Celebration – card by Padoriaa

Posted by Paulina Monasterska-Tronina

9 February, 2018 - ,

Hello our blog fans. Today I’m continuing to play around with the Celebration collection.  This time I chose the motive with the lady and tried to create stylish card. Take a look, please :

I used the metal embellishment, chipboard in a vintage style from Scrapiniec. The lace on the right site came from my treasure’s drawer. It’s a really good idea to ask your mum, grannie or even friends – they used to have some treasure’s boxes at home. I love the colours of these papers – definitely !

Hope you will like my card. Let’s celebrate ! Hugs, Paulina

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  • It is soo sooo beautiful and would be perfect for a Mothers Day card or birthdaycard or anything for a girl actually. Soooo beautiful and romantic, and I totally agree with the lace. I heritaged a huge load after m,y mum, when she passed away and she was a seamstress for many years, so there were sooo much love to find inthere.

    • Paulina Monasterska-Tronina says:

      Thank you Maryann for your lovely feedback. You are right ! Mothers Day card sounds perfect! I also got many things from my grandma. I used to visit the second-hand shop recently. They used to have many nice things sometimes too. Hugs, Paulina