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Posted by Elena Olinevich

14 October, 2016 - , ,

Hello Maja Friends. It’s Elena here today.

All of you know how beautiful Maja Design papers are, it’s such a pleasure to embellish it with the flowers, however it’s always a challenge for me to create something for the boys – with no flowers, with no lace  or ribbons. And yes, I have to confess it takes me much more time to invent what to add. The gears, arrows are too boring, what else can be used?

Fun Time Layout, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design_01

Ok, I tried to find new ways. First, try to experiment with  die cut negative shapes

Fun Time Layout, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design_02

You can do several layers. Moustashes and air ballons are still my favorite die cuts while creating something for the boys, however I like adding the birthday balloons too.

Fun Time Layout, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design_03

The feathers are one of my all time favorite die cuts that can be easily used everywhere. Just add some glitter – and they are not so boring.

Fun Time Layout, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design_04

However I still like to use blue and craft colors for the boyish layouts, I know they look classy and more traditional one.

Fun Time Layout, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design_05

Meanwhile I still like to make the papers look vintage and torn and distressed edges work great especially when you create for the boys.

I hope that some of my ideas how to create for boys with no flowers will be useful and if you have more ideas to share , okease, you are welcome to leave the comments bellow.


Spellbinders Dies, Prima Marketing Glitter


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