January Mood board

Posted by Carita Ruckman

3 January, 2015 -

Christmas and New Year has passed, and now we are looking forward to a whole new wonderful year, filled with creativity!

This, the first Mood Board of the year, is a bit different from how they usually are.. Marie is very found of making mood boards herself. For every new collection she re-decorates her desk (or more the whole office.. ;)) into a mood board that gives her the right “feeling”. So here at the MajaDesign HK we have Christmas in August and Easter on Valentines Day…

When she found this text (below) at Cadence & Clementine’s she came up with the idea to challenge you all to create your own personal mood board. So, for the January Mood board we want you to make something beautiful to inspire YOU in YOUR creative work…

It could be a canvas to hang on the wall, or a scrapbook page to frame, or.. whatever you can come up with… No limits!
Use warm or cold (or mix) neutrals as a base and then add the colour(s) you find beautiful. Maybe add an image of someone who inspires you, or some wise words that are meaningful to you…

Show us what inspires YOU!


And here’s a little reminder of what our mood boards are used for…

Definition mood board – n

a board used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other

We are using mood boards for our challenges. We truely believe in creativity and art at Maja Design. You are free to interpret the mood boards in any way you’d like. They are supposed to set you in an inspirational mood without too much controlling. We would like you to be inspired by the poems, words and photos. They are not given rules, they are just there as inspiration. They are all inspired by a Maja collection, but you are free to use any Maja papers you’d like as long as they follow the colour scheme. We highly encourage you to follow the theme of the mood board as well.

We are presenting a new mood board the first Saturday of every month. We will be presenting all participating creations that fulfill the requirements below January 24th. We will also draw a winner who will be winning a Maja Design collection of their own choice in 6×6 or 12×12.

After your creation is done, take a photo and send it to moodboard@majadesign.nu without any watermarks (size 600×600). Include your full name and address in the e-mail together with what collection you would like if you win. Don’t forget to write down if you would like 6×6 or 12×12. We need your creation January 28th at the latest.

We will only publish creations that fullfill the requirements!

And here comes inspiration created by our new fabulous Creative Team…

Made by Evgenia Petzer

Cathy January Mood Board
Made by Cathy McGrath

Pascale Bernard
Made by Pascale Bernard, photo by Alain Le Mouée Pascale Mood board by Alain Le Mouée
Pascale’s Mood board

Made by Elena Olinevich

Jelissa MoodboardMade by Jelissa Mei

Ingrid Gooyer
Made by Ingrid Gooyer


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