What Can I Say? I Love My Buttons

Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

27 March, 2016 - ,

Hello again everyone.

It’s Sunday, and it is my turn, Silje Kristin which will inspire you with a new project for Maja Design <3

I feel so rich, not rich on money but rich on what I have and the opportunities I have and the opportunities I have in the future. I have a lovely man that I will soon move in with, I get to be a step mom for a wonderful little boy and this Easter I get the chance to share out 96 Easter Egg to the elderly in my home town and the kids at the Hospital. All these nice things make me feel rich and it is amazing <3

But the day today is all about todays project I whant to inspire you with. This time I have a box made in Vintage style full of details that I love so much, Buttons <3

The truth is that I have worke with this box for a while, several weeks, but I’ve never quite figured out how to decorate it after I put on the pattern sheets. But then a few days ago I decided that it should represent what is on the inside of the box and me. Not to decorate it with buttons, but using flowers in my favorite color, the pattern sheets with the furniture and a vintage images of a lady. If you use your imagination, cud this lady easily be a seamstress.

The sheets that you see on this box were two kinds of collections from Maja Design. One is called The Vintage Summer Basics and THe Vintage Autumn Basics.

The sheets I have chosen to use are in brown tones, with different patterns that fit together. The sheets I have used is:

no.XVIII – Heritage – 1909 – 1905



I have built up the sheets with 3D foam pads in the corners and double sided tape on the middle of the layers. This is a way to build up layer by layer, to create a special effect, as you can see in the picture.

The box stands on four large feet in bronze, around the edge I fastened a silver chain with ligth brown diamonds and on the front of the box there is a special lock. All these details are there to create a special contrast between what is old and modern.

On the back of the box are the details very neutral, since the hinges on the box on the inside and the only thing you mostly see is the inking. All the pattern sheets are inked with Distress Ink Ground Espresso.

Atop of the lid on the box I have a lady who is taken from a patterned paper called Heritage and around her I have used several different flowers in several shades.

The flowers I have used, I have taken from Wild Orchids and Papirdesign. The white flowers are inked with Ground Espresso, the same color as the paper in the box and under the flowers you will find smal straw which is also inked in the same color.

Also the images on the box is build up with several layers, like the pattern sheets below.

If you open up the box you will find my buttons in all sizes and colors <3

The reason why I decided to put all my buttons in this box, was because I love buttons and when I came across this box here, it was just absolutely perfect for my buttons <3

And in this way all of my buttons are easily accessible, hide in a lovely box 🙂



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  • Kathy G. says:

    Beautiful button box Silje! I too love buttons and I love the vintage way you’ve decorated the box. It looks like an heirloom. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.