the same wooden floors, base colour and ceiling.

So take of your coat, borrow one of my dressing gowns and step inside…hallway_wThe bureau is an old cherry beureau that we used to have in our apartment. It didn’t fit in the new house so I bought some paint and new knobs for it. The dressing gowns are a must for any scrapper. At least in my opinion. :)

I have divided my house into different areas… One messy area with paints, one sewing area, one clean area, one computer area and one area where I can stand up working. The last one is my area with kitchen cabinets…kitchen_cabinets_wBesides from being a good height it holds tons of supplies.kitchen_cabinets_w_bears

My desktop carousel is filled up with a lot of “must have” supplies. Tools, Pearl Makers, rulers, knives etc. The cute bucket is one of four that I have in the house. They are a complement to my two large trash cans. Everybody’s lazy by nature. It’s so much easier to through away stuff in something small that’s close to where you work then use the large trash can. I empty the small ones in the big ones when they are full.

I mainly use the electricity to iron ribbon on my mini ironing board and for my Distrezz It All. But I’m considering putting in my coffee machine as well. :)kitchen_cabinets_w_weddingHydrangeas are my favourite flowers and I have tons of them. The beautiful wedding frame emptied my travelling funds when I went to Dubai a couple of years ago. I just had to have it. I keep dual tip pens in the corner…kottens_c_wSo here’s the true Kottens’s Corner. The best armchair I’ve ever come across. I actually fit. I can crawl up like a little girl with my long filly legs. That says something. Everybody who tries it wants to buy it, but oh no. It stays right there. kottens_c_w_rI love to alter ATC trays and configuration boxes… Here are a couple of them. I keep different pens in the white cutlery holder that was a Christmas present from Marie two years ago.kottens_c_w_lI want people to feel at home in my house. So here’s my little Fika corner. Cookies, biscuits and I also have lemonade. The candle holder used to belong to my grandmother and my other grandmother crocheted the table cloth.w_w

The IKEA Expedit shelf was another leftover that I saved from the dump. The beautiful basket on the floor holds books, my beloved teal socks and a million phone chargers or so.

The luggage trunks are Joel’s treasure-chests. I keep toys, blankets and other stuff in them for him to use when he visits me in my little house.

The beautiful wallpaper is a reprint of a wallpaper that was really popular when our house was built in 1910.w_w_closeA little close up…kitchentable_wIn the middle of the room I have placed our old kitchen table that didn’t fit our tiny kitchen. It was collecting dust in an old barn so I rebuilt it to include shelves on one side and chairs on the other. People think that I’m nuts, but I actually saw a bunch of cute baskets on my way home from work in the display window of Åhléns. So I bought them and rebuilt the table to fit the baskets. I painted it white and put some IKEA Helmer drawers under the leaf and my clean area was all done! It fits three or more if you remove the Helmer drawers.kitchentable_w_shelfI usually sit on the side where the baskets are when friends are coming over. It gives me access to both the messy area and the clean one without having to move around.long_desk_wOk, so let’s take a look at the next wall. The long desk contains the messy are, sewing area and my working area. window_wI love to decorate my windows… This area is also great as an extra worktable. It’s just to remove the Helmer drawers. pic_rails_wAnd now to my favourite area. The messy one. To the left-my Distress Ink Pad storage. Holds all 48 pads. I have recently re-organized the picture rails again since I can’t fit everything…sew_wAnd here’s my sewing area. I used to sew a lot of curtains and baby clothes by order, but there’s simply not time for everything…sew_w2Buttons and other handy stuff…work_wHere’s where I work… usually a lot. 🙂

gym_w window2_w

I hope you have found some inspiration from my little corner of the world.

Next time we’ll be visiting Elena, so don’t miss out on her space March 15th.Jenny

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  • Your place looks like heaven, Jenny!! I love it to bits!

  • Marilyn Rivera says:

    Ohhh my…Jenny…I’m speechless! Your place is beyond gorgeous…looove every corner and love the organization and I see you have a space for me to sew..awesome,lol!!
    shame you’re so far….Stunning place!!! I agree with Maja it looks like heaven… love it!!! xo

  • Karen says:

    WOW WOW WOW your space is every girls dream. Its like having your own personal little store. I love everything about it and wouldn’t change a thing, I could just move right on in and never leave again. Thanks so much for sharing I really enjoyed this.

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    it’s divine, heaven, amazing and so inviting.

  • Gilda says:

    Oh my gosh!! I am totally drooling. I can’t imagine a more welcoming and perfect creative space. Thanks for sharing.

  • Phi says:

    Wow a whole house for crafting!! And what “messy” area?? Love love love!! Your space is to die for Jenny. I would never leave if I had a piece of heaven like that.

  • Okay! a great big WOW! from me! I am in AWE! You space is absolutely DIVINE! and to have such a sanctuary all to yourself! I would be in such Heaven!!! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing…a truly amazing visit into your space!

  • Cathy van Vollenstee says:

    Oh how I would love a work space like this!

  • Oh my!! I absolutely LOVE your space!! So beautiful and perfect! xxx

  • wow this is pure bliss…. such a wonderful organised and huge space .. I am jealous!!!!!! bless you Jenny you deserve it xoxoxo

  • What a delight this tour of your scrap ‘house’ has been Jenny! Truly the ‘Barbie’s Dream House’ of scrapping! And jeepers, you’ve raised the bar high, ….not sure I want to share my humble scrapspace now! LOL! I really enjoyed this piece! xo xo

  • Jenny Grotherus says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. 🙂