My Beautiful Maja Design Papers!

Posted by Amy Voorthuis

19 July, 2017 - ,

Goodmorning to you lovely Maja Design Fans,

For today no new work, I have a couple projects to share all made with my Beautiful Maja Design papers. I am still so happy to be on this design team and I always seem to take out my Maja papers to create projects for another DT. For these projects I combined several collections and you as fans probably know which ones right away. On my blog there is a give away going on of the newest collection “Denim & Friends” so head on over to my blog and see how you have a chance to win it. For this post I will not explain how I created my work but this will be a picture post mainly for my next post I will have a tutorial so you can see how I work ;-)… let’s get started!

First up is this 8×8 layout futuring three collection can you spot which ones? You will get a extra entry if you post in a comment on this blog telling me.


Let’s have a look at some close ups:




Second project is this card futuring four collections this is a little harder then the one above. You will get a extra entry if you post in a comment on this blog telling me.


Let’s look a little closer:




And for my third project another card using two collection this one is a tricky one because I colored the sunflowers with some Lindy’s Stamp Gang so if you just give me a comment on this post you will also get a extra entry but I would love to hear if you know which collections I have used here:


Let’s look a little closer:




For my last project for this post another card using just one collection {easy peasy right??} just look ate the bankgound papers hihihi! You will get a extra entry if you post in a comment on this blog telling me.


Let’s look a little closer:



So only for commenting on my post here you will already get one extra entry on winning the STUNNING “Denim & Friends collection on my blog. I would love if you visit my blog but it’s not a must…and if you can guess which collections I used for my projects by commenting on this post you can get up to five extra entries awesome right???

Have a wonderful day and good luck 😉



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Amy Voorthuis

I'm a scrapper at heart and I enjoy every inch of this hobby! Lately I am exploring mixed media, making off the page projects and cards too. Maja Design papers make me one happy lady hugs xox


  • Some truly amazing projects here Amy, and I just love them all. You´ve really done an amazing job on these but if I can guess all the papers, I´m not quite sure of, but I´ll give it a try, and here´s my thoughts:
    1. It´s definitely Denim and Jeans, but I also think I see some Walking in the Forrest too.
    2. Not quite sure, but think I can see som from both the Vintage Autumn and Enjoying Outdoors too.
    3. Believe that is from the Nyhavn collection.
    4. I´m not sure at all as I believe to remember, that there is some almost the same in more of the different collections, but not sure at all, but that´s at least my bid to this fun here. Ha ha ha. Thanks soo much for sharing your lovely work hun.

  • Elena says:

    Works are so beautiful! I like tricky riddles, so I’ll try to gues, what collection you have used to create so interesting layouts and cards.
    1. Denim&Friends, Monochromes of Denim, Vintage Baby
    2. Enjoying Outdoors, Monochromes schades of Sofiero, Vintage Autumn basics
    3. Vintage Summer basics, Coffe in the Arbour
    4. Vintage Summer basics