Three christmas cards

Posted by Evgenia Petzer

8 October, 2016 - ,

Hello dear friends, its Evgenia Petzer with you today. While I am waiting when my hands will play with the newest collection released (I wish), I pulled the previous year one and made three cards out of the Home for the Holidays paper pad.

Christmas cards and all the baby theme are my favourite items to create. So I had a real blast while playing with these cards.

They all are layered, very detailed – all as I like.


lots of close ups:home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card1_det1 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card1_det2 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card1_det3 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card1_det4 my second card from this collection:

home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card2home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card2_det1 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card2_det2

love those knitted socks, they add so much home feeling and charm for the creation.home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card2_det3

and the last one for today:) Those snowmen, aren’t they the cutest?


and again lots of details:home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card3_det1 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card3_det2 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card3_det3 home_for_the_holidays_petzer_card3_det4

I have used the following collection- Home for the Holidays (all the cards use only the small paper pad of this collection):

Have a great weekend,

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  • All 3 of these are sooo beautiful hun. I love how many great details, you´ve been able to squeeze in without it gets the cluttered feeling. Soooo gorgeous and I also just loved that collection, so maybe it´s time for me to pull that onme out here too? Hmmm.Wonderful job here on all tree, well done.

  • Inger Hilde says:

    Herlig boks. Takk for inspirasjon?

  • Just gorgeous papers and layer after layer. I could almost like winter ! We are enjoying a beautiful fall, with some spectacular colors.