Our brand new collection – Denim & Friends (giveaway!)

Posted by Carita Ruckman

3 July, 2017 - ,

Hi Sweeties!
Happy to see you here today. ♥

Don’t you just love a pair of well-worn jeans!?

We do. And we don’t think we’re alone.. This new line is all inspired by the love of Denim, what to wear with it and when to use it… There are lots of worn & torn blues in this line, and it’s got a bit more masculine touch to it.. Enjoy!


We are soo excited to hear what you think..!

If you share this blogpost, make a comment and tell us what you think about this collection (good and bad) and also what you think about our new single-colored papers “Monochromes” – you can win a whole set of these gorgeous new papers..! ♥

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.


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  • Lucy Woods says:

    Oh I just love love love this new Collection!! Love the colours especially the mint green touch, and beautiful patterns! All co ordinate perfectly! I would be over the moon to win these and would be so excited to create with them straight away!!


    Ohhhh, I am dreaming about all your collections! But “…Denim” is amazing, coz it’s my favorite style and I’d like to make summer album with this design. And “Monochromes” is just must-have, so it’s universal for any craft project

  • Lenet says:

    I love this new collection it’s soft and tough at the same time ! Adding the monochromes is such a great idea! Now we have the exact color to match the designpapers !

  • Love all those shades of blue , just like different types of jeans. Also great that this collection comes with matching monochromes, so you don’t have to combine with your non-matching cardstock

  • Gretchen Wilson says:

    I want it now! Love anything that relates to denim and you have nailed it with this collection. In love with the monochromes that go with it you are a genius!

  • Deb Kane says:

    There hasn’t been a collection I haven’t loved, and this continues with Denim & Friends. I also like the fact that there are coordinating monochromes, makes card making and scrapbooking selections soooo much easier for those of us who struggle with coordinating.

  • Utrolig vakker kolleksjon, digger også de ensfargede papirene ???

  • Jean Marmo says:

    This is soft and tough just like my favorite jeans. So beautiful and perfect for so many projects.

  • A stunning collection, wonderful design and colours, your image is delightful and I love all your gorgeous details.

  • Tove Tangvald Ryd says:

    I love the color of these papers 🙂

  • What a gorgeous collection, that is definitely a must have. I love that you are now making matching monochrome papers, because I find it hard to find just the right shades to go with the papers. There’s a link to your giveaway on my blog.

  • Oh my GOSH this is absolut gorgeous, and just perfect for sooo many great ideas. My head is already spinning with ideas to make from this, and I´m so thrilled, that you´ve made these coordinating monochromes for the last two collection, as it´s something I´ve been asking for for several years. It´s such a dream to work with, when you can be sure that the monochromes just fit so perfect for the patterned paper.
    I just LOVE everything about this like I do with all the earlier collections.

  • Pam Ellis says:

    I love this new line. I find myself struggling to pull the blues out of lines to scrap my grandsons and this is the perfect solution! I can do entire albums with this line for the boys!! I love the monochrome colors as I don’t have to waste so much time trying to match up co-ordinating card stock! Thank-you Maja Deign for really thinking about our needs as scrappers! I know this is one line I will be using a lot of! All the best! 🙂 <3

  • Kathy Grigas says:

    I was thrilled when I first saw this collection and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Aside from the obvious thoughtful homage to denim, I love the variety of the shades of blue, as well as the patterns and graphics (totally digging the sneakers). I haven’t tried the monochromes yet, but I think they’re perfect. Like the idea that you get 2 tones of a color on each sheet, as well as the paper being a heavier weight. Thanks for creating another great collection and for giving us a chance to win it before we buy it.

  • Sanne Nielsen says:

    Virkelig smukke papir serie ? jeg ellllesker de blå og brune toner.

  • Jytte Grund Jensen says:

    Ooooiiii…. ih, hvor en smuk kollektion. Både mønsterpapirerne og de ensfarvede papirer er virkelig smukke. Dem MÅ jeg uden tvivl eje ❤

  • Mary Longberry says:

    Oh I Love this Collection. I Love all Maja Design collections how can one choose, each are perfectly designed. I love mixing them too.

    Thank you Maja for a chance to win. Have a beautiful day!!

  • Pirkko Harju says:

    My favourite colour is blue so this Denim collection is just perfect to my card making ideas. Thank you Maja Design❤️

  • carolyn foat says:

    Adore the new Denim/Blues collection. I can just see this made in to a variety of cards from a country look, to western, to patriotic, to casual…. Thank you for creating these gorgeous items!

  • A fabulous new range. Love the deep blues, the prints and the plains. Perfect for all the men in my life.

  • Gilda (McStamper) says:

    What a fabulous collection. Love all of the denim shades, touches of green and brown, and beautiful patterns. The new Monochromes are a perfect addition to your lines. I always look forward to your collections, they are the best.

  • Katie K says:

    Denim is always my favourite. I am so happy to see this new collection. I also love the solid color collections, they are perfect match for the designer paper. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Susanne says:

    I love jeans, I love blue and of course I love this new collection! So perfect for many projects! Good with a cool collection! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Maria Loyen says:

    This is a gorgeous collection. Great paper to make creations for teenagers or young people. You made a great collection. Thanks for the chance to win. Greetings Maria

  • I just love this new papercollection. Beatiful! I’m a true jeans girl and would love to win this collection.
    Cheers Ineke

  • ALENA says:

    This is an excellent collection, the color scheme is just superb, I’m delighted

  • I love this collection! I ordered the 6×6 paper for both and will buy the 12 x 12 paper for a album i have in mind!

