Vitamin Caffeine

Posted by Kerstin-Inga Peters

16 January, 2019 - , ,


I was inspired to create a mixed media layout to a very essential thing of my life.

Coffee the most important meal of my day, nothing works without it.
Sure, you know it too.

 It’s a very good mood maker in the morning, my daily needed vitamin drink ;-). 

A friend says, yes, that layout is the right new wall decoration for my kitchen.

Why not, only the right picture frame is missing.

I used some Maja papers from the Fika Collection

some details

.. hmm, it smells like coffee 🙂


… and so that the whole thing gets a little flavor,

I have also processed real coffee powder


Of course, some origin coffee beans shouldn’t be missing, or?!

 Duty calls – tell her, I’ll call you back!

 😉 🙂 😉

 Thanks for your visit!

Have a good time!

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1 Comment

  • I just LOVE this, and yes it would fit just as perfect in my kitchen too ha ha ha. There´s just nothing like the first cup of coffee in the morning to get started and the one right after dinner at night and ofcause all those in between ha ha ha.
    You did an amazing job on this one and it looks stunning and I can really almost smell the coffee too, but maybe that´s because of the new cup, I just sat in front of me, when I sat down here? not sure ha ha ha