Confirmation Card Revisited

Posted by Maja Nowak

24 October, 2021 -

Good morning, Maja Friends, welcome to the blog today 🙂

A couple of years ago on one of the craft forums I found a challenge called “Project Revisited”. The challenge meant that you recreate a past project of yours, whether introducing some changes or not. I thought this was great for beginners to check on their progress, but also for any crafter, just for fun. And so with a recent Confirmation card order I thought of this challenge and recreated a card I made a couple of years ago.

I used the Miles Apart collection for the card and kept the design mostly unchanged, but while I used just Monochrome papers then, I decided to go for a patterned paper this time, choosing my favourite rose bouquets pattern and I just LOVE how fresh and delicate it looks!

In the previous card the die-cut doilies were supposed to add some texture and interest to the background, and here I found they provide the structure for the design and make the background less busy. I think it’s awesome how the same element can have opposite functions when used in different contexts!


As the card was supposed to go into an envelope I went easier on the flower cluster than in the past card, but it still has a nice dimension:

And here’s what I used for this version of the card:

And how about you? Do you “visit” your past projects sometimes, and if yes, do you change much?

See you soon!

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1 Comment

  • Maryann Laursen says:

    Yes this is a really great way to see, if we´re proogressing in our work. I´ve done this from time to time too and is always amazed how different it looks the second time, even I don´t think so, when I begin.
    Your card here are absolut gorgeous as everything you do, and as usual, I´m amazed about the beauty you manage to get out in all your projects, really beautiful work here again hun.
    I also just tryed to comment on your teachers cards earlier this month, as I haven´t been home for some weeks now, but I coouldn´t get any box up to comment there, so just wanted to say, that they´re absolut amazing too. I´ve made loads of these cards myself too in the past, and they alsys bring sooo much joy to the recievers for some reason, and I´m sure, yours did tooo, when the teachewrs got them. Stunning work as always sweet lady, well done again. Have a wonderful day and week ahead everyone inhere.