  • I was looking forward to having in my hands what promised to be a different collection … and it is! I have no words to describe the moment to see each of the designs so original. Instead of putting the papers on the exhibitors, I had the feeling of hanging my casual clothes in my closet. You have overcome!
    That’s about Denim & Friends … but the basic monochrome … I love it! They are the perfect combination to close the circle and turn this new collection into spectacular!
    Always thanks, Maja Design.

  • Ann says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! Another reason why I love Maja Design. Always such beautiful papers. Love the new collection and monochrome papers. They will be the perfect match for some craft projects I am wanting to make about my son.

  • Denim and Friends collection is simply marvelous and the monochromes are just perfect addition to all the other collections. Fantastic job!

  • Elizabeth Durrant says:

    I love the color in this set. It has a young and fresh look. I will be adding this to my paper collection.

  • Ria says:

    Such a wonderful giveaway with this beautiful new paper. It is a magnificant paperserie and I would love to scrap with it. I think it is really perfect for layouts with pictures of my son, because there are really almost no papers for young mens.
    I just love it!
    Thank you Maja Design for the chance to win this.

  • ionabunny says:

    Oh these are gorgeous. Love the denim patterns and the soft monochrome colours are so beautiful. I always find it a challenge to match papers but these offer a beautiful coordinated range. Hugz

  • Wow! The colors, the prints – everything is so awesome! I love the way the “Monochromes” match with the main papers, it’s always a need to have the plain paper designs to go along with the print. Thank you for this giveaway! I shared it in my blog – http://sc-sistercraft.blogspot.com/2017/07/majadesign-new-collection-denim-friends.html

  • Юлия Самахова says:

    Gorgeous collection! As soon ideas for completely different jobs… And so want to realize them! Sheets with prints stunning, but the monochrome set are also needed for color accents: felling, tags, substrate. All want! Thank you for this beauty and a chance to win it!

  • Handsfree says:

    Oh, what nice colors !!! Simply awesome colors, and monochrome is just a find for the collection !!! Lovely paper! Thank you Maja Design for the chance to win this.

  • Svetlana says:

    I totally love this denim collection! It will suit all my projects both for adults and teens. And it is so pretty vintage.
    Always thanks, Maja Design.

  • Alla says:

    Delight! Beauty in every detail. I really like and I want this kind of paper.

  • Love love love these sets of paper! This is very much my kind of paper! The monochrome one is also great addition to the patterned paper, would look great for men projects 🙂

  • Waw what Amazon collection, love Maja design

  • Denim MD is perfectly combined in your collections. I want to say that the texture and fine elaborate design of your collections perfectly play against the background of jeans.
    And simple background sheets – great!
    Really like your paper! And I want this !!
    It is special, intelligent, fascinating!

  • Amazing!!!! Amazing and perfect collection! I love Maja design))
    Looking at the paper in my head a lot of ideas!

  • Stunning collections, however, as always) Monochromes perfectly complement the main collections)

  • Wonderful collections. Monochrome is ideal)))

  • Natalya says:

    Wonderful collection!!! Romantic and dynamic, delicate and bright!!! Universal!!! I just love it!
    Thank you Maja Design for the chance to win this.

  • Harmony says:

    It’s PERFECT! Really perfect!

  • The collection is simply perfection! They are wonderful! I would love to get the Denim, but monochrome is also great! Just a dream!

  • Thank you for very amazing collections! Different colours of jeans and also monochromes! Perfect for various projects! I would be happy to win them!

  • So stylish and beautiful collections) Who didn`t like jeans? I adore it) And the idea with Monochromes so wonderfull it will be so easy to combine this collectoin with others)
    My post about your giveaway is here :

  • Ramona Schmitt says:

    Denim & Friends is such a beautiful collection, fitting for summer and autumn layouts with male or female theme. Just perfect for realising any crafting dream. One of the best collections ever!

  • This collection is something new for me in Majas World. We can use it for the lady but so mutch more for the men When they are geting a card or something like that. I think its wonderful!
    The other collection with single paper I bought two of the colours in Aqua and Aquamarine. Fits perfect! So hopefully I come back to my Local store for more of the colours!
    Have a Nice week.
    Love Jeanette

  • So stylish and beautiful collections)

  • I love this new collection!

  • Karina says:

    wearing worn jeans almost daily, I truly love this new collection. And having turqouis as my fave color, it’s a perfect color combination. I cannot wait to have them in my hands to play with those gorgeous papers. The monochromes are the perfect match as always x

  • Irina Dikun says:

    I love jeans, I do not know exactly how many they are in the closet, but I always want another plus 1. And I immediately fell in love with these denim collections. Mint freshness in Streetwear, cute flowers in Favorite Geans – just gorgeous! A monochrome with its magnificent variety of palette – a must-have !!!

  • Yogiki-jl says:

    I love this collection! Denim is always my favourite, I think its wonderful!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Julia Leskinen

  • This is something incredible !!! How do you want to work with such beauty!

  • Janet Ingraham says:

    I have never seen such type of fabulous paper. I would be so overjoyed and grateful to win a set.

  • Super Stick Chick says:

    Loving the colors and designs of this collect. So pretty and they will enhance my photos not overwhelm them. Love you mono collection of colors too – like blue jeans they will go with everything.

  • Julia MITRA says:

    The collection is perfect! Some brutal, some romantic and stylish, the backgrounds so different and cool!! I’m very inspiring!!
    Love DENIM very much!