Birthday Deer Cards by Padoriaa

Posted by Paulina Monasterska-Tronina

12 January, 2018 - ,

Hello our blog fans. Few days ago my friend ask me if I’m able to create a card for someone who know what hunting is . It was a big challenge for me but then I realised about the “Walking in the forest” collection! Fits perfectly ! Couldn’t be better 🙂 Here is my idea. Take a look, please :

 I’m really happy to create something different. It was not my comfort zone, definitely ! 🙂 What about you … do you like challenging project to make ? Where are you finding inspiration when your head is full of the same ideas, the same compositions ? Waiting for for each feedback. Hugs, Paulina

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  • You´ve done a really great job on this card, that´s for sure, and that is one of the best things about these amazing papers, that we can ALWAYS find something suitable for any project, we might have.
    I love to go outside my comfortzone, as that is how we get better, and I most times take a look on Pinterst for ideas, if I´m given a certain task to work from, but else, I most times, just find a lot of things out on my table, and start playing around, and suddenly there´s just something, I like better than the rest, and I always ends up with something nice in the end. So just go for it, the more times you try, the eaaasier it gets. I promisse.

  • Lillian says:

    I absolutely love your take on hunting and your card is fabulous but I have to ask what brand that georgeous Deer is by? Great hon and your friend must be very happy with that card.

  • Elizabeth says:

    They will love it, it is so many beautiful elements. Lovely card.