Mood Board winner..!

Posted by Carita Ruckman

27 February, 2018 -

Hi there and welcome to the blog this fantastic Tuesday..!

It’s time to pick a winner of our combined mood board for January and February. Once again I’m totally stunned by the response and the wonderful entries..! I’m so thankful for your commitment. ♥

And the beautiful entries;

Bente-Heidi Mjornaren, Norway

Benthe Nygaard, Denmark

Bec Genet, Australia

Bec Genet, Australia

Benthe Nygaard, Denmark

Boucham Faiza, France

Camilla Hermansson, Sweden

Debbie Dolphin, United Kingdom

Doris Therssen, Belgium

Elena Karpova, Russia

Ewa Pawlak-Lewandowska, Poland

Gry Veronica Andersen, Norway

Heidi Turcios, Denmark

Heidi Turcios, Denmark

Imbert Patrice, France

Jacqueline vd Boor, The Netherlands

JoAnn Jackson, USA

Kari Lovlund, Norway

Karita Vainio, Finland

Libeeti Frenkel, Israel

Linda-Marie Johansson, Sweden

Linda-Marie Johansson, Sweden

Marjut Laine, Finland

Patricia Kragten, The Netherlands

Pernilla Rosenlund, Sweden

Tineke van der Linden, The Netherlands

Tineke van der Linden, The Netherlands


And the winner is…






Doris Therssen from Belgium!!


We love your beautiful card and the way you’ve captured the celebration theme of the mood board..! ♥
A whole collection of your choice will soon turn up at your place Doris.

Also, a huge thank you to all the participants this month..! It is a great pleasure to see all the amazing artwork you are creating. Thank you. ♥

See you next week!

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