Christmas Season Collection Used Year Round

Posted by Jennifer Snyder

5 January, 2019 -

 Jennifer Snyder here to wish you a healthy and happy new year.
I’d like to show you how Maja Design’s Christmas Season collection can be used all year round.   “Christmas Season” is only a name – don’t let it confuse you.   Maja Design has provided amazing timeless designs on the “B” sides of the paper so you can craft with the collection all year long – getting the most value for your money.
Here are the papers I used from Maja Design – Christmas Season :
Family Reunion (B side)
Hang Up the Stockings (B side)
Gift Shopping
I created a tri-fold card using an assortment of papers from the collection along with a new die from Spellbinders created by Becca Feeken.
Lovely die – lovely paper – they go together perfectly. 

Here is a close up of the cover of my card.  The customized flowers were made from the Spellbinders die using the Maja Design papers.

The is the inside of the tri-fold card.  It shows how versatile the “B” side of the papers are.

Have a crafty new year.  Thanks for stopping today.
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  • Margaret Brock says:

    Please share the name & product number for the Becca Freeken Spellbinders die. Thanks

  • Absolut gorgeous card here too. I totally agree about the papers, they are really great for all kinds of projects all year round, and I´ve often used socalled christmaspapers for summerprojects too, exactly because the backside has always been more everydaylike if it´s a word LOL. And this is a great example, and very very beautiful, and I just love the colors used here, and Becca´s die are soooo gorgeous too like everything she does too.. Wonderful work as usual well done once again.
    Happy week-end everyone.