This years first bottle message

Posted by Jenny Grotherus

17 January, 2015 - , , , ,

A whole bunch of cards came floating my way, finding it’s way through our icy harbour. I could see the intricate details through the glass, taking my breath away…Nancy creates the most fantastic cards imaginable. I am so grateful that she has shared her talent and wonderful creations on her blog

We want to express our gratitude for the joy she has given us and we will therefor send her a little present. Nancy, please contact me at and give me your address and phone number so we can send you a surprise package with goodies.

So don’t forget to upload your creations on your blog and our Facebook page. You never know who picks it up!Jenny

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  • Beverley says:

    Nancy, surely there can be no other word to describe your cards, but … “exquisite!!!!!”

  • Anne R says:

    Nancy’s designs are always stunningly beautiful!

  • Nancy Dynes says:

    Oh my goodness!! I can’t begin to describe what an honor this is for me!! From the first time I saw Maja papers I was addicted. I love every single collection and prefer them to all other brands. This post came as a complete surprise to me! I found out about it when one of my friends posted a congratulations note on my Facebook timeline. I almost had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. Thank all so much!!

  • So pleased for you Nancy – well done! I absolutely love all your craftwork – each one is a work of art. Nicola x

  • Nancy’s work is exquisite. So happy to see that you have featured it here. A huge congratulations to Nancy for this recognition!

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    Gorgeous cards