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Posted by Carita Ruckman

3 June, 2015 -

Dear Maja-fans,

I hope you haven’t missed that MajaDesign is available on Pinterest..? This social media is really one of the absolute best way to easily search and find gorgeous inspiration. We have boards from all our collections, where we almost daily pin new pictures that we find around the internet. Tag along and pin your Maja pics..! If you also write “MajaDesign” we can easily find you and help sharing. 🙂


Here are some samples of the wonderful creations you can find at Maja’s boards on Pinterest:

Pin collage



Maja also has an Instagram account – majadesigninsweden.
If you use the hashtag #majadesigninsweden along with your pictures (consisting of Maja papers of course) we can easily find your creations and like and share them forward.
We would love to see what you come up with!
So come and visit us there too..! 🙂

Here are some samples of our most popular pictures on Instagram:
Collage Instagram
Collage instagram

We also have our own YouTube channel –, where you can watch our designer’s tutorial videos.

And, of course, you can also visit us on Facebook –
This is a very “live” social media where we encourages our fans to share their creations with us. Many contests and daily updates from the blog.
Hope to see you there..!

This is some examples of “Follower share” on Facebook:
Collage Facebook

I can also tell you about an “unofficial” Facebook Fanclub – Maja Design Paper World. This is a lovely place just to hang out with some other dedicated Maja fans and share your creations, take part of others tips and advices and just enjoy all the inspiration that are disseminated in the group..


Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting the blog..!




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  • I think it’s awesome that Maja Design can now be found on all the social media sites! I just found you on Instagram a couple weeks ago! and your FB page rocks! Thanks for the hashtags to find you on Pinterest! Great news all round! xo