Folding Fika Fabulously

Posted by Andrea Ewen

25 April, 2013 - ,

Hello Maja friends! A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out one of my favorite collections of Maja Design papers, Ska vi ta en fika. Then my mind started to wander…how can I make something really neat out of these papers? They are beautiful in and of themselves, but, what can I do differently with them? In a roundabout way, I came up with this card here:

PCSubmissionApr13MajaCleanIf you remove the flower band (I call it a belly band, not sure why) the card can be opened by pulling on the two purple floral triangles. PCSubmissionApr13aMajacleanInside reveals the sentiment.
PCSubmissionApr13bMajaCleanHere’s the flat version so you can get a better feel of how it opens. The band is shown up at the top. It does not open, it simply slides from the bottom up to the middle to keep the card closed.PCSubmissionApr13fMajacleanThe outside panels are all sewn and I added some Zva Creative flourishes, antique copper corners and Dark Chocolate Liquid pearl drops to both the top and bottom exposed panels.

PCSubmissionApr13flMajacleanTo keep the card closed, slip the ‘belly band’ up onto it.PCSubmissionApr13fltMajacleanThe papers that I used from this collection are Kaffetåren den bästa är, Kaffetåren den bästa är-bs, Kärleksmums – bs and Lejas cafe. There was a lot of measuring, trial and error, frustration and tears (no, just kidding about the tears part). It took me most of the day to make, so if you’re looking to make something quickly, this is not the card. However, it was worth the work, I really like how it came out.

Fika-P1Thanks so much for spending part of your day with me, I hope you were inspired!


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