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Posted by Nancy Hanttula

14 June, 2014 -

Hello Maja Design fans and friends! Nancy Hanttula here, and today is my turn to share a glimpse into my creative space.

Door Sign 2

Above is a vinyl chalkboard sign that I have hanging on my creative space door. ( A disclaimer of sorts. )  Because, I won’t lie, my space is seldom that tidy.  I do try to clean up after projects….but there always seems to be a bit of chaos going on.  But, with that said, I did clean up knowing that I was inviting guests over. 🙂

So, come on in….it’s the door to the right……

door to the right

I feel so blessed to have a room to call all my own.  Before moving into our new house, I was a dining room table scrapper.  I had all my supplies “neatly” organized alongside the wall (yes, the dining room wall) …. well, at least until I was in the middle of a project, and then well, things weren’t so neat.  And as most scrappers realize way too late, supplies start to amass in quantities you just do not plan for.

So, let’s open up my door…

1 Inside the DoorFortunately, I had not been scrapping too long before we moved to a bigger house (frankly, with our 2nd child, we were busting at the seams), and I was fortunate enough to get to have one of the extra bedrooms all to myself to turn into my very own creative paradise.

AND that is exactly what I did.

1 paints inks glues

AND before I even organized my clothes closet, I set to work on getting my creative space up and running. 🙂  A girl has to have her priorities.

1 stamps

Above is a shelving unit that I got at an estate sale for $5…it was already backed with the peg board.  AND was already painted the pretty Robin Egg blue.  This is where I have most of my acrylic and block stamps organized.

Since moving into my creative space, the space has evolved.  There once was a time that I had a baby play-pen beside my desk.

1 stamp cassette holder

Above is a cassette tape holder that I have had since the 1980’s…..I knew I would need it for something! It’s perfect for holding my ink pads.

Interestingly enough…I have noticed that 2 of the spaces that you have already visited on this Maja Design Creative Team tour, have the very same shelving system that I finally invested in a couple of years back…the Ikea Expedit shelving.  I cannot believe that Jenny rescued hers from the dump!

1 Expedit Shelves

I have 2 of the shelves next to each other and then one row of the white craft shelves from Michaels to fit the final space in the corner, across the entire side of the north wall.  What I personally love about these shelves is that the storage spaces are 13 inches x 13 inches….perfect for your 12 x 12 papers.  And because space is limited for most of us, vertical storage is such a great way to save and expand on space.  AND if that wasn’t enough, there is a ton of storage above the shelves.

1 ribbon holder

So I store a lot of stuff on top of the shelves.  Here is a photo of some of my ribbon.  I bought an over-the-door shoe rack….instead of using it for shoes, I used the spools to put my ribbon on.  This cost me all of $12 at Walmart.  For other storage, I have a relatively narrow buffet that I use to store more of my ribbon stash, and a low 6 drawer dresser for my sticker storage and various miscellaneous ephemera stash.

1 closet catchall

I have a closet in this room (photo above)….which needs a bit of a redo.  I need to make the very most of this space. In here I house a lot of various miscellaneous, my blank canvases, etc.  And,  I use the closet doors for punch storage and to hold a peg board for additional supplies that can be hung on hooks.

1 door storage

1 punch storage

See-through, over-the-door shoe holders are perfect to hold my punches.  They only cost me a few dollars at my local Walmart.  I also have one hanging on the back of my actual studio door. I have very little space go to waste in my room.

1 punch storage 2

And now for my desk…..My desk was bought from Target on-line….and was a birthday present from my dear husband a few years back.

1 my desk


Above my desk is an inexpensive pegboard system that I also bought at Walmart.

It is the same Peg Board that my husband bought for our garage. Easy to install.  I am a very visual person and need to see my supplies.  So I find this works very well for me.

Some other interesting organizational things I have created for my space include a magnet board that I created for all of my Prima/Ingvild chalk inks.  First of all, I am obsessed with these particular chalk inks.  When I saw the entire set on sale at, I had to have them.  I glued a magnet to the bottom of each one using E6000 glue, and placed them onto a 12 x 12 decorative metal wall hanging sheet.

Ink Magnet

This keeps them easy for me to get to and organized, especially when using my magnetic We R Memory Keepers cutting mat.  BUT I did see a rather awesome chalk ink organizer on Gabrielle’s desk that has me intrigued…..I have not seen that organizer before.  Maybe Gabrielle can share exactly what type of organizer that is and perhaps where it can be purchased? 🙂


Another thing that I had to do to get my mists/sprays organized was to create a color board.  I have a lot of mists…and I really needed to be able to see exactly what colors and finishes each particular one created.  I have seen some tag books that some artists have created for this purpose…but as visual as I am, I need to be able to compare and contrast at a glance.  So, using a smallish (I think about a 2 inch) square punch, I punched out a bunch of white squares, and then misted each square with one of my mists/sprays.  Then, I glued them all down to a sheet so I could hang it on my wall for easy reference.  I won’t lie, it is in need of being updated as my collection has grown since I created this board.  But here is a photo of this tool that I frequently use.  After spraying the square, I wrote the color and manufacturer down for easy reference.

Mists and Sprays

I hope you have enjoyed this tour into my home and into my personal creative space.  It has been a pleasure having you over.  I will tell you, I plan on relocating my space to my daughter’s room when she leaves for college (in like 12 years 🙂 ) because she has the most incredible closet that would be amazing for my crafty supplies.  🙂  Here’s some quick pics of her closet space….


closet 2

It even has built in shelves on the insides.  But, shhhhh, that’s a secret for now.

Wishing you a super creative and blessed weekend!  Hugs!

1` A A Nancy-sign (1)


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  • Debbie L Gregory says:

    Love your space and really like the idea of magnets and noard for my chalk edgers,
    and the ribbon storage you utilized. I also saw the storage tray Gabrielle had hers in
    and love it and tried to find, lol but have not so far as I wasn’t sure of its name either.
    I’m also visual and like to see all my supplies and yours look so well organized. And your dark wood floors are gorgeous. Another idea I’d love to incorporate into my room. 🙂

  • Maryann says:

    Thanks sooo much for the tour here, you sure have a wonderful space, even I sure can´t complain either, as I have a simular heaven myself and even bigger, after my husbond rebuild an old barn here just for me. And even I have many simular things as you, you also gave me some new great ideas for some things too, that´s for sure. Besides I always love to see others creative spaces, and yours are absolutely gorgeous, so thanks again soo very much for having us in to visit you.

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    Nancy!!!!! Brilliant idea with the chalk edgers. OMG I love it. I love your scrap space. I can see you totally crafting and getting messy in your space – but it’s sooooooo tidy and beautiful and organized.

  • Jenny Grotherus says:

    That sign would fit perfectly on my room as well! Ha ha! I just love your space. I’ve been thinking about using magnets for different kind of supplies for a long time but haven’t got there yet. I think I must have a color board for every spray, ink and paint there is… So practical. Would love to visit you some time and see you play.

  • Oh my gosh! I almost missed this!! Nancy you have a wonderful scrap space!! (ROFL…love the disclaimer) …and I LOVE the way you organized your chalk ink pads! The magnets are genius! Don’t laugh, but all I have for mine is a Dusty Attic ATC frame…really not the most clever idea because they dont fit in evenly. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your space!! xo