A True LOVE Story in a Music Box

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12 December, 2015 - , ,

Hello Everyone <3

Today, I have something extra I whant to share with you all in the Maja Design Blogg.

A little love histori aboute the Tin Soldier and the Princess, he was in love with <3

As you can see on the pictures, this is a box all aboute a love story written by H.C. Andersen. H.C. Andersen ia a famous Danish author, who writes about children stories. My inspiration is taken from one of the stories, and you can see them dancing togheter on the box. The round disc they stands on, can be drawn up as a play box and then they go around in a dance <3

Those who know the story, know that this is abute a Tin Soldier who had only one leg. He was in a box with more trops, this was a gift to a litle boy. Everyone knows, when the ligths is turned off in the playroop, just then the toys wake up and this tin soldier is no exception. One nigth he sees a ballerina or a princess, who the Tin Soldier calls her. He falls in love, when she spins around in the music box, to the gorgeous melody. As in all fairy tales we know that there is always a villain, and it is also in this story.

The Troll in the box ensures that the Tin Soldier disappear through the window and lands on the street. Some older boys picked hin up and place him in a paper boat and sends him down the river and in the tunner. The only thing the solider think of is the Princess and that he must come home to her aign. In the sewers, he meets some rats, before he goes out in the big river in the city and In the wather he be eaten by a fish.

A local fisherman, get this fish on the hook, the fish is bought by a lady at the local market and under the cooking she finds the Tin Soldier. She give him to the same boy, who received the box eith the 12 tin soldiers. The boy seems the soldier smells weird and throwa it into the fire that burns snug and warm. The toys wakes up, when the boy leaves and the Troll in the box is thrilled. The Princess staring at shes beloved and spinner all she can and jump in to the fireplace along with the Tin Soldier. Together they burn, for the love they never received. The story ends when the fireplace being emptied of ashes, where the women finds a silver heart with a red rose on. Together forever <3

Is it this story that has inspired me to create the box. The story hit me rigth in the heart, because of the tragic end. Someone who is this much in love, deserve to be together forever. One beautiful silver heart symbolizing him and her, forever <3

The dancing couple is ship boards in wood, colored with Wink of Stella.

Wen I was making this box, I desided that I want it in a autum theme.

The flowers are from Wild Orchids, which I have distressed with Distress Ink.

The other details I have used are pine cones, mushrooms, pumkin, berres and  nuts .It took eight hours to glue all the details in place.

One of the details that I have used are some croquet with face on, I just love them.

The round box, which is at the middle of the lid, is a plastic box with a music box on the inside. Down on the side of it, there is a key that can be drawn up.

The Leaves I have used are from a die sett with 3 parts, unfortunately I do not remeber the name of the die.

The whole box standing on four bronze feet, that looks like owls and the punch I’ve used is from Martha Stewart.

For this project I have taken paper from two collections, Walking in the Forest and Vintage Autumn Basics.



Now you have seen my box in autumn colors, inspired by a love story <3 I hope you like it 😉



